Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 44

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                                                                   The Northern Front




The emergence of a Hero was quite dangerous, even for the Demon Army.

In the past, the Demon King had appeared many times, but the Hero always appeared right after. They were the natural enemies of the Demon King.

The reason could be found in the habit of the Demon group.

Demonkin, who obeyed only the strongest person, would completely fall into a state of chaos whenever the Demon King was defeated.

It would have been great if, after the fall of the Demon King, the next strongest person were to take command… However, more often than not, that person would be in a state of chaos as well, so it left us in a quandary.


The Hero who had punished the Demons in the past had cut into the enemy team deeply. They beat down the Demon King by direct confrontation. Unfortunately, their method had targeted the weakest point for us demons.

However, the people that worked behind the scenes had already been prepared to raise a successor in multiple ways.

But the real issue was whether the Demonkin were willing to accept them or not …… It was probably impossible. And this was not something theoretical.

There is no replacement for the Demon King.

Even if there were someone powerful enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Demon King, he must also be prepared to accumulate his own strength from the beginning.


“Making a difficult face again…”


A bittersweet voice muttered close to my ear, I turned my head abruptly.


“Yahoo~, Movi-chan is here.”

Master waved her hand unnaturally, it was almost childlike.

“Master, did you not give up that damn nickname yet?”

“Parents who give nicknames like ‘Gomovila’ to their beloved daughters are not bad, you know?”

I always held a grudge.


I knew the character of my master very well, but Master was unexpectedly depressed by such a joke. I tried to ignore it so as to forcibly make my surroundings more peaceful.

“Is Master interested in the Hero, too?”

“… Well..”


It was a curt reply, but Master’s anguish had been transmitted clearly.

The Demon King Freden Richter, the Kyojin Tiberito, the Great Sage Gomovila. They were comrades from the time when the demon army was being raised.

On the Northern front, there was the Officer Tiberito, and the Hero who aimed at the Demon King. I worried about both.


While I looked at the young profile of my master, I remembered the deal with businessman Mao.

The Hero was in the Northern part of Schubelm.

It seemed that Mao’s subordinates were infiltrating it, so it may be good to ask Master to go and have a look at it.

There may be some information that can cheer up Master.


“Master, if you do not mind, we would like you to move towards the North.”

“To the North?”


I explained the circumstances to Master.

Master seemed to think for a bit, and muttered.


“Well… I see… It is a human spy. It’s not a trap, right?”

“I do not know.”

If the enemy sets up an ambush, we will run away at full power. We wolves are sturdier than an infantry and faster than a cavalry. We will be able to manage somehow.


“However, this information is from a trader. But he has no reason to betray me, there is no benefit in doing so.”

“Whether it’s because of the reward money from Miraldia or because of religious reasons, would you consider that area to be really safe?”

“To go that far…”


“There’s a low possibility that Miraldia put up a bounty on me.” As I am one of the aides to our Lord.

Also, as long as I let Monza investigate, Mao continue to be a Moonlight believer, the type who was not too enthusiastic in anything. As such, there is no religious reason to dislike the Demonkin.

There was a possibility that it’s someone who has a grudge against Demonkin, and so for whatever reason, it can be anyone. So I decided not to worry too much about it.


“You, are you aware that you are one of the key figures of the Demon Army?”

“Not really……”


Although there is heavy responsibility in governing Rune Height, even if I were to die, Arilia and Officer Kurtz will somehow manage.

“Good grief… Well, it’s okay then, as long as you follow me, it will be easy to run away.”

Master sighed and jumped off effortlessly from the chair.

“Schubelm is an enemy’s ground, so the advance team will make camp at Bachen. It’s the area controlled by the Demon army. They are still preparing, so just wait a bit.”


While waiting for Master to finish the necessary ceremony for the transfer, I went ahead and finished the office work for today. The details were entrusted to Arilia.

And then, with master’s magic, we leaped to the Northern agricultural city, Bachen.



This was the first word that came out of my mouth in reaction to the fact that Bachen was looking like a disaster. There were two reasons why.



First was the cityscape.

Buchen’s infrastructure had completely stopped functioning because of the destruction from the invasion of the Second Division.

There were only agricultural establishments that were intact while the waterways were also being controlled carefully. Unfortunately, everywhere else was decimated. In the refreshments area, red/black mud was slowly accumulating while the fountain which originally imitated a lion, was knocked down.


Second, there was the Second Division of the Demon King’s army.

The troops that could still fight were camping outside the city, with the exception of the injured soldiers in the city that were moaning incessently.

An ogre soldier the size of a human being was groaning with his arm wrapped in a blanket. However, his other arm that should be there, wasn’t anymore. As I was thinking, a Giantkin of about five meters got on the wall of a private house. His shoulders moved motionlessly while breathing without standing still. It seemed that both of his eyes had been pierced with a spear, and a bruise as a scar remained.


“Just barely escaped…… I think….”

Master was pretending to be calm, but I could tell that she seemed to be very shocked.

Hundreds of soldiers were collapsed everywhere, even right on the road that led to the castle gate. Some were also no longer breathing.

It seemed that there was a private house somewhere that was commandeered into a temporary hospital. I heard a tremendous amount of screams. He was probably getting his hands or feet or amputated.


Master looked at me and said, “Even though the Main Army was able to return in exchange for a lot of hardships, it is sad to leave them to die like this. I will treat the wounded soldiers.”

“That is nice, but what about the Hero?”

“I’ll leave that to you. If something happens, get back here.”

It seemed that the injured soldiers were on tenterhooks, and Master just left after that and immediately began treating the soldiers at hand with magic.

“Let me be blunt. I will not hold it, so just treat the wound immediately.”


If the bothersome Master continued on like this, there will be no way to stop it later.

“Well, Master, I will go by myself. I will return as quickly as possible.”

“Umm, be careful, I’ll meet you afterwards.”

Master was already on to treating the third soldier. The two giant soldier’s eyes were crumbling while stroking the healed wound over and over again.

Well, it can’t be helped…… I didn’t want an ally to die in front of my eyes.

“Take care of yourself, Master. Please don’t collapse again after using too much of your magical power.”

“It’s okay, that guy Tiberito is here. I’ll give my regards afterwards.”


As I transformed, I ran through the castle gate of Buchen. Outside the castle gate, I glanced at the wide fields of wheat beside me while running to Schubelm.

Buchen was a city which was supposed to supply food to the garrisoned army of Schubelm, so the distance was quite close. With the leg power of a werewolf, who were faster than horses, I should arrive there by nightfall.



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