1. The Master of the Ivory Tower


 “Take it.  This is the staff that was retrieved when Herbert was arrested.”


The staff, symbolizing the tower lord, retrieved from the tower lord.


What is the reason behind handing it over to Ian?


That was simple.  It was to endow Ian with authority.


 “As you may well know, it is not a simple matter when it comes to the selection process for the new tower lord.  Even with a definite candidate as the successor, there are many little things that need to be done.   Traditionally, it requires the tower lord to personally oversee the transition, after the selection is confirmed by the entire Ivory Tower, followed by the royal family’s approval.   That’s what is called for by the customs and procedures.” 


However, the current situation is different.  The tower lord was abruptly executed.  Of course, only was there not a transition plan prior to that, there was not even an identified heir.  The process has become entangled….Continue Reading



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