Episode 99, 8th Class Mage


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“Whew … … ! ”

A tired looking gold dragon, or a brown-haired man, sits on the edge of Land of Wealth. It was the same position and the same spot from when he welcomed Ian in the sorcery.

“I was worried that you might lose your objectives and settle.”

His light hand gesture poured a golden mana out into the air. The mana soon formed a human figure and it looked surprisingly like Ian. It was not only a form. He kept moving and opened his lips. It seemed as if the actions were remotely controlled in real time.

“I’m glad to see my personality in you.”

The eyes of the man toward Ian became subtle. It did not seem to be particularly favorable, nor was it hostile. It rather looked like eyes that observed an unusual stone.

“But this is not enough.”

He whispered with a sudden low voice. It was never going to be heard by Ian, but he didn’t stop talking to himself.

“Continue to grow, but a little faster.”

The more he talked to himself, the fainter the golden image of Ian became. Moreover, the male human figure began to blur with the image. It was how a magical projection disappeared.

“You still have a lot to do.”

The man also felt his annihilation. He did not have to see with his own eyes. He was used to it already.

“How inconvenient.”

He looked down on the ground with a complaint. He was so high in the sky that he could not see well, but he engraved all things on the earth in his eyes.

“How long will I have to wait to see this again … … ”

Before he could finish his sentence, he disappeared like a mirage. He could not be found anywhere anymore.

* * *

Chasing Dragonian Evantus. A hundred days in the Time Repository. Relief of tension with the Coldwood Empire. Deterioration of Hyeon emperor’s health and recovery. The death of Ragnar the immoral. Beyond the times that were truly breathtaking, everything found its place one by one.

The post-treatment of the death of the 5th prince Ragnar was unexpectedly thorough. The emperor mourned the death of the 5th prince more than anyone else in the world, but he treated it more calmly than anyone else in the world. Ragnar was charged guilty only of emperor assassination and nothing else. There was no national funeral to mourn the death of the royal family member.

After that, the first Imperial Secretary Head, Dumpil Moret and the Hwangseong Noble, Oburn Parker, who were revealed to have incited the 5th prince, were sentenced to death. In addition, their families also had all their property and privilege confiscated. They cried out claiming that they only followed the orders of monsters, known as dragon’s offspring, but this was considered nonsense.

Ledio and Douglas were also recognized for their contributions. Didn’t they save the Emperor from the mysterious poison? Of course, Ian ‘s merit was greater than anyone else’s, but on the surface, the father and son alchemists were highlighted the most. Even the Imperial Alchemists, who previously disapproved, now praised the name of Ledio.

The emperor wanted to grant Ledio and Douglas prizes and treats they deserve, but it had to be delayed due to more important work, which was the research of the ‘petal’, a remedy that will save Ledio himself from mana addiction. Ian explained this to the emperor and he gladly accepted it.

“Are you finished?”

“… … Theoretically perfect at least. ”

In response to Ian’s question, Ledio replied, swallowing his saliva. The study of the petals of Landeur ended a few days earlier than the study of the stem and leaves. Of course, it was successful. At least to Ledio and Douglas’s knowledge, it was the perfect antidote.

“Why are you so hesitant?”

Vanessa, Ian’s mother, who was watching, asked carefully.

“That is … … ”

“You can tell me anything.”

“I am a little … … scared. ”

“You are scared?”

Ledio stopped talking for a moment. Instead, everyone in the mansion looked at my eyes. People who have lived under a roof for six years and half, were now a family. Seeing them in front of me calmed me.

“If even this treatment ends in failure … … , I have a feeling that I will never be able to find the cure. I have this ominous feeling … … ”

Nearly perfect remedy. If that perfection had a problem, it was a problem. What if this perfect cure fails? What if it fails to cure the addiction? Would there be any better treatment? Can I make it with my own hand?

“Do not worry.”

Vanessa grabbed Ledio’s shaking hands. The warmth of the small hands was passed onto Ledio.

“It’ll all work out.”

Said Vanessa while scowling at Ian. I could read the intention in her eyes. It was her strict order commanding me to say something.

“… … That’s right. Do not worry too much. ”

Ian faithfully fulfilled her mother’s order. But what should I say in this situation? Ian spoke after some hesitation.

“Because I’ll live longer.”

Ian was actually serious. He meant well. Ian himself will live longer than Ledio. What would that mean? Even if he fails, he is going to fight the side effects of mana poisoning until he dies. It was indeed a touching promise.

“… … ”

But it was just Ian’s thought. Mother Vanessa’s face turned dark. Douglas was no different.

“… … true. ”

But the reaction from Ledio was not bad. His words seemed to have relieved him.

“It would not be bad if Ian takes care of me for lifetime. No, I’d rather be under his care. The most powerful man of the Empire is responsible for my life! ”

It seemed that Ian’s intention went through.

“So whether it succeeds or not. I look forward to your care from now. The most powerful of the continent, the owner of the ivory tower and the protector of my life, Ian Page. ”

“If you keep making good medicine, it will be enough.”

“Haha, of course.”

Ian looked at her mother with a cheerful look. She looked at the two men ‘s seemingly insane conversation, and soon got back her bright smile.

“Well, then … … ”

Ledio slowly caught the medicine bowl. The cure was poured in a bowl instead of a vial. It was liquid of dim purple.

“Let’s drink it.”

Soon the purple liquid went down the throat of Ledio. It was quite a lot, so he had to swallow four times.

Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp.

The bowl that was full of elixir started to show it’s bottom. And Ledio’s body began to wobble. Hot sweat poured down like rain. The blood ran quickly, and his body heated up.

“Whoo … … ! ”

Ledios gushed out hot breath.

The core of mana poisoning is blood vessels. Mana remnants in the blood vessels remaining for the victim’s whole life and torturing the ‘Mana brain’, that was mana addiction. Whether or not the remedy will wash the faint remnants that Ian’s magic could not erase was the key.

“Whew … … ! Whew … … ! ”

Ledio ‘s rough breath continued for a while. The breath meant his body was heating up. Everyone in the mansion watched the change in silence.

“Great … … ! ”

Ledio exhaled his last breath. He also spit out phlegm. Saliva with blood fell on the bowl.

“… … ”

Now it was time to check his condition. Was the debris of mana in the blood vessel cleared? Or is it still there? The method was simpler than you’d think. You just wait quietly.

“Headache … … ”

The most basic and chronic symptom of mana poisoning is headache. Strange headaches of mana brains continue until death. It was faint for Ledio because he was so used to it, but it was only for a very short time.

“… … It’s gone. ”

The chronic headache from mana poisoning, which had been torturing Ledio all his life to the extent of getting used to it, had completely disappeared. They waited a little longer to make sure, but the result was the same. It was absolutely perfect.

“Ah… … Dad!”

Douglas was the first to respond. He started dribbling tears. The son had been seeing his father suffer for his lifetime. How could he not be happy?

“Douglas … … ”

The father and son shared the joy of tears. The joy that he, or his father, has escaped from the illness. From the sick to those who watched them, it was a tear of liberation that they no longer needed to suffer.

“Hmm … … ! ”

Even Vanessa shed tears. The mansion was filled with tears.

‘Am I supposed to cry as well?’

Ian shortly thought to himself. He laughed and made way.


As he was about to enter the library quietly, he saw a pink cat very far from the crying people. The cat pretended not to be interested at all but kept glancing at the crying people.

“The Queen.”


When Ian came near, she tried to pretend to be sleeping. It must have been embarrassing for her that she was looking at them, and to be precise, looking fondly.

“Why are you sleeping here?”

(Hmmm, what are you talking about?)

She rose as soon as Ian spoke. She has come to realize that pretending to sleep isn’t going to get her anywhere.

(Now that human alchemist has overcome a little sickness, now bring me the red dragon’s medicine, that will take me to where he is. Hurry!)

“It won’t take long. Please wait a little longer. ”

Ian said this as he pointed to the crying people. He was asking her to give them a little more time to celebrate. Fairy Queen also seemed to have no intention of rushing them. She went to her room after a short look of disapproval.


Ian also went into his den. He delved into his thoughts as soon as he sat on the chair.

‘Dragon … … . ‘

The revenge surely succeeded. Nevertheless, it didn’t feel like enough. This isn’t the “end of the revenge is vain”, kind of bullshit. The success of Ragnar’s revenge was really, really satisfying.

‘The dragons are always the problem.’

The thorns in the throat, Ragnar Greenriver was successfully removed. But this time, not a thorn, but a stone got stuck his throat. It was a stone named ‘Dragon’. It was so huge that it was not just irritating but even tearing the throat.

‘I want to get rid of it right now.’

That wasn’t possible for Ian at this stage. He’d be considered lucky if they don’t reduce him to powder. The body may evaporate after all.

“Sigh… … ”

His sigh filled his den, but there was no choice. Is it right to be against those brutal dragons? How strong do I have to become to be free from the dragons? All kinds of thoughts were gathering in his head.

‘One thing.’

There was one thing he could be sure of. They do not want to hurt Ian. At least not yet. He even felt a sense of protection.

‘There is still time.’

When Ian’s reached thus far, someone knocked on his firmly closed door. Not many maids were in the mansion. It was one of them, Emily.

“Ian. You have a guest at the gate. ”


Ian wondered. None of prospective visitors could be called guests. If it’s the prince, she’d say it’s the prince, and if they were the magicians of the ivory tower, she would’ve precisely said they’re the magicians.

“They said they were from the Coldwood Empire … … ”

Ian knew about the visit from the Cold Wood. They called it a mission, or something sent to celebrate the emperor’s recovery. Not so long ago, they were taking his illness as a chance for a war.

‘How arrogant.’

The question is, why did the visit of the delegation come to Ian ‘s mansion? If you arrived, you will visit the Imperial Palace and see the emperor. He did not understand at all.

“Would you like to refuse?”

“I’ll be there.”

Ian stopped Emily and stepped out of the mansion.

“… … ? ”

And soon he had to be baffled. The Coldwood who came to Ian’s mansion. They were not one or two persons.

“This is all … … ”

It wasn’t just the people. There were many ‘carts’ with a lot of things. It was enough to fill the yard of the mansion.

“Oh oh! Ian, isn’t that you? ”

Ian was confused when he heard a familiar voice. There was also a familiar face. Of course, he was not a Coldwood person. Robertoo Foian, the owner of the ‘Poien Merchants’ and the merchant who helped in the exhibition of dragon language books, came up with a bloated belly.

“Is this the first time since that day? I have not heard from you for a while, so I was worried about something happening, but meanwhile, you’ve made another great accomplishment.”

Ian responded to Robertoo flattery. However, the question was not solved even after the greeting was over. Again, he looked at the carts on the ground.

“What is all this?”

“Ah! That is … … Would you lend me your ears? ”

Robertoo, who asked for permission, whispered in his ear.

“To put it simply, these are very personal gifts from the Crown Prince of the Coldwood Empire for you, Ian, and once again, they are very personal.”



Re-edited by FlawFinder. Sorry I couldn’t remember all the names of the nobles and merchants to fix them, but I at least remembered Ledio wasn’t named Ledio and changed all of that. Though maybe he is quite rad.

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