Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: The Price of a Strategy

And then again, for quite a while, I worked on the re-modelling of Rune Height.

With plenty of sandbags made with the effort of the Inujin over the past several days, the construction site was soon surrounded. It was to ensure the protection of the workers for even the short-term in case of a sudden enemy attack. The act of preserving even a few dozen precious seconds could earn us enough time for the werewolves to save the workers from most dangers.

Also, I haven’t told anyone else about this, but when the enemy successfully occupies the enclosed position that is surrounded by sandbags, I plan to throw a gun barrel inside. I figured that it would probably work very well.

The problem was that Technical Officer Kurtz dared not touch the explosive at all.

“Vaito-dono must never approach the ‘breath of the dragon!'”

Why the use of such a stern tone?

It was secret to everyone, but I was already used to handling gunpowder.

In my past life, I tried putting firecrackers in empty cans, tried burning weeds with fireworks, and so on.

At any rate, it can also be used to make guns.

I decided to watch the progress of the construction for the moment. All the while refining the idea of attaching a bomb to the arrows of a large crossbow.

There were many things to do, but the the thing of most concern, was to be brave.

If you were as strong as the devil, then quite honestly, I do not have the confidence in winning. The perspectives are too different.

At least it was certain that we could not win even if all the wolves were to successfully land a hit.

In any case, what was troubling was that we did not know what kind of person the hero was and how we were to act accordingly.

Unlike in the military, an individual’s behavior was hard to predict. Even if they were to suddenly appear tomorrow in front of the castle gate of Rune Height, it would not be thought of as strange.


At any rate, since this place is called the “Demon Capital, Rune Height,” it is more than reason enough for the hero to initiate an attack.

At that time, I planned to conduct an ambush with one thousand skeleton soldiers. At any rate, it would be hard to catch the hero with a single rider. We also considered the possibility of challenging the hero to a fight with all the wolves when the time came. Everyone was prepared for such when we left the hidden village. However, they did not want to fight…

“Lord Vaito, we’re back!”

It was a few days later when the Inujin veteran soldiers came back to Rune Height.

“Oh, you seem to be looking better than usual, how did the recruitment go?”

“Yes, five …”

Surely they did not recruit such a small number of people? I hazarded to guess that maybe they recruited fifty?

“500 people gathered!”

“Thats too many!”

Could we really feed so many people? It was a small town with a population of about 3,000 people. The other 500 horse troops had only just started their garrison the other day.

“But, they are gathering in front of the castle gate…”

“Have you brought them here already?”

“If the Devil King Army was impossible to join, we figured it would be OK even if we were to move to Rune Height!”

They were a brazen lot.

I hurriedly consulted with the officer class of Inujin troops and utilized one hundred people out of the five hundred and took them in as recruits. I rearranged the troops, reorganizing them into 200 combat engineers and one hundred crossbow troops.

Because the selection was left to the Inujin troops, there was little chance that they would pick out inferior recruits. They had a great sense of smell that allowed them to pick out good comrades.

The remaining four hundred people would be deployed as workers for the extension of the wall, at least for the moment. When a new castle wall is completed, we could then go about making a new town in which to reside.

Anyway, when we get to that point, we are going to need hands.

And so, in this way, the population of Rune Height exceeded four thousand people. Airia would be swamped with managing all this for a while.

“Demonic immigration is also greatly welcome! But please, in moderation.”

“They will be made to pay taxes properly. They won’t be a burden on the economy, so please take good care of them.”

Outside Rune Height, surrounded by the sounds of enthusiastic shouts and ongoing construction echoing, the information I was looking for finally arrived.



“The line of the Hero was sojourning in Shubelm, in the northern part”

One of trade traders at Rune Height, Mao reported so. It was a person that looked nice.

“In a group?, there are a number of Heroes?”

“No, the Hero is one. The name is Ranhelt. It would seem that there are three companions to assist him.

They  are considerably skilled ”

It is troubling. Humans suddenly are strengthened when they form cabals.

However, speaking of Shubelm, it should have been destroyed by the invasion of the Devil’s army. It was now being recaptured by the Miladia Alliance Army but, could it become a base?

“I saw refugees returning and rebuilding the streets.  The group of the Hero destroyed the remnants of the surrounding Devil’s Army and seemed to have recovered security.”

This bastard, I was going to treat the second division as a remnant party. It was reality.

Mao noticed my gaze and smiles grinning.

“Please excuse me. Now the emergency repair of the destroyed castle walls and the castle gate is over, and five thousand Shubelm stationed troops are returning soon.”

This was unpleasant.

Shubelm was next to Bachen, the last city where the second division would stand. If five thousand troops come back to Shubelm, there would be no chance of victory.

“Do you know the movements of the  Miladia  Alliance forces?”

“Because it was out of the scope of the request … ….”

Mao apologized and continued like this.

“I have investigated a little. The main force of the Miladia Alliance Army in the northern part, is that five thousand forces stationed in Shubelm and one thousand citizen militia”

“O, this is good news”


” The Citizen militia seemed to be retreated back to their respective cities because the battle conditions had settled, and if there is a massive offensive there will of course be recalls”

OK, let’s quickly stick someone on Schubelm.

“There are several people who are troops staying at Schubelm for business negotiations.  We can tell the situation in the city any time we rendezvous in the city.”

“… … Is it not too much?”

Mao laughed.

“We believe with sincere cooperation, there should be a sincere return.”

“If you truly are  sincere in your cooperation”

Like demons, there are many kinds of human beings. Apparently, this guy seemed to be a good type.

However, it was appreciated  that useful information was gathered.

Since expressing oneself without words or gestures was tiring, we got straight to the point.

“What is the honest expectation in terms of reward you want? It is not likely to be simply money, right?”

Mao looked happy.

“As you guessed. We want several of the Centaurs, they would be welcome for our transport team”

“The reason being?”

“Their good legs and valiance, and for the bargaining power with the demons they are valuable to trade for merchants. There is no need for them to belong to the Devil’s Army.”

Certainly the Centaurs, had human intelligence and the mobility of a horse. Even if it is not a trained warrior, if you are a wolf you could not rout them. And if they are present, one can safely pass through the areas dominated by demons.

A few people, even if it is not soldiers, whatever it is going to be.

But I decided to exercise caution towards  such beautiful speech.

“Is it really, only because of that?”

“Of course, of course. Both the Devils’ army and traders, seek outstanding talent,”

I did not feel like giving out personal connections and privileges to this cunning guy … ….

I felt that there is something behind this.

Ahh! then I understood.

“Do you intend to publicize your network with the Devil army by hiring the Centaurs, and using it for business?”

Mao seemed to be jerky, with an awkward smile.

“Oops, did I say something? …”

“You are a rogue,”

“Why yes, a rogue, you say”

This guy!

“No. We cannot cooperate if the goal is to become a hotbed of stinking corruption”

Mao seemed to be very badly disappointed. It was nothing to do with carelessness.

After a while, I would tell him.

“It because I made a little more contribution to the Devil army.”

“A little more?”

“Oh, a bit more.”

Get a load of this!

Mao sighed and lowered my head to me.

“Let’s do it a little more, Let’s be useful. Next time in the future we will deliver information free of charge as Vaito’s personal spies.”
This guy had a lot of hidden elements for negotiations. There
There was still something.
When appealing on line of sight, Mao has also opened up negotiations withdrawals.
“And, I make it so that we can secretly procure the building materials for the walls. Because as soon as a lot of building materials move, they will expose themselves to the enemy.”

“What do you have in mind specifically?”

To my question, Mao spread out a map and indicated towards it with his fingers.
“I will procure high-quality stone from the southern city with the pretext of being a merchant coming from the north and using it for the rebuilding of the northern city”
“Hey hey, is there a merchant who comes to buy a heavy stone from the north?”
Then Mao smiled.
“In the northern area now a lot of stone is actually needed for reconstruction, so even if you come to buy from a distance you will not be detected.”
Was he trying to use his fellow human’s predicaments?

“You are a rogue,”

“And, what if I am?”

Mao smiled.

In the previous life, I saw endless bastards like him but, it was a type uncommon for a demon. Most of the time they would be destroyed.
But it was also a fact that it seemed to be useful.

“I will be fine. I will ask you again next time. But as I go along, the snake may be forced to raise its head.”

“I will keep this proposal in mind.”

Mao bowed, cautiously.

After he left, I faced the door next door and raised my voice.
“Yees, the captain”
One of the most intelligence agents of the werewolves, Monza opened the door without a sound and revealed its appearance.
“Keep an eye on him with your corps”
She looked happy and laughed thinly.
“If he betrays us, shall we kill him?”
“You can kick the shit out of him, but please bring him back alive”
“Okay, understood.”
How will it all end?



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