1. Final Decision (1)




Following the execution of Herbert, the tower lord, Ragnar’s confinement sentencing to his sleeping quarters was lifted in time.  ‘Dumpil Moret’, the old knight, who has been commissioned to enforce the confinement order, has entered the room to notify of the lifting.  


 “My lord, your highness!”


Ragnar’s room was extremely dark.  Along with having all the curtains closed, light was purposefully blocked off in order to facilitate sleeping by using ‘light shutting Mado engineered products’.


 “Has the execution been carried out?  The tower lord’s”


 “Yes.  It has been carried out.”


 “I see.”


Was it because Ragnar’s voice was so heavy… The old knight, Dumpil, was lost for words for the time being.   A multitude of emotions were heard through his inner voices- wrath, sense of loss, confusion and even feeling of abandonment.   However, missing there was any sense of sadness or sympathy.


 “I heard you, please leave.”

 “Please do not grieve too much.”


 “Ha-ha….. Do not grieve?”


It was an extremely ceremonial expression.  Ragnar could only give an empty laughter because he also thought it to be so.  However, Dumpil’s actions weren’t like that.  He placed a piece of paper on the top of the table.  It was a carefully folded note.  He even lit up a candle, so that it could be read.


 “What is that?”…Continue Reading

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