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23. Full Scale War (4)




“Haw, Haw, How….?”


The tower lord still had enough energy to battle.


However, he did not prepare any magic.


It seemed that he had already lost the will to fight.


“No way, there is no way…..”


There was a sense of embarrassment, but he realized that it meant nothing.


He resorted to the ultimate means, the black magic that burned off hundreds of human spirits.

He believed that even the 6th class sorcerer would not be able to resist.   After all, even the tower lord, who was a 5th class master, had been helplessly afflicted by it.  However, it didn’t work.  Not against that Ian Page.




Ian walked towards the tower lord with heavy footsteps.  Irrespective of the outcome, he pressed his forehead, indicating that the moaning and pain that he had just suffered were real.


“My lord.”


The reason why the black magic did not work on Ian.


The reason was more complicated than thought.  First off, the difference in the basic ability was enormous.  The gap between what the tower lord had estimated for a 6th class to be and a true 6th class was much wider.  It me...Continue Reading

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