Chapter 89.  To mitigate, and more (1)


(That is, that is the name given to me.)

The voice of Radenju, the dragon, continued.

(He is also the leader of all the dragon clans.)

The amazing story continued.  The leader.  Doesn’t that mean the leader among all the dragons?  He came to a level of understanding as to why the fairy queen sought out ‘Reseese Radenju’.

(Not me of course, but my own true self.)

Radenju, the spirit of the dragon’s leader added lightly.

(Still there wouldn’t be any changes as far as being the same entity.  At least about one thousand years ago, that is.)

“I’ve heard a lot about it from the fairy queen.”

(That child did particularly follow my true self.  Hard to believe that a cry baby like that has become a queen.  It is amazing.)

“A crybaby…..”

Ian suddenly stopped speaking. Wouldn’t it be the case about a thousand years ago? She could have been a crybaby back then. Yes, definitely.

‘Although it is not fitting at all.’

That’s how Ian had concluded. Then he came back to the main topic of the conversation.

“I’d like to ask one more question.”


“Evantus, the dragonian, has a descendant.  It was told that his descendants must be granted the permission of time, is that possible for you?”

This was the question regarding the lifetime given to them, to the descendants of Evantus, the Dragonian.  Should Ian be able to provide a solution to that problem, wouldn’t they be prone to follow more diligently, and wholeheartedly?

(That’s impossible.  My authority is limited to only within this space so I cannot alter the outcome of the outside. However, if they fail to find my true self and the clan then it is acceptable to send them here.  They can live endlessly, at least in this space.)

The flow of time is always possible within this space. As such, if they wish to continue to live, do send them here. That’s what it was getting at.

“I will relay that message.”


It is impossible to resolve it completely, but the concern over the immediate death can be alleviated.  Although it was said that the remaining lifetime was about one hundred years, that time seemed very short to the descendants.

“Is it impossible for you to surmise as to where the dragons, in the outside world, might have disappeared to?”

(I do not know.  However, my true self should be alive.)

“How can you be sure?”

(Because I continue to exist.)

Ian was able to understand without too much difficulty. If the true self dies, so does its spirit. Wouldn’t that be what it means?


The dragon continued to speak.

(Should there be issues with the safeties of my true self and the family members, there can only be two reasons. First, internal struggles as only its same kind can bring about harm to the dragons.)

It was a rather conceited statement, but was not untrue at all.  Even the spiritual being, without any powers, is as powerful as this, how powerful would the real dragons be?

‘They would be nearly invincible.’

That was it. Most likely, an invincible entity. No other description would be more fitting.

(However, there is always an exception.  Eliminating the true self and the same kind, there is only one existence that can bring harm to the dragons.)

“Who is that?”

Ian knew the answer even as he asked. It was the existence that has been continually mentioned. It must be the human that speaks the dragon language. Perhaps, it would be ‘the first sorcerer’?

(He is the very human that had created the magic that you wield, and trained the dragons with the power of the language.  He could be called the teacher to all the dragons, I suppose.)


It was the most shocking thing that he has heard from the dragon.  Although he had assumed it, he couldn’t even imagine such a thing.  How can a mere human be the teacher of the dragons?

“Is the dragon language a language of the dragons?”

(Have I ever used the expression dragon language, even once?)


Right, that was right, come to think of it. There really wasn’t an instance of it being used. It was only referred to as the power of the language. From the first encounter and until now.

(How it was known to the humans in the outside world is not certain, but it is not a language of the dragons.  It is only an indigenous language that has great power.)

When the dragon spoke that much, the landscape of the space of no dimension, made after the place called space, changed.  Green pasture spread widely and multitudes of dragons were flying in the air.


(Do not be shocked.  This space is a recreation of my will, the landscape of my memory.  Perhaps, this is of time long ago.)

Ian looked upon the landscape that spread out widely with interest.  Where would it be?  Where would such spacious and green pasture be in the continent?  There was no way for him to know, no matter how hard he tried to think.

(There, do you see?)

In the direction that the dragon was looking at. There, far off in the pasture, dragons gathered. And a small entity was among them.


Ian approached the group of dragons and the human.  Although Ian could see them, the virtual beings could not see him.


Ian was left shocked as he and the human, deemed to be the first sorcerer, were within a reach from one another.  It was certainly a familiar face.

‘The sorcery, it was definitely the man in the sorcery.’

The same brown hair that Ian had. And a rather unattractive appearance. It was that person for sure. And he began to remember at the same time. The warning that he had spoken of.

[Never trust the dragon.]

It was the entity, deemed to be the teacher of the dragons. They were the words spoken by that entity.

(What’s the matter?  Do you recognize him?) .

“No, no.  Just that he looks familiar…”

(Understandable.  All humans look similar.)

Dragon dismissed it as if it was nothing. Then he opened his wings in all directions. In parallel, the surrounding landscape was dismantled. They have returned to the original place where they were before. To the space of dark and light, the space of no dimensions, where he had fought for his life.

(Is there anything else that you wanted to ask?)

The dragon asked. Ian fell into a thought for a moment. Many things passed through his mind. Then he concluded.

“…..Yes, there are many, but it is not the right time.”

(I see.  Do you wish to leave then?)


(Very well.)

Dragon nodded his head as Ian replied unshakably.  Ian was in no hurry as he could always come back and ask later.


“Please speak.”

Then the dragon kept his silence. Then just as Ian was about to ask what is the matter. The dragon’s words resumed.

(Do comeback.)


(I am bored.)

Ian gave a smile to that comment. It did not make him feel too bad. It was an invitation of the dragon lord. At what other times can such an invitation be extended to him, again?

(Then, I will let you out.)

The dragon did clearly say that it will let him go. Then why is the dragon raising his front paw? It even started to pounce down on him. Towards Ian.


Ian definitely initiated barrier spell. Despite that, the barrier did not form. There was not enough mana in Ian’s body. In other words, this place was meant for the will of spirit. His words and thoughts become the space. It wants to empty Ian’s mana? At that moment, the mana will empty. Like right now.

(When will you be back.)

The spirit of the dragon lord, ‘Reseese Radenju’, raised the front paw.  Surprisingly, there was no one.  If it was a real space, Ian would have certainly become a carcass, however, there wasn’t anything close, let alone carcass.

(Little bit more…..)

The dragon’s spirit murmured a few words as it lied down on the ground, and as soon as it closed its two eyes, darkness fell upon them.  As it always has, it was about to fall deep into the repetitious sleep.

(I wish you would come back stronger…..)

It was a very sleepy voice.

(…..It was fun for a change in a long while.)

It did not lose to Ian. Even though it was only a spiritual entity. Even though it wasn’t able to wield the powers. It was the leader of all the dragons. It was certainly not an easy opponent. Only if there was a reason.

(I mean, it is the first time.  As far as I…..)

It has been a first in a long time. It was enjoyable for the very first time. The short, fun reward. Perhaps, that would be the reply.


* * *


“…..The first thing it wanted to do when it saw me was to kill me.”

Ian has returned to the real world. To the same place that he had disappeared from with a flash of light. It has been 100 days, although he didn’t realize it.

“Was that why.”

Even the unreal images gave him the shivers. As he was about to helplessly face death. He didn’t even want to imagine it.

‘Gosh, is this the only way to come out from that world each time…..’

No way.  It can’t be? The dragons have always come and gone.

‘No way.’

Believing it as such, Ian checked his heart first, more specifically, the mana heart.  Perhaps, could the growth in the mana heart also be not real?  That idea came to worry him.

‘Let see.  It’s been sustained.’

What he had worried did not come to pass.  The result was that by ‘the red dragon’s five breaths’, he has achieved the growth that had previously been held back. Of course, even the training with the dragon’s undead soldier was still good.  Without that grilling training, such growth would have taken much longer time.  All the efforts have derived such results.

‘My family must be worrying about me.’

Ian executed fly magic in order to return.


He then returned to the ground.

‘From now on…..’

Ian summoned all the mana. A bright white light converged in his hand. The converged light looked like crystal.

‘There is no need to be flying around.’

He crushed the light with the tip of his fingers. Then immediately, intense light shot out. At the same time, it swallowed up Ian’s body. It’s ‘spatial transport magic’, a 7th class level magic.


The destination of the spell was the great house. It was the home of Ian and his family. He arrived in a blink of an eye.


Vanessa, his mother was right there in front of his eyes. Espel, the pink cat was there also.

“I- Ian?”

(You, you bastard?)

The intermingled voices of two women were heard. Has it been that long, that they appear so shocked? Or was it because he appeared out of nowhere?


Vanessa grabbed Ian’s hand, having rushed toward him. Quite a bit of time must have passed by. At least a few weeks already…..

“Where have you been for over three months….”

“….. Three months?”

He jumped off by several folds with any conservative measure. For three months, I mean it has been longer than that.

“Anyhow!  There is not much time to waste like this.  Ian, quickly do go to the Ivory tower.  The entire empire is a one big mess!”

Ian was able to hear all the happenings for the past one hundred days.  Although they weren’t very detailed, it was sufficient enough to get a good grasp, from the sudden deterioration of the emperor’s health to the unstable situations among the empires.


It was more serious than thought.  Especially, the emperor’s health issue concerned him.  Like it was in the previous life, there were many questions.  Besides, it even started sooner by 6 years.  Certainly, it did not appear to be a natural degradation.

“Previous life, as well as in present.’

Even in the past life, the emperor’s death had stirred up all sorts of rumors concerning poison, sorcery, curse and the like.  It was the same this time around.  There must be an outside influence.  He had a guess.  Ragnar, dragonian, the order of the dragons.  Many things have crossed his mind.

‘First, the war must be prevented, I suppose.’

It was also the same case with the war.  It was too soon.  Well, in the first place, Ian had no intention of starting a war, not even one bit.  The one thing that he had regretted the most was war.  Is it not that he wasn’t about to repeat it?

‘Unless of course the unification of the continent takes place…..’

It cannot be a result of a war.  It was the state that only he, Ian Page, alone must achieve.  It will be the case where all the empires will kneel before his awesome power.

“I’ll be back.”

Ian said to Vanessa. Along with that, he gathered the light with his finger tips. The white light formed in the shape of a hexagonal crystal. It was the effect of the teleportation technique.

“To mitigate the situation.”




“A non-aggression agreement has been reached with the Ro Principality.  As long as the conditions are satisfied, there will not be any concerns over any unilateral dismantling, my lord.”

‘Hector Coldwood’, the crowned prince of the Coldwood Empire, who has taken over the absolute powers, unlike Greenriver, nodded.

“Very good for a ladder of opportunity…..”

Holding a glass of wine, his hand shook with ecstasy.  The chance called, a ladder of opportunity has never been let by.  Chance was always taken advantage of.  He has reached his status of power by taking every chance to strengthen himself and killing competition at every opportunity.  

“It must be strong”

His intuition, the planted intelligence network, and the results of the negotiation are all whispering into his ears. This opportunity must be the most ideal one, the greatest legacy that any person can leave behind, the first step to achieving a ‘continental unification’.


Hector Coldwood wet his lips with wine.  After avoiding the surveillance of the Greenriver Empire, he has arrived at ‘Amber Territory’, the eternal foe of the Morgrian Territory.


Hector Coldwood exited the tent with determination.  There was even already a military camp, formed by secretly gathered troops.

“A message has gone out to Greenriver as well.”

Of course, everything moved discretely. It had travelled through countless number of camps. Still, the vestige and being witnessed were inevitable. The message should have been delivered by now, I believe.

‘Although useless.’

Putting on a slight smile, Hector Coldwood moved to the top of the platform.  The platform was high enough to see every troop that was gathered there.

“War is an opportunity.”

Hector began to speak to the troops at once. The crystal ball of sound amplifier helped increase the volume.

“This is the opportunity to climb to a higher place, the opportunity to reach the high land, where more treasures are hidden.  Doesn’t it only occur to the people of high stature?  No, it happens to you too.  In fact, it is more useful to common soldiers, like you.”

He used the expression, ‘common soldier’, to his own men without hesitation.  Yet, there wasn’t even a slight sign of resentment.  On the contrary, it has drawn the eyes and ears of the ‘common soldiers’ to Hector.

“As soon as you cross the borders with your swords and spears drawn, everything that comes into your view is the opportunity.  If you wish to, do plunder until your heart is satisfied.  If you wish, do rape until your heart’s content. If you wish to kill, kill as you please.  I, Hector Coldwood, guarantee that the opportunity that you have over there, everything that you would hold, will be yours. It was for none other than the common soldiers. A speech that is made on behalf of the common soldier’s existence. The troops’ spirits were uplifted by that speech.

“Do you feel victimized by being in a war?  If that is the case, plunder all you want, beyond the borders, to make up for your regrets.  Take back to your homeland with an armful.  Properties, bitches, or whatever it is….!”

It was when the speech has just begun touching on the main topic.  A stream of white light converged at the platform that Hector was standing on.  It wasn’t obvious, initially, as it was a very small light.


But the light grew more vivid little by little. Was that all?  It even began to form a shape. Arm, hand, leg, body and even a head. It was a shape of a human being.

“The speech is so eerie.”

The light eventually formed into a human shape. Out of that light came a physical voice. It was a voice of a human.

“Who, Who is it!”

The troops gathered around the mysterious figure. They surrounded the human shaped light in a circle. At the same time, they blockaded the surrounding areas near the crowned prince.

“What could it be?”

With that silent rhetorical question. The human shaped light formed a color. Into a color of a human being, not of a white light. The color of the skin was on the side of a light tone. The hair color changed into light brown. The wide opened eyes turned into green color. It formed into a shape of someone very well known.



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