Ringoku 30

Dark Theme
Chapters are split into pages

The Blessed Queen of the next Generation

Just for whom is this good weather dedicated to?


Inside the carriage that is currently heading towards the wedding ceremony of Tiararose and Aquasteed, Aishira reminds herself of what happened yesterday.

What Akari told her: ”Please stay away from my friend’s husband!”, those words were on her mind.


――I wonder if I really did think of his highness that way.

She felt something pricked her heart.


“I have never harbored any romantic feelings towards his highness”


Aishira said it out loud; her words addressed to no one.

If not, she would’ve act out of impulse. An intense feeling was whirling up inside her. It’s as if there’s a whirlpool in her chest.

The is just no way she has feelings for him is what she kept on repeating to herself.


“His Highness is very outstanding and strong. He is always composed and dignified. His kind and mature…… his presence is so bright in contrast to me who is always in the sea”


Aishira lean at the walls of the carriage, her hair ornament made out of coral jiggling as she do so.

What flashed in her mind were Akari’s strict words, Tiararose who have treated her well and—— Aquasteed.


“I am not even compatible with his highness. Bearing romantic feelings for him is too impudent. Also, marriage shall be done for the sake of the household. That is why I have leave everything in regards to marriage to my father”


――I am not thinking of having a marriage out of love.

Yet why does she feel so confused? this has never happened before. She clench her fist enduring the swelling feeling in her chest.


“I’m sure this is because Miss Akari said those words……”


――Surely, I’m just feeling sorry for Miss Tiararose.

That is why my chest feels so tight.


The feelings of Aishira towards Aquasteed is not love, it is not.

However, the ribbon that she is wearing for today is dark blue yet again――……




◇ ◇ ◇


At the cathedral in Marineforest

Tiararose and Aquasteed’s wedding is now being held.


“……What should I do… Are you sure I do not look weird?”

“You are the most beautiful lady in the world so please have confidence ”


At the entrance of the cathedral, Tiararose was asking Philiane for final confirmation while being nervous.

Wrapped in her pure white dress, she hold on to her pounding chest.

Philiane responded with a bunch of praise saying “You are beautiful” strongly. To the extent that she thinks it is such a waste for her to be wed to Aquasteed.


Tiararose’s wedding dress is an empire line with cute details on it. The laces were dangling on its hem giving her the impression of a moon fairy, as to what Philiane thinks

The flowers that were given by the forest fairies as a gift were put together in the dress and the long lace of her dress flutters in the wind for it was blessed by the sky fairies

The bouquet of white flowers were tied up in a dark blue ribbon.

And in her ear is the matching piercing that she received from Akari. On the other side of her ear is an earring made to pair with the design  of her piercing, while her honey pink hair was tied in a half-up style.


“Thank you, Philiane. I’m really, really happy”

“Yes. Well then, it’s time for your arrival”

“…… yes”


The doors of the cathedral slowly opens.


――I was really…… really scared thinking if I’ll really be able to get married to him.

The thought of Aqausteed choosing Aishira in the end never left her mind.

However, she need not to worry about it anymore.


Because what is about to happen right now is Tiararose and Aquasteed’s wedding.


The cathedral of Marineforest, a powerful kingdom, has a stained glass with a mixture of glass and corals for its ceiling. Both the sun and the moonlight are received by the stained glass and transform it into a light of blessing.

Statues of fairies are present on both sides of the entrance. It gives the impression of a country where fairies live. The legend says that the bride and groom of this country gets blessed by the fairies  as they get married.

Chapters are split into pages.