Episode 98, 8th Class Mage


  1. Second chance (4)


(The one who turned the time around.)

The head of all the dragons.

It was not the voice of ‘Reseese Radenju’.

Several voices had been overlapped.

But what they said was even more important.

‘I know you’re the one who has returned.’

The opponent is a gold dragon who has a close relationship with time. Though I expected it, it was still a surprise.

(You can speak the power of language.)

That gold dragon also did not use the term ‘dragon language’. He just called it ‘the power of language.’ That part was the same as Reseese Radenju.

(I know it must have been confusing.)

“… … ”

He didn’t seem concerned to have surprised Ian. Rather, he seemed to have wanted to surprise him. But the dragon’s nuance was not so important at the moment.

‘Why did a dragon suddenly show up?’

The successful revenge was just around the corner,

when the gold dragon showed up.

I could not find a connection at all.

That gold dragon and Ragnar.

The two had nothing to do with each other.

“Are you really a dragon? Not a soul? ”

(It is as it appears.)

“I heard you disappeared a long time ago.”

We do not disappear. We are just watching.

“What does it mean?”

(I have no obligation to answer.)

Along with the answer, a strange force bound the spirit of Ian. I could say that my will disappeared. I did not want to ask any more questions related to the whereabouts of the dragon.

‘This is also dragon language… … No, is it the power of language?

The magic was mind-blowing.

Ian’s magic resistance is one of the highest in the class.

He can make such person so helpless?

He felt the true power of dragon.

‘It was a mistake to celebrate only after beating a soul.’

When Ian ‘s idea reached there.

The voice of the gold dragon followed.

(I know that you have turned back time with the power of language. I am not trying to blame you, of course. You have also been granted the power of language and it is your right to use it.

“That’s a good thing.”


The gold dragon continued.

(You have reached the limit.)


(Numerous fates are in your hands.)

“Please explain in a way that I can understand.”

(Just as you have turned back time with the power of language, I can also turn back time at any time, but I do not use it easily. Do you know why?)

“Because you can’t use it again?”

The language of gold dragon family had disappeared from the dragon language book.

Ian replied from the memory of it.

(Can’t use it again? Do you mean the lost language?)

“Is not it? Well then, well. I do not know. ”

(I’m sure you can guess.)

“… … ”

The dragon was right. Ian had guessed. With all that jazz about limit, fate and not using it easily, how can you not have guessed? It ‘d be strange not to notice.

“Are there any side effects?”

(That is exactly what I’m here to warn you about.)

Ian swallowed saliva.

Several side effects associated with return.

I have been thinking about it occasionally.

I just believed that it would not exist.

(We call the side effect ‘guard of time.’)

“Guard of time … … ? ”

(I warn you one more time. You have already reached the limit. If you change the flow again as you please, your fate will get caught in a whirlwind that cannot be controlled.)

An uncontrollable whirlwind. It was only an abstract expression, but Ian could understand it. It means if I kill Ragnar as well, the side effect called ‘time guard’ will start to play. To say simply, it will twist my life from there.

“I have one question. The side effect called ‘guard of time’, is it only for me? Or do people around me get caught up in it, or does the world turn upside down? Is the side effect going to be comprehensive? ”

(Guard of time is strictly for the person, which is your destiny.)

Gold dragon’s decisive answer.

Luck within bad luck.

I could also get a hunch.


He came here himself just to warn for the destiny of one person that doesn’t affect the whole world? After having been gone for hundreds of years?

‘He is interfering in my life too much.’

The second life that was distinctly different from the first life and especially the dragon was in my life a lot more than necessary. All of this cannot just be a coincidence.

‘There is definitely a connection.’

A second life that started from the book of dragon language.

There must be a connection with the dragons.

The more Ian thought about it, the more confident he grew.

‘Is that why he left those words?’

I kept thinking of the man in sorcery.

He told me never to trust a dragon.

I knew I couldn’t ignore that.

I felt something was not quite right.

“… … So.”

Ian organized his thoughts.

He opened his mouth with a caution.

“If I do not want the side effects called guard of time, live quietly like a dead rat from now and do not make any changes. Is this what you are saying? ”

(It can’t be bad. You have already saved your mother who had died and have laid the foundations for your lifetime wealth. Some coincidences and inevitability added up to create a family and friends you didn’t have in your past life. What more do you need? Be grateful for what you have.)

The gold dragon was pouring out sweet words.

They were also unadorned facts.

Live happily ever after?

It was a pretty feasible story.


“You know all about me.”


“Are you voyeuristic?”


The second life of Ian that he returned to achieve.

Every move has changed significantly from the previous life.

Every move had been watched

By that being called gold dragon.

“Let me change my question. What do you want from me? ”

(Nothing. I just came to warn you.)

“Then why are you warning me?”

(Didn’t I already explain? Guard of time will change your destiny ……)

“I am asking why a dragon is worried about me.”

Ian’s voice sharpened. His opponent was a real dragon. If he wanted to, he could tear him into dozens of pieces.

Nevertheless, Ian was confident. He knew for sure. He treasures him so much that he has come himself to warn about the side effects and knew all aspects of his second life. The possibility that all this is a simple favor is near zero.

(There is no obligation to answer.)

“That excuse again?”

The power of that sentence was enormous, like when I had asked about its whereabout. I could not discuss this any longer. I couldn’t think anymore unless the dragon were to disappear in front of me.

“… … It’s a pretty convenient magic. ”

(I have only come to give you a warning, a corresponding opportunity. The other is not worth discussing. it is a waste of time and a waste of spiritual power.)


Along with Ian’s reaction, the golden mana poured from the large body of the gold dragon waved the gray world. The light gradually grew stronger to the point he couldn’t open his eyes.

(Abandon distracting thoughts. Do not overlook my warnings. Use given opportunities carefully. This is the only advice I can give you and the last chance to escape guard of time.)

How long did I keep my eyes closed?

Soon the intense gold light disappeared.

Along with the gold dragon.

The world also regained its original color.

People started to move again.


“… … Didn’t I tell you? Father. Do not forgive me. ”

“Ragnar … … ”

“I do not need it or want it.”

Ragnar who fell out the window.

He was standing right in front of me.

It was exactly as happened before.

‘The time… … Was turned back? ‘

Ian figured it out easily.

It is probably the power of the gold dragon.

‘Is this the chance?’

The last chance the dragon mentioned.

He could easily guess what he meant.

‘Stop the death?’

Stop the death of Ragnar, which has a great influence on the flow, and live off the side effect called guard of time without any problems or trouble. That is what ‘opportunity’ probably means.

‘Life without trouble … … . ‘

It was an attractive option. Peace and happiness from not killing Ragnar?

That is not a problem. I can always handle it without killing him. The real problem, however, was not Ragnar.

‘It’s suspicious.’

Yes, that was enough.

Indeed, everything was suspicious.

This life change was suspicious.

The involvement of dragons was suspicious.

Whether the side effect is true or not was suspicious.

Even the magic of the sorcerer was suspicious.

‘All of it.’

Ian was in deep contemplation.

He couldn’t get a single clue.

What could he believe?

What must he distrust?

What conclusions should he draw?

‘I will believe.’

Believe what?

‘I will believe me.’

His contemplation was deep but instant.

That was Ian’s conclusion.

‘I will not be pushed around.’

A life of being pushed around.

Haven’t I already experienced it?

The dragon, the first wizard.

I could not let them get to me any more.

‘This life.’

Ian opened two eyes that he closed.

At the same time, Ragnar threw himself out the window.

I heard the cry of Hyeon emperor.

‘The way I go is the right path.’

Ragnar started to fall out of the window.

Another young man jumped after him.

Ian Page chanted the order.

“Feather Fall.”

A low-speed drop spell was cast on Ragnar. I froze his jaw to prevent him from biting his tongue. To save Ragnar? No, Ian did not want his survival, or furthermore a flee from this opaque phenomenon that he wasn’t even sure if it exists.

“This is a hard chance to find.”

“No… … ! No … … ! ”

“Memory transfer.”

Ian’s eyes met Ragnar’s.

Green mana connected their eyes.

This magic can share a part of their memory.

Memory transfer, memory transfer.

“… … ! ”

It took less than a few seconds. Ragnar’s eyes became so large they could pop out. It was not just a sign of surprise. It was a biologic response to the strange experience of memory rushing in.

“You need to know why you die.”

“You… … You … … ? ”

It must be an imperfect memory.

Yet he should have a rough idea.

For Ragnar is a very smart guy.

“I’ll return the words you said to me back then.”

Ian whispered in a small voice.

He released the frozen jaw of Ragnar.

Instead, he placed another spell.

“Blame me. Do not forgive. ”

Ian and Ragnar slowly fell down with a low-speed drop spell. When the two landed on the ground, Ragnar had already taken his last breath.

Although the young ivory tower owner tried to save the fifth price, the fifth prince in a predicament did not stop at throwing himself but also bit his tongue. He could not be saved because he had bitten so strongly that his tongue was torn out.

It is how it was known to the world.

It is definitely how it was documented in history.
* * *

A dragon with golden leather and scales.
The gigantic beings skyrocketed.
How high and how long did it fly?
Soon the land hidden above the clouds appeared.
The plain Ian found within the sorcery.
It was ‘land of wealth’ among clouds.
“Unexpectedly… … ”
The moment the dragon lands on land of wealth,
the big body began to shrink.
It was also forming a human figure.
“Emotional guy.”
With the relatively ugly face,
And light brown hair,
He was definitely a human being.

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