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8 Return of the Class Wizard


  1. This time (3)


“Fa.. father ? ”

Ragnar left in a hurry.

He even dropped the vial in his hand.

Shaking not knowing where to look.

Lips were shivering and had turned blue.

His voice had been lost.

“What you just whispered in my ear.”

The emperor completely raised his body.

No only that, he got up from the bed.

The body of the emperor, Terry Greenriver, which will be recorded as the longest in the history of Greenriver empire, was looking down on Ragnar.

“Are you, Ragnar, serious?”

It was pure and refined anger.

And the embarrassment in it.

The emperor’s voice reflected it.

“Answer me.”

“… … ”

Ragnar could not say anything.

His legs kept stepping away.

But the stepping back was not so useful.


Ragnar turned around to the gentle touch from the back.

“… … ! ”

One that he thought was gone.

Wizard Ian Page was reaching for him.

The emperor was not alone in his bedroom.

The transparency magic has been hiding him.

“You, you … … ? ”

Supposedly dead emperor was cured.

Ian whom he believed to have disappeared came back.

He fell for the trick knowing in the back of his head.

Ragnar felt a severe headache.

“This, this … … , What is this … … ”

He could not understand this situation.

No, he did not want to understand it.

The situation has changed so rapidly.

“It’s over. Ragnar. ”

“Over… … ? ”

Ian uttered.

Emperor’s cure, the full support of the denomination.

Ragnar’s final misjudgment.

Ian Page was behind all of them.

“Ha, yes! You controlled me with your magic, you … … ! ”

“You are right about magic.”

“I knew it … … ”

“That’s why it’s over.”

“What… … ? ”

When Ragnar stepped into the emperor’s bedroom, Ian put a magic spell. It was not a special magic. A magic that you feel strongly attracted to your immediate desires, just a beginner’s magic that you can easily resist if you have a healthy mental state at all.

“It’s a proof of your condition.”

However, the spirit of Ragnar, which had become impoverished as it was, could not resist at all. The very result was unfolding. He was suspicious, but eventually committed it. He poisoned his father and whispered curse to his ear.

“Fa, father! I’m sorry! I, I must have been succumbed to the evil spell of that man. How am I supposed to be able to do harm you, father? ”

“… … ”

Ragnar ran to the emperor and knelt down.

He was shaking as he makes excuses.

Everything is laid out by Ian Page.

I was just controlled by the wicked magic of him.

I have done nothing wrong.

Absolutely useless excuses.

“Father! Please you should know what I think … … ! ”

The crying son grabbing his father’s feet, the emperor looking at the unfortunate son. How long has the drama lasted between the father and son? The drama began to hit the end.

“It’s over. Son. ”

“Fa, father … … ? ”

Ragnar could not admit. What is the end? He turned furious and even disturbed by the father who would not hold his hand to the end and the wizard who looks at him with arrogant eyes.

“… … I do not like it. ”

Ragnar’s eyes sank quickly. Until now, the eyes that were tingling with tears were not there anymore. Emotional ups and downs came to the point of taking off the mask.
“That’s what it was.”
“Ra, Ragnar … … ? ”
“This is why I wanted to kill you.”
Ragnar’s voice was emotionless.
It was a word to acknowledge all the charges in the past.
“Until the end, you do not treat me as your child until the end.”
He walked to the window.
Then he took out the crystal ball from his pocket.
It was a communicative ball received from the priest Evantus.
“You, the stupid prince, and everyone seem to rely on that great wizard, Ian Page. You know what? You got it wrong. You got it very very wrong. ”
Ragnar activated the communication ball.
The blue light peculiar to the communication ball sparked.

“Children of the dragon! The human wizard, Ian Page, appeared in front of me! Please help me. Save your humble servant! ”

Ragnaru murmured toward the communication ball. He sounded more desperate than when he was pleading to the emperor’s ankle, asking him to trust him and begging that everything was framed by the wicked Ian Page.

[… … .]

However, Ragnar’s wish was unanswered.

There was no reaction from the communication ball.

It was supposed to speak the voice of the chaplain.

The communication ball has always done so.

“The, the dragon’s child … … ? ”

Ragnar stared at the communications ball.

I held it with both hands and even shook it.

“The, dragon … … Your humble … … ”

The priest, the monster must respond.

He is supposed to come with the wretched wings.

He has to come to kill Ian.

With more powerful magic than his.

“Why… … ? ”


Ian whispered to Ragnar, who was confused.

The voice was small enough only for each other.

“I said it was over.”

“… … ! ”

Ragnar lost his communication at Ian’s beckoning, tried to grab it again only to a failure. The communication ball has already been passed over to Ian, and was shattered to pieces by his spell.

“Uh … … Uh, uh … … ! ”

He could not believe it.

He lost all the strength in his legs.

He fell on the ground and pulled his hair.

The strands of platinum hair fell to the floor.

“It cannot be … … ”

Only until just before.

Only until I got into the bedroom.

All pieces fell to his plan.

It was strictly to Ragnar’s will.

It flowed and stopped to his orders.

But why? Why all of a sudden?

“Why… … Why?”

Soon the guards came into the bedroom. The prince and the princess who heard this beforehand also came together. The guards besieged Ragnar, the 5th prince who was on the floor, and Prince Hayden and Princess Hailey hastened to support the emperor.

“Father! Are you okay? ”

“… … I am OK. OK.”

However, the emperor refused the support of the prince and the princess. Instead he walked slowly to the besieged Ragnar. The soldiers also stepped away and made the way for him.


The Emperor called Ragnar.

The innitial fury was long gone.

Only sorrow filled the vacant space.

“I made you like this.”

“… … ”

“I’m sorry. I am truly sorry. ”

“… … ”

The emperor’s apology was true.

Everything since Ragnar was born.

Things he’s done and not done for him so far.

And everything he must do from now on.

It was a genuine apology for all of that.

“… … Did I not tell you? Father. ”

Ragnar who heard the father ‘s apology.

He mumbled quietly.

“Do not forgive me.”

“Ragnar … … ”

“I do not need it or want it.”

Ragnar’s voice also indifferent. Madness, anger, obsession, desperation, embarrassment that he showed just before were neatly removed. It was a very simple tone.

“Did you ask me if I am serious? Yes. I am serious. I definitely am. It was a moment that I had dreamed of for so long, whispering in your ear at your deathbed. ”

Ragnar gathered his loosened legs and pulled himself up. He continued while looking at the dim sky out the window.

“You must be happy. You have pulled out my nature, which you have had only suspicion and vigilance towards for the world to see. The last obstructor who threatens your loved prince has self-destructed. ”

“Ragnar, I have never … … ”

“Knock it off. It is disgusting. ”

Ragnar cut off the emperor. It should be filled with ridicule and mockery, but no piece of emotion was found. It showed the extreme of emotionlessness.

“Then, Your Majesty.”

Ragnar sat gently at the window.

He laughed and spoke.

“Please be happy with those you care.”

With the last greetings.

Ragnar’s body leaned back.

He started falling out the window.

“Rah, Ragnar!”

The first reaction was of the emperor.

But the emperor’s hand caught the air.

He could not catch any part of his son.


Emperor shouted looking down from the window.

I saw the fall of Ragnar.

The emperor’s room is the highest in the Imperial Palace.

He cannot fall from there and escape death.


It was Ian’s impression of the scene.

Ian was able to stop Ragnar’s death.

He owned that ability.

He didn’t move a finger.

‘There is no reason to get blood on my hands.’

Was it not the moment he always wanted? It is a perfect death scenario. The fifth prince tried to kill his own father, the emperor, and chose to commit suicide when caught. That is today’s story. The history will write today with no honor and no sympathy.

‘Goodbye. Ragnar. ‘

The moment I wanted from the time I turned back time.

It was when revenge was completed.

“… … ? ”

Ian was surprised and looked around.

Indeed, strange abnormalities were detected.

It was indeed the first time I’ve been through it.

‘… … What is this?’

The phenomenon started to unfold at least in front of me.

I could exactly describe that phenomenon.

Gray, the world was turning all gray.

All the furniture in the emperor’s room.

Emperor, prince, princess and guards too.

Even the carpet and the evening sky.

‘And it stopped.’

That was not all.

The gray world had stopped.

Nobody and nothing moved.

‘Is it magic?’

The world has gone gray.

The world stopped at that moment.

It seems as though time has stopped.

‘I was the only one not affected.’

Only one of them.

Only Ian had color.

He could also move freely.


Only Ian had color and only Ian could move.

Is time passing only for Ian?

The embarrassment and distress were tangled together.

If this is the intended phenomenon.

If this is someone’s magic.

‘Dragon, or.’

Existence above them.

For example, a person who is called the first magician.

Obviously, this is done by a person of that sort.

By the time Ian’s thoughts went thus far.

“… … ? ”

Out of the window where Ragnar jumped.

The evening sky tinted in gray.

From far away he noticed a visible ‘color’.

“golden yellow?”

The distant color was similar to gold.

No, it was a bit dark for gold.

It was also a bit pale to call it brown.

It’s like the color of Ian’s hair.

He saw a light brown ‘dot’.

“That’s … … ”

At first it looked like a dot.

It looked like a dot drawn in the sky.

But the golden dot came closer.

The closer it got, the bigger it became.

It also began to shape itself.


Ian’s guess was correct.

The existence that brought this bizarre phenomenon.

A creature flying from afar.

It was a dragon he’s seen in the treasure of time.

It mostly coincided with the psychic body.

If there is a difference.

‘It is different.’

It was different from the spiritual body of dragon road in the treasure, ‘Reseese Radenju’. He could find minor differences. One of them, however, was the biggest difference.


Reseese Radenju had red leather and scales.

Dragon book explained, ‘Red dragon clan’.

But that dragon was different.

The leather was almost golden.

And so were the scales.

‘The reason I was able to turn back time.’

According to the dragon book.

This dragon takes control of all time and flow.

Thus Ian studied this dragon first.

‘Golden dragon clan.’

That golden dragon was flying this way.

From the distant gray sky.


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