Chapter 91.  To Mitigate, and More (3)


‘Where should I start from?’

Many starting places came to his mind.  Among them all, saving the emperor’s life that was flickering away was the most urgent matter.  It wasn’t his time to die yet.

‘Not that he was one of my men.’

Although it was due to the crowned prince, the emperor was still a very friendly person to Ian.  Was that all?  He was also an outstanding leader that would be known as the great king while ruling as well as after his death.

‘He would be greatly missed if he was to die already.’

Should the emperor die suddenly and Hayden, the crowned prince, becomes the new emperor, would the government still run nearly perfectly as it does now?  There was no unique capability to tout about the crowned prince, and Ian, who will be the first advisor, too, was deficient in many ways.

‘I’m not a wise man.’

As he has recognized it since a long time ago, Ian was not born with political aptitude or broad insight.  It’s just that magical talent has leaped him beyond being a human.

‘There is much more to gain by keeping the emperor alive as long as possible.’

There is much more to learn.  As one continues to learn from the emperor, even the crowned prince will behave and live like a person.  Would it be the case just for the crowned prince?  Even Ian would learn sufficiently.

‘And there would be many policies to establish also.’

The emperor was filled with motivation. He will act with vigor as long as he is alive. It was more beneficial in many ways to keep him alive.


Save Terry Greenriver, the emperor first. The forces behind him will be uncovered next. Ian’s decision was set.

“Tower lord.”

As his mind was made up, Ronan, the middle aged high ranking sorcerer, came up into the tower lord’s room.  As the ‘proxy of the Ivory Tower’, he was free to come and go from the tower lord’s room.

“What is going on, on the Coldwood side?”

“We’ve managed to bring it to a close.”

Prior to heading to the military camp in the Amber Territory, Ian has stopped by the Ivory Tower to meet with Ronan and Deckard.  It was for the purpose of getting an accurate status.

“Do you really believe that they will retreat?”

“Yes, they will.”


Ronan, the high ranking sorcerer, nodded his head. A sorcerer with the teleportation ability is targeting him? Could he even get a good night’s sleep from the fear of it?

‘He would be lucky to simply not go insane.’

Ronan, who thought that way, looked at Ian. The young tower lord of the Ivory Tower that has just appeared for the first time in 3 months. He was truly a fearful existence.

‘Teleportation on top of all this.’

Ronan was also frightened at first. He had never imagined that that level would be possible.

‘Just how much of an advancement can be achieved?’

That is, the advancement of Ian Page, the lord of the Ivory Tower, And the level that he will reach. What awesome existence is he? Mysteriously, even certain unknown anticipations grew in him.

“What is left at this point is the health of the emperor.”

Ian’s words drew Ronan out from his thoughts. Isn’t it as urgent an issue as war? Ronan quickly got back to his senses.

“There is certainly some suspicion.  We are talking about none other than the emperor’s health?  He has been taking the Elixir, the medicine that has been in the imperial family for generations……”

The Elixir, the medicine of the imperial family. Ian had also drunk it after the crowned prince gave it to him. It was also the secret to longevity for the many generations of emperors.

“I also think that it is not a simple side effect.”

“That implies…..”

Ronan closed his mouth and stopped murmuring. It was because he understood what was being said.

“However, both the imperial family’s alchemists, and the medical sorcerers that we’ve dispatched came back with the same opinion.  That is, there is no outside factor that has contributed to the emperor’s poor health.”

Ian nodded upon hearing that statement. Of course, it was the same in the previous life as well. Only those that had suspicions were killed off eventually.

“I’ll look into this issue.  So, please keep my return as a secret matter.  Please keep it between just the two of you only, Ronan and Deckard.”

“Only for a while?”

“If there are truly impure forces, they will be more freely active if I was not here.”

It will also be easier to capture them at the same time.

“Only for a few more days.”

Ian spoke in a tone of apology.  It has already been 6 months since Ronan has been undertaking the duties of the Ivory Tower?  Unlike Deckard, Ronan was only interested in enhancing sorcery.  Hence, it certainly would not have been a fun 6 months.

“Haha, please no worries.”

Yet, Ronan did not have any resentment.   No, he tried not to have any resentment.  What if it had been an order from the former tower lord of the Ivory Tower?  Then he would have been irritated somewhat.  But, the current situation was different.  After all, it was an order from the tower lord of the Ivory Tower, who has leaped beyond the 6th class.

‘If he was to be completely loyal to such an individual.’

Even the falling bread crumbs would be on a level that is different than any other. Just by gathering up all those bread crumbs.

‘I, too, may reach the 5th class.’

Ronan was determined once more. He put on a friendly smile.

“Actually, it wasn’t even work.  Although it is in delegation only, it is still the position of the tower lord of the Ivory Tower.  In fact, there is noticeable difference in how I am treated wherever I go.  I’m enjoying it very much, so please do not feel apologetic.”

Ronan said in talkative fashion.  Ian wasn’t too unpleased with the reply either.  Although Ian saw right through him, it was much easier for Ian to control people with such inner thoughts.

“Then, I am relieved.”

After exchanging lighthearted words, the two had returned to their original positions.  Ronan stayed in the room as the tower lord of the Ivory Tower while Ian returned to the house with a teleportation spell.


* * *

Having returned home, the first thing that Ian had to do was to explain the 3 months of missing time. Of course, he did not disclose the fact that he had met the spirit of the dragon after entering the repository of time.  He only compressed the story down to the fact that he had inadvertently fallen into a strange space while ‘training’ and that it took a while to find his way out.  It was a form of a ‘dramatization based on a fact’.

“Why do you keep such distance?”

(Hah!  You must be cooking up a scheme for a chance to use the family’s spell in haste.  Do you really think that I wouldn’t know about your petty thought?)

After talking with the family members, Ian shared a private conversation with the fairy queen.  According to her testimony, with the disappearance of Ian, the power of the family had also been erased.

“Then why didn’t you leave?”

(That, that is…..)

The fairy queen’s cheeks were blown up. It was too difficult even for her to tell the reasons. How could she utter the words? The Ian’s family members, who lived in that mansion. Especially the mother, Vanessa Page! That, that woman kept appearing in her mind.

(For, for the time that we had spent together, a little, just a little protection has been provided.  Unlike the dull Spartoi, Evantus was certainly capable of causing something!)

This, of course, was not a lie.  Even after only a few days had passed after the power of the family was released, the three family members had come to a conclusion.  That is, Ian Page had completely vanished from the world, perhaps, he died.

(After verifying that you’d indeed disappeared, we were able to individually draw a conclusion and make the next moves.  Spartoi, that bastard, had left claiming that he had something to verify.  We all know that he was someone that had no place to go, for crying out loud.  Ah, Evantus had also left.  He was grinding his teeth really vigorously.

“Where did he go to?”

(He didn’t say.  That bastard was also pissed at me and Spartoi.  Even though he knew very well that there was no other way, he was still pissed.  Such a small minded bastard, he is still the same old way.)

The fairy queen shook her head wildly. Ian seemed to get a good grasp of the situation.

‘If the emperor’s health woos are related to the order…..’

Whether it is poison, sorcery, curse, there must be some special means.  To a sorcerer in the likes of the dragonian that has lived for hundreds of years, such a weapon must be known?

‘Obviously, I must look into the emperor first.’

Several plans came into his head.  However, there was a need to look into the condition of the emperor first.  That is, how specifically he is dying, whether or not there are any differences from the past life or other strange things.  It wouldn’t be too late to decide after examining the current situation.

“So, are you set on continuing to keep your distance like that?”

(Of course!  I am a queen.  One time embarrassment is sufficient!)

“I see.”

Ian nodded his head lightly.

“…..From what I’ve been hearing.”

Then he continued.

“In the old days, it was said that you had lots of tears.”


“Even being called a cry baby.”

(How, how do you…..)

But her resolve was short lived on the unanticipated statement from Ian.  She couldn’t react in any other way.  That was a several hundred year old character of hers, and her nickname.

“I’ve met him.”


“The leader of the dragon family.”

The eyes of the fairy queen opened wide. Even her lips that were tightly shut opened gently.

(What, what are you talking about now…..)

“Do you wish to hear more?”

(Speak, speak clearly!  Now!)

“I am kind of busy right now.”


The fairy queen has grown very fretful. It was as Ian had anticipated.

“Let’s do this.  I will not insist on the family’s spell.  Instead, do keep my family safe for a while.  When I do have more time soon, I’ll have a lot to share with you, the queen.”

It was a cunning voice as if he was granting mercy.  In ordinary times, if it was under ordinary circumstances, the queen would have simply snorted at it, but she couldn’t do that at this time.

(O, OK!  Just leave it to me!)

Instead of snorting, it was as if she had to get on her knees to beg Ian.  Were not these the entities that cannot be seen even in dreams, and that she has unforgettably waited through multiple folds of time?  Especially, if the story was about the leader of the dragon, it would be much more special.

“And, thank you.  I also thank you for staying by my family.  Also, sorry for not being able to treat you better.  It is my true sincerity.”

(If- if you realize that by now, it is acceptable.)

“Although it may not be an appropriate repayment, I will compensate you as you please in time.  It will most likely be the thing that you may have wanted the most.”


The fairy queen was able to sense it. The compensation that she wanted the most. To extract it from what has been said up to now.

“Him, perhaps…..?’

To, to have her meet the dragon. Her heart pounded just from thinking about it. The tears that had dried up several hundred years ago. Even those tears were about to be shed.

“I will leave my family, in your charge.”

(…..OK.  Go finish your mission and hurry back.)

“I thank you again.”

Ian’s body bore white light. It was the spell that he had initiated multiple times already, today. That is, the spatial transportation magic, teleportation.



* * *


Imperial palace of the Greenriver Empire. In the bedroom of Ragnar, the 5th prince. That’s where Ragnar was.

‘The heavens have not deserted me.’

Ragnar estimated the time in a subtle fashion. He thought as if he was putting on hypnosis.

‘The order is helping me.  Ian Page, that conceited bastard has disappeared also.  The flow of every event is taking place such that it is helping me.  This is an opportunity, the opportunity to revert everything back to its original starting point.”

What was the starting point that Ragnar was thinking about?  That was simple.  That point was where everyone in Greenriver believed that he was the true candidate for the emperorship and supporting him.  Believed that the current crowned prince had no capabilities and that he will only continue to do foolish things.  That was ideal to extort the crowned prince’s position and rise to the emperorship in the end.  That was the original starting point as well as his objective.

‘O king, my father.’

Terry Greenriver, the emperor. The only father of Ragnar.

‘Only if the king, my father, would just disappear.’

The only support to the crowned prince. And the only obstacle to Ragnar, the 5th prince.

‘In the end…..’

The obstacle and also his biological father. That ‘entity’ was a thorn in his eye.

He wanted to eliminate it. But he was hesitant. His emotion was torn in two ways. Was it blood or was it ambition. His consideration was much briefer than thought.

‘You have also deserted me?’

Ragnar smiled thinly. He stared at the flower vase in a corner of his room. He saw a very mysterious flower. It was a small purple flower with twelve petals. It also had blue leaves and blue stem. Visually, it wasn’t a very pretty flower.

‘Since being blossomed, it has always been the same.’

Ragnar removed a leaf of the flower. He didn’t even forget about hiding it inside his sleeve. It was definitely not an ordinary flower. It was the ‘flower’ that he had obtained from the order after a hard work. The ‘extreme poison’ that leaves no trace. It was the ‘culprit’ that deteriorated the emperor’s health.

‘The flower of Landeror’

Ragnar exited from his room and began walking. He walked towards the emperor’s bedroom. As he has done for the past few months. He also headed there today.

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