The Name of the King who Inherits the Throne: Part 2

Jumping in between the throne, what Aquasteed first saw was a light honey pink.

Her beautiful hair that flutters with the wind; oh, how he had always wanted to dye it in his own colour of blue. The next thing that filled his vision was the fairy King who’s currently holding it, showing no signs of letting go.

“…… Release her, fairy king”

“And what if I say no?”

“Then I will take her back by force”

The one who trembled by the conversation of the two was Tiararose.

Even though she wants to escape his lap, she’a currently being held by him on the hips and she couldn’t get off. Even though a fight between the king of the humans and the King of the fairies shouldn’t happen just because of her.

With a feeble voice, she uttered “Please stop” however it didn’t reach their ears.

And even if Tiararose tells them to stop, Aquasteed can no longer turn back. His beloved lady was abducted and now is being sat on his lap.

He was driven by the urge of shouting and telling Keith to stop mocking him.

“Even if it’s the fairy King, I won’t forgive those who lay their hands on Tiara”

“Hmph. There are still many women out there for you, right? And yet you’re demanding me to give her back to you, it makes me laugh.”

“What kind of nonsense—— I only need Tiara and no one else”

Laughing, Keith look at Aquasteed with composure. “But she has always felt uneasy” he said, kissing her hair.

“Fairy king……-!”

He bit his lips, wanting to slay him but—— since Tiararose is there he can’t just simply do it.

He has always yearned for Tiararose’s hair, eyes, lips, everything and finally, he was finally able to steal her from Hartnights.

Who would’ve thought that she will be targeted by a much more stronger man. However, Aquasteed does not plan to let Keith steal her away.

And even if it will result to a catastrophe for the kingdom, he would still choose Tiararose without any second thought.

“Keith! Please release me!”

“……A woman must not stick their nose to a man’s fight—— am I right?”

Tiararose raised a voice but Keith didn’t listen.

Far from that, he even sent his gaze to Aquasteed asking him to agree.

――If you want Tiara then come and try to get her back!

Standing up from his throne, Keith let the wind dance as he goes down in front of Aquasteed. Tiararose who was left on the throne watch the two, not knowing what to do.


 If only I have any reliable information

A fight between Aquasteed and the Fairy King, Tiara couldn’t think of anything but it being an event from the game. If not, then there is no way for something like this— where the kingdom can possibly get involved— to happen.

Is what Tiararose think but, Aquasteed is not aware of the events in the game, and he is moving by his own will regardless of it.

“Do you think a mere human can win against a Fairy King?”

“Even if it’s hard, I can’t afford to lose——!”

Swoosh. His sword made a sound as if it’s cutting the wind as he point is sword towards Keith.

Its tip flashes quickly as it hurtle through the air near Keith’s throat. “Hoo…..” Keith let out an a voice as if he’s complementing it. He then laughs.

“For a mere human, you have a great sword there”

“That’s because there’s no way for a weak king to be able to support this kingdom——!!”

“…….hmm. Indeed, the long line of kings did excel in martial arts”

second strike, third, fourth…… Aquasteed swings his sword one after another.

Keith dodges this effortlessly. But, the next moment, Aquasteed’s one heavy strike drew near in front of him.


The one that stops the Aquasteed’s sword was Keith’s fan.

The fan that he has always put in his sash stopped the sword. Aquasteed flicks his sword and took a leap back.

“I’ll also attack this time!”

Keith swings his fan, forming a gale attacking Aquasteed.

He’s not called a fairy King for nothing. Aquasteed was able to dodge it but the wind manage to put a small scratch on his cheeks and showed enough power to break the wall behind.

“…… A cliff? I see, this is around the peak of the mountain”

“That’s right. And it’s the tallest one of all. I can see everything in this kingdom here.”


 It’s like he’s watching over the kingdom, that how both Tiararose and Aquasteed took his words.

Of course, it is unknown if that is for real. It’s because being blessed by the forest fairies is very hard.

“You’ll surely die if you fall”

“Hmm, so that means It’s fine as long as I don’t fall—— Water, come forth!”

Aquasteed brushed off the laughing Keith and enveloped his sword with water.

Putting magic into a sword is difficult unless they’re good enough to handle their magical power. That alone proves that Aquasteed is indeed good at both handling sword and magical powers.

Keith also seemed to be convinced. “How interesting” he uttered while looking at Aquasteed.

Sending out a glance, Aquasteed double checked Tiararose’s position. She was still seating on the throne, watching Aquasteed and Keith with an uneasy expression.

With this distance, Tiararose will not be involved in his attack.

Once Aquasteed swayed his sword, the water that was wrapped around it became a double blade and head towards Keith’s direction.

Keith, knowing that he couldn’t dodge it, ward it off with his fan. Aquasteed didn’t overlook that moment.

He surrounds his feet with wind and swiftly closes up their distance and swings his sword towards Keith.


Tiararose stood up from the throne, wasn’t able to take the fierce battle that is happening before her.

She doesn’t want Aquasteed nor Keith to get hurt. She wants both of them to be safe. Even though it might be selfish of her, she really does think so.

The blood coming from Aquasteed’s cheek dropped down on the floor. Even though it is just a shallow cut, she still doesn’t want to see someone important to her to get hurt.

“Prince Aqua! Keith! Please stop this already!!”

Taking some distance from each other, about to make their next attack when —– Tiararose throws her body in between them.

Aquasteed who was swinging up his sword and Keith who was about to release magic from his fan. Voices that are far from scream resonates the throne room.


“Bas, tard…..!”

The actions that was taken by the two was all in order for Tiararose not to get hurt.

In order to stop his sword, Aquasteed grips its edge with his own hands to wearing its momentum. Keith forcibly deflects the trajectory of his magic and the wind that was emitted from it blew violently within the throne room.


Although Keith’s magic didn’t hit her directly, the wind blew her body into the air.

It was Tiararose who jumped in between the two while they are fighting. Of course, she is prepared to get hurt in the process.

But her fear was far greater than that. Calling out her name, Keith attempted to grab her hand only ending up into a failure.



And thus, as everyone might have already expected, and prayed for it not to happen, Tiararose’s body who was blown away, thrown out from the wide hole on the wall down to the ground.

“Wind, come forth——”


Even before Keith uses his wind magic, Aquasteed, pursuing Tiararose, throws himself towards the hole where he can see the cliff.

He uses the wind to raise his falling speed. Catching up with Tiararose, he gently wrap his arms around her.

“P-prince Aqua……?!”

“—— at last. I’m able to embrace you at last”

Even though they are currently falling,

Aquasteed was deeply delighted for him to be able to embrace Tiararose in his arms. He embrace her tightly as if to say that he will never let go of her again.

“Prince Aqua……”

“It seems like I made you feel anxious. Forgive me for being too powerless”

“No. No, not at all. You have always been making time for me everyday. I’m the one at fault for being jealous at Ms Aishira”

shaking her head furiously, Tiararose told Aquasteed that it wasn’t his fault.

“……You were being jealous?”

Aquasteed said to her as if whispering to her ears.

 Oh no! She thought but it was already too late. A very happy Aquasteed is not planting kisses in her ears, through her hair, her forehead down to her lips.

Tiararose panicked due to this.

――i-in this kind of situation?!

Currently, she is being held by Aquasteed as they fall from the sky.

If they stay like this, they’ll end up falling on the ground and die. And yet, why is Aquasteed still so composed?

of course, one reason for that is because he was finally able to hold Tiararose.

“Forgive me. I know I’m being inconsiderate but I’m really happy that you think so”

“Prince Aqua……”

This time, he kissed her on her lips.

It was a gentle yet ticklish peck, Tiararosemlet out a sweet voice.

――Though I want to hear more of her cute cries, I guess this shall continue tonight.

If he doesn’t do anything in this situation, they’ll really end up falling on the ground and die.

“Tiara, hold on to me tight”


Aquasteed slowly narrows his eyes as he draw her to his chest.

Tiararose did as what he told her and hold on to him tightly.

Even though their currently under such situation, her fears strangely disappeared.

Tiararose had this sense of security that Aquasteed will protect her no matter what.

“Sky fairy, heed to my call

『“Seriously, you’re really reckless. To think that you’ll step up to a fairy King……”』

The one who responded to the clear voice of Aquasteed was the sky fairy, with wings sticking out on its back.

Its exasperated voice was a sign of worry for Aquasteed.

Aquasteed has been blessed by the sky fairies and making this sky his own territory.

To the point that he’s proud to say that he will not lose to Keith if they battle on the sky.

“Sky, become wings and catch us”


Aquasteed chanted and uses his sky magic.

The wind blows softly, and Tiararose and Aquasteed’s body flew in the sky like a bird.

“Wow”, Toararose unconsciously voice out her amazement.

She wonders if they are the only one’s who have seen this kingdom up from the skies. This kingdom that they see from above is that beautiful to the point that she thought of that.

――Prince Aqua is doing his best in order to protect this beautiful kingdom.

It makes her think that the jealousy she feels over Aishira is really petty.

I want to support this kingdom together with Aquasteed.

When that thought naturally came to her mind, tears fell down from her eyes.


“…… It is nothing. I feel like I’ have been worrying on something to small. But, from now on, I feel like I can do my best more together with you”

Smiling shyly, this time it was Tiararose who gently placed a kiss on Aquasteed.

Though she felt a little sad pulling away, it is enough for now――……

◇ ◇ ◇

“Pleas do not ever repeat what you two did today!”

hmph! Tiararose pouted as she reveal her anger towards Aquasteed and Keith.

The two honestly apologize so she forgive them in the end but, her lecture last for an hour.

“Forgive me, Tiara. From now on let’a stay together more that the usual”

“Since it can’t be helped, I’ll hang out at your place moderately”

――I feel like something’s wrong

She’a happy that Aquasteed will make more time and spend it with her but Keith is definitely playing around.

“Tiara is too busy with her time with me so I afraid to say that she does not have time to meet you”

“You know how to talk back now eh. Then, I’ll just go at night time”

“Then we will be sleeping on the same room”

The two exchange fires.

Even though they seemed to look like they are joking, Tiararose didn’t feel like they are. “Please stop” she said yet again for a countless of times.

“Oh well”

When Keith was about to touch tiararose’s hair, Aquasteed brushes his hand away.

It seems like he does not plan to be modest anymore just because he is a fairy King.

Tiararose watch their interaction while sitting on the throne.

――It seems like they’re getting along well.

If the two kings joint hands, the kingdom will surely be more abundant.

The one who saw Tiararose being like that and raised his voice was the forest fairy.

『“Tiara, you look like a king〜!”』

they said while giggling, these words cause all eyes to focus on her.

Sitting on the throne with Aquasteed by her side and Keith on the other side.

It’s as if the two kings were serving her.

“Haha! As I thought Tiara is indeed great”

――Getting involved with a human sometimes isn’t bad.

Laughing, Keith slightly looked forward on the kingdom’s future.

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