Chapter 90.  To mitigate, and more (2)


The entity formed from the stream of white light.   Ian Page, the tower lord of the Greenriver Empire’s Ivory Tower, felt objectionable.  The speech that was made by Hector Coldwood, the crowned prince of Coldwood, was the issue.

“Plunder, rape, and kill.”

He thought of his family when he heard those words.  The faces of those that he was acquainted with by chance or fate also flashed by.  Although the number was small, wasn’t every one of them the target of the speech?

“Such a trash talk.”

Ian said, clicking his tongue. He had acted like that in his past life. It was the same this time around as well. It definitely wasn’t pleasing to him. That crowned prince of the Coldwood Empire. That b**tard , Hector Coldwood.


Hector recognized Ian.  They have met twice at the negotiation table while developing the three nations’ non-aggression pact on the Great East Prairie.

“How did you…..?”

They could not react in any other way, but be shocked.  Hector Coldwood, the crowned prince, was in shock for certain, but also the troops, knights and even the sorcerers that have gathered there to form the military base.

‘There’s no doubt…..’

Ian Page, the b**tard sorcerer, had surely disappeared.  A half year ago, citing end of training, he went missing for 3 months, after which there was not even a trace of him for the subsequent 3 months, for a total of 6 months period.

‘Perhaps, he had died of an accident during the training.’

Perhaps, the accident had taken place a long time ago, and they simply took it as taking holidays in order to hide that fact.  There were many, different guesses, but it was certain in the end that Ian Page has been erased from the world.

‘He did not disappear?’

Hector Coldwood ground his teeth. He was troubled.  Feeling of dismay overtook him. It was an opportunity like no other. Indeed, it was clearly thought to be the best opportunity. With caution, speed and accuracy, that’s how this war has been prepared.

‘This ladder of opportunity has gone bad.’

The ladder has been weaved with decayed ropes. Has such a bad opportunity been what was grabbed? Hector’s eyes shook wildly.


However, even that shaking was short lived. Soon, Hector recovered from the shock. It appeared as if there was still an opportunity. An opportunity of a great ladder of possibility.

‘It wasn’t known as to how he appeared, but the b**tard was all alone after all.’

It must have been a trickery created by magic. In other words, there was no reason to fear.

‘Will kill.  Even at a great price.’

He knows that the b**tard was, in fact, a 6th class sorcerer. However, this is in the midst of the midst of the enemy’s camp. There are 5th class sorcerers, including the lord of Ma Tower. And the troops that can wield mana.

‘Even a 6th class sorcerer wouldn’t be able to overcome them all…..’

He would think that, perhaps. There came a voice that impeded Hector’s thoughts. In a low voice, Ian Page chanted.

“It’s not an incorrect assumption.”

Ian readily agreed. The tower lord of the Ma Tower, the troops and the knights. It would be a difficult challenge to survive from them all. Even for Ian Page. However, does Hector Coldwood know it?


Ian Page, the tower lord of the Ivory Tower of the adversary empire, who was standing in front of him, has already surpassed the 6th class level.  As far as the classes grow, the differences between the levels become extremely clearer as the levels rise, and the fact was that based on Ian’s experience and application abilities, those differences between the levels grow even further.

“Only that the intel was slow.”

Ian murmured lightly. He began a spell. Now, the mana has turned close to navy blue. The sticky mana was being released into all directions.

“Arc Paralyze.”

It was definitely not an ordinary paralyze. It was the ‘mob control magic’ that was applied with the quintessential skills of which only Ian could. The influential power of that spell has permeated throughout the area. The vast area of the military camp has been encompassed by it in no time.

“What, what is this?”

The troops were blinking their eyes. It appeared as if sorcery has been released. But there wasn’t any change.


Actually, that was only a delusion. A change has already taken place. Only that it was silent.

“My, my body…..!”

By the time they were able to sense it, no one was able to move.  Those troops that did not have mana hearts saw their bodies solidify, and those knights that had mana hearts were only able to twist ever so slightly.  That’s all they could do.


Ian did not stop there. As there still remained sorcerers.


Disorder spell. The sorcery that renders ‘mana brain’, which is equivalent to the brain of magic, useless entered the sorcerers through their nostrils, mouths, and ears like evil spirit.  The effect was quick.


“What, what have you done…..?”

How many seconds has it been since Ian has appeared? The immobile troops, knights, and sorcerers that could not wield magic either. There were none that were in normal condition. The army that was assembled as the primary force. That army was instantaneously overpowered. That was done by only a single sorcerer.


Yet, Ian still felt it was insufficient. ‘Warnings’ were supposed to be powerful.


He raised his right foot. Mana also converged there, too.

“Let’s raise the temperature little bit.”

The right foot was overwhelmingly filled with mana. As he stumped with his foot.

“Gravity field.”

The bodies of the troops were beginning to be pressed down. It was the same for the knights and sorcerers as well. The ‘gravity force’ has become even more intense. That was the power of the ‘gravity field’.

“Kr, Krrrrr!”

They could not tolerate it any more.  Everyone that was overpowered by Ian knelt on their knees.  Perhaps, that was better as had they not knelt, they felt that their lower bodies and spines might have gotten obliterated.


In the midst of the unbelievable chaos. Only Hector stood unharmed. It wasn’t because he was special. It was only that Ian’s magic had avoided him.


His countenance appeared confused. Even an empty laughter escaped him. There would be no other fitting response.

“Shall we have a talk?”

Ian didn’t show his usual courtesy.

“Hector Coldwood.”

Hector Coldwood drew his sword in response to Ian’s spoken words.  He was a knight born of a royal blood with a mana heart.  His talent was respectable as well.  As it stands now, his level would be equivalent to that of Ian’s, 6 years ago.

“You, b**tard …..!”

What usefulness is the high level sword skill, now? In such a time as this when the sword, being held in his hand, is shaking uncontrollably.

“Preparation wasn’t sufficient.”

Yet, Ian was still dissatisfied. He approached Hector.


With a simple sorcery, the sword has been removed. Then he placed his hand on the b**tard’s shoulder.

“Do you want to see something fun?”



What?  Teleportation?  That’s how he certainly wanted to ask.  But he could not finish his words.  He was already being separated from the space by an unknown white light.


Finally, all the streams of light have disappeared. At the same time, the surrounding landscape came into views. Into Ian’s eyes as well as Hector’s eyes.

“Where, where is this place…..”

He was no longer in the military camp. It was also not the Amber territory by the borders, for sure. Yet, it was a very familiar place.


It was just hard to believe.  He was in no other place than inside the palace of the Coldwood Empire, more specifically, in the crowned prince’s bedroom, where he sleeps.

“What is going on….”


Ian did not give him any rest. Again, the surrounding landscape has changed. From the palace, to the office of the Coldwood Empire. Damidara, the open city, in which the agreement was reached. From Morgrian territory to Phieric territory. Even the middle of the Great East Prairie. The final destination of the itinerary was the Amber territory. It was the original place where the army’s military camp was located.

“Hugh! Hugh! Hughhh!”

Hector Coldwood breathed tersely.  At the same time, he applied all of his knowledge and the ability to discern. What he had experienced just now, what the hell was it?

‘Could it….’

He formed a hypothesis without too much difficulty. It was a very highly probable hypothesis.

‘Tele- teleportation?’

Spatial transportation magic, teleportation. It was already a very widely known name. It was a magic that everyone may have imagined at least once. It was a spell that was highly facilitating and extremely useful. Wouldn’t that be the teleportation spell?

‘No way.’

It was a magic that countless people have dreamed of. Research on it has been in progress for a very long time.

The accompanying result wasn’t just very successful, at all. That’s because there was not a sorcerer who could wield it in reality. In the past, and in present time. That was the subject of the homework for all the nations.

‘That… the b**tard can?’

When his thoughts came to that point, Hector was able to feel that eerie warning, which Ian wanted to display.

‘Someone like me can be killed at any time.’

It wasn’t just Hector only. It would be the same for anyone else. If the b**tard thought to do it. If anyone touched Ian’s ego in the wrong way. No one will escape it was what was being demonstrated.

‘The way to defend it…..’

Hector was very smart. He was also very realistic at the same time. So, he was certain.


Inside the palace of the Coldwood Empire, ‘magic blocking devices’ that is equivalent to the concept of ‘mana prison’ have been installed in strategic places.  Yet, he was able to freely come and go, to and from the palace, as if it was his own house.  It was the proof that they did not work.

“I’m sure that you understood, as you’re a smart man.”

Ian has been able to extract the exact thoughts that Hector has been having for a while.  His words came in the most appropriate time and fashion.

“I’ll be brief.  Return.”

Ian began to form mana. It appeared like a sand hour glass. Only that the size of it was humongous.

“Just one day.”

Shaped like an hour glass, the mana clock flipped over.  Instead of sand, mana flowed down little bit at a time.  It was enough for just one day.

“If you continue to slouch around by the borders, then from that time, we, I mean, I, too will prepare for war.”

Ian stopped talking for a moment. Then with a dry voice, he cited.

“Wouldn’t it end just after killing three or four?”

Of course, one of them would be Hector himself. It was definitely very threatening. But it wasn’t just an empty threat. Ian has already demonstrated the capability. That is, the method to prevent the war. The spatial transportation magic.

“Return quietly and live as quiet as a mouse.”

Ian’s voice continued.

“I will allow you to maintain.  Coldwood Dynasty.”

He will allow the dynasty to continue. It was a statement of ultimate conceit, but it was a statement from someone with the credentials. Ian had the sufficient credentials to say such things now.

“The title of crowned prince was obtained by you, by indiscriminately killing even your younger and older siblings.  You should maintain it.”

Ian’s voice couldn’t be any dryer.

There was not even a mockery, let alone murderous ambiance.

“Isn’t that right?”

Ian’s question even seemed mischievous. Yet, Hector could not let down his guard. The smell of a predator permeated from the b**tard. Actually, not a common predator.


Right, it was a disaster. The b**tard is a disaster for sure. That young man with brown hair. The grand sorcerer of the Greenriver Empire. The ‘monster’ with the name of Ian Page.


Ian urged for a response. Hector hesitated for a moment. Many are witnessing this. How should it be responded to? He did not think too long.

“….. Understood.”

Isn’t surviving the first priority? Saving face was only a short term issue. However, staying alive is an immediate concern.


Ian nodded in satisfaction. He snapped his thumb and index finger.

With a snap!

“Auuugk!  Augk!”

The effects of the ‘arc paralysis’ and ‘gravity field’ that were put on the sorcerers, the knights and the troops dissipated.  Yet, no one came against Ian.  They were too busy saving their own-selves, let alone attacking.  Was it because of any lingering after effects, or from just simply being terrified?

“It will take some more time for you, dear sorcerers.  Please don’t worry too much as you will return to normal after about one hour.”

He has been consistently talking down to Hector Coldwood, but he spoke to the sorcerers, the underlings of Hector, with respect.  The birthright and its associated authority were never the targets of Ian’s considerations.  Who is leading the plans to annoy was what was important.

“To repeat myself one more time.”

The mana clock in the shape of an hour glass. Ian spoke as he pointed to it.

“Until this time, tomorrow.”

Finally, white light flowed down.

It was the effect of the time due to teleportation.

“Hope you will make a smart choice.”

The warning has been given sufficiently. Now, it was time to return.

“Your Highness.”





The Ivory Tower of the Greenriver Empire. Ian returned to the tower lord’s room. He sat in his seat as he caught his breath.

“That was close.”

Although he was very calm in front of Hector Coldwood and his army, Ian had consumed much larger amount of mana than he had thought.  The repetitious teleportation, not to mention that maintaining the mob control magic in the first place were certainly the culprits that will consume much mana.

‘Being a man of return from the past has helped.’

The limit of teleportation is that it can only transport to the place that he has been to.  But it was not an issue for Ian. He had satisfied such requirement for many places due to the unification war and travels in his previous life.

‘The effect should be sufficient.’

It must have been a perfect threat. He may not even sleep well. Hector Coldwood, that b**tard. How could he sleep comfortably?

‘The b**tard had asked for it.’

There was not even an excuse if he was to die while suffering from sleep apnea.  It was the fault of that b**tard that planned a war.  All that Ian had done was sent him a complete warning.

‘The problem seemed to have been corrected.’

There lies only the second issue. The accelerated degradation of the present emperor’s health, that is. And the movements of those that are behind it.

‘Now then…..’

Ian placed his chin on the large desk. Then he fell into a deep thought.

‘Where should I start?’


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