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8th Class Mage Chapter 95

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“Tell me the antidote. You know why I’m asking, right?”

(……It could sound like giving excuses, but what happened to your Emperor is not my doing. The order wanted to make the 5th prince their puppet, and I saw the opportunity and gave them the means. Didn’t I tell you before? You have to expand the order.)

It was still more to ask from Evantus, who thinks of humans as a tool to look for dragons. Like whetstones, sharpening knives, Evantus was merely helping tools to do their job as tools.

‘Thanks to that, Ragnar’s only escape route has vanished as well. This time, I will see the end of it.’

And the time was close for Ragnar’s name to be dishonored. This was how Ian wanted to take revenge on him. ‘Death of the name’ was approaching.

“I am not here to say who’s guilty and not.”

So, tell me about the antidote. Ian did not continue his words.

(I do not know.)

“…….What do you mean?”

(I don’t know the antidote.)

“You know you can’t lie now……”

(This is not a lie.)

Evantus was certain.

(That flower is used by them during the ancient times as medicine. The leaf and the stem were used as sleeping remedies, the petals were dried under the sunlight and they would smoke it. I remember them enjoying the unique scent of the flower.)

In other words, the leaves and the stem had a different effect than of the petals. Come to think of it, Ledio’s book had a similar story written in it. The blue leaves and stems were very poisonous, and the dark purple petals had the ability to neutralize the mana.

‘That means that Ragnar also used the leaves in the medicine.’

Used the leaves and the stems as sleeping remedies. It was used as the remedy for sleep by the dragons. Did they even need an antidote?

(If you can’t believe, you may check it with the spell of kin.)

He was asking him to use the spell just to prove it. It seemed like he was telling the truth. I was even surprised. The proud and hostile Evantus. He didn’t even acknowledge the spell of power of Ian. And that he changed, in a short moment.

(My children’s lives are at stake. Why would I lie?)

Evantus let his guard down as he spoke those words. It was a sign that Ian could use the spell of kin to check if he was telling the truth.

‘Well, better safe than sorry.’

Ever since Ian came back from the permission of time, he did not use the spell of kin. Same when he saw the fairy queen and Evantus. And he had good reasons for that.

‘Too much risk to be in danger.’

This will happen to Ian almost every time he enters the permission of time. And if the spell of kin is lifted every time he enters, there will be problems. When used with force or without permission, as usual, the danger will be grave.

‘I will have to build a positive relationship with him.’

The chance was now. With no force or trick. A reasonable time to use the spell of kin.

“I do trust you, but this is an important matter to me too, so I will have to check. Would that be ok with you?”

(If you keep your side of the bargain.)

“Of course.”

The spell of kin was bound. The golden mana came from Ian wrapped Evantus, and the spell was bound to both parties. The effect was the same as 100 days before.

“Do you really not know the antidote?”


His answer remained the same. Now only 2 methods remained.

‘The sleeping remedies of the dragon….’

The first way is to go and ask the one who actually used the flower, by entering the Repository of Time. But there was a problem. First of all, it was uncertain. Did they even need an antidote for a sleeping remedy?

‘That would not be the case.’

Sleeping remedies also exist within the human’s world. It was so common to find, you just had to enter a shop that belonged to a mere alchemist. But a medicine that could cure the effect of a sleeping remedy? That was unheard of.

‘It would be useless.’

It was sure that the dragons wouldn’t need that. Also, the key to get into the Repository of Time, the five breaths of the red dragon was even more challenging to make now. He had to gain a few more rare items and he only has a small number of Gargoyles’ eyes left. There was no guarantee that he would get anything out of it successfully. What if he had to stay in the Repository for a hundred days again?

‘That would be trouble.’

The life of the Emperor was at stake. It was better to be safe and cautious.

‘And that warning I heard during the witchcraft.’

The words that came out of the mouth of he who possibly is the first mage, ‘Never trust the dragons.’ It was there in the back of the head. Maybe that was the reason, Ian was skeptical in meeting the dragon.


The first idea was suspended. Then there was the second idea.

“Then, would you know how to get ahold of Landeor’s flower?”

(That is not difficult.)

His answer was promising.

(The flower that humans call the Landeor’s Flower is a born curse. It is bound to stay in the place where it spreads its roots, but the holy fire of breath can purify the curse on the plant.)

Ian felt futile by the exact answer he was given. How difficult it was for him to look for the way to collect the flower and change it into a medicinal herb for the last 6 years? From the Tusk documents to the royal document collections, there wasn’t a scroll that he did not look at. And there wasn’t a single clue.

‘Was this the reason?’

The dragon’s flame is used to lift the born curse. That seemed like a phrase that would be in a children’s book. Since that was the answer, imagine how Ian would feel like now.

“I am hoping that you can give me some of those curse-lifted flowers.”

(That is not a difficult request. Follow me.)

Evantus slowly moved in pain. He led Ian to a wall of the nest.

‘This is not a wall.’

That was not a wall indeed. It was a secret passageway. Because Ian still had some of the previous magic of ‘Metamorphosis Mana’ left in his system, he could feel the movement of the mana.

As Evantus stretch out for the wall, he disappeared. The inside looked like the cave but there were lightning orbs floating around the area like the light spell.

(This nest is one of the latest ones that I’ve found. I have no idea who was using this, but there were some of his things left behind. That flower was a part of the collection.)

As they went in deeper, a circular room, which looked like a storage room, appeared. How would one know? Simple. All sorts of precious jewels were laying around the room like junk.

(The flower is in this box.)

An old wooden box. A cold sense of energy was seeping out from it. He could also see the flowers piled up.

(Take as many as you like. You may take it all if you like.)

Ian got hold of the box without any hesitation. It showed he will take them all. He was going to ask Ledio and Douglas to proceed with the studies and prescribe the antidote. The more the better.

‘Their level should have increased tremendously.’

Douglas, who was in the senior year of the Alchemy Academy was ideal. He should have already graduated 3 years ago, judging by his skills. Also, Ledio’s skill was outstanding as well. He wasn’t a genius but was a brilliantly minded alchemist. That lad has been pouring everything into alchemy for the last 6 years. He will have the skill of the royal alchemist.

(Is there anything else that I can help with?)

Evantus changed in a day. After all, his children’s life was at stake. He could not afford to be proud in front of him.

“I hope you can take care of the order regarding today. Especially the 5th prince Ragnar should not be able to plan other things behind our back.”

Oburn Parker will start to make a fuss about it. Ian’s intention was to keep him quiet first.

(That is not a difficult request.)

“I will be counting on you.”

Evantus nodded. Then he carefully spoke of what he truly wanted.

(Now….. Tell me the way to meet him.)

His face lights up with hope.

“It is quite simple, really.”

Ian also fed hopes to him.

“Do you remember the potion I drank? The one that made me disappear?”

(I do.)

“You just have to drink that.”


After a long thought, Evantus spoke.

(I had my doubts when you spoke of my father, their leader, Reseese Radenju, but for that to be true…..)

Evantus was detecting things too. What the dragons drank in the past, the potion that can only be completed with his own breath. Ian disappeared as soon as hedrank it.

“I can’t make it right away, due to urgent matters. But, as soon as that is solved, I will make it for you. Of course, you will have to help me, because I will need the breath.”

Ian spoke with his usual tone of respect. Evantus nodded.

(That is fine. I will be waiting.)

The trade was as successful as Ian expected. Now, he had to make the antidote. Then save the current Emperor’s life.

‘This will have to be done in absolutely discretion.’

So that Ragnar will not find out about it. That is how he will enjoy his finale.

‘This time…’

This time he will complete his revenge. That chance was just around the corner.


Prince exclusive library in the Royal court. The only sound filling the place was the sound of pages flipping. A voice was murmuring some parts of the pages. It seemed like a habit.


It was the voice of the Crowned Price, Haydn Greenriver. He was looking at the book with a serious face. It wasn’t like his usual self, but whoever was close should have gotten used to it by now.

“Your Highness, the meal…….”


The Grand Master, Oliver, asked, but the prince declined the offer immediately. That was because he could not finish the books that he decided to finish. A natural, for example, the 5th prince Ragnar would be able to finish it within 2 days. But the Crown price could not. He was reading it for a year now. He felt his limits.

“You should go and eat. You don’t have to starve because of me. This is an order.”

“But, sir.”

“It’s an order.”

“Yes, sir.”

Grand Master Oliver wanted to say something. He quietly left the library.


The Crown Prince sighed. But he still flipped the pages. He read it again and again. It wasn’t just about the studies. It was a sort of solace, a haven.

‘Is it because I am an idiot?’

For the past couple of months, the Crown Prince was having these thoughts. This kind of sense of shame, it was a first.

‘Is everyone leaving me because I’m stupid?’

The fact that his father is in bed because of illness, Ian disappearing when he thought Ian would protect him for life, all of this felt like it was because he was not worthy and stupid.

‘If I change, will he come back?’

If the Crown Prince himself were to change. If he started to show it. Will he return? The health of his beloved father and Ian who left without a word.

‘If I were to be better…….’

The prince’s sense of shame grew deeper.


The library door was forced open as if it was going to break. It was Oliver.

“Grand Master?”

Before the prince could figure out what was going on, the Grand Master attacked the Crown Prince.


“Duck down!”

As Oliver ran up to the prince, he jumped over the desk and the prince.


At the same time, he pulled out his favorite sword ‘The MundAile’. Oliver was not after the Prince. He was after the suspicious light behind him. The white light was in a form of a human.

“Who’s there.”

Oliver clutched his sword as hard as he can. The light-silhouette was holding a staff and that blocked Oliver’s sword from attacking.

“Wow, that was a surprise.”


The person from the light had a familiar tone of voice. That voice was that of someone who Oliver and the Prince were longing for for the longest time.


“Did you finally find out how to master the arts of feeling the Mana? This is like.. You are like a monster.”

The light removed Oliver’s sword. Soon the light showed a full appearance of a human.


The Prince sprung on his feet. Ian Page, who he thought was long gone. The most wanted ally was back.



Re-edited by FlawFinder. I think this one was done by a different translator. All the names changed. Ledio became both Ledio and Ledio. Ragnar became Ragnar. I tried to edit them to consistency. I feel like Oburn Parker used to have a different name, and Evantus might have been different, but I can’t remember.

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