Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 45

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The Hero Ranhalt



The castle wall of Schubelm was right in front of me. It had been quite a while since sunset passed.

The devastation of Buchen was very bad, but Schubelm was also in a terrible state. Because the castle walls were collapsing here and there, there were lots of cracks that were gaping out of the castle.

I saw that at this rate, there was no way that the Miraldia Alliance Army could be allowed to carelessly go out and attack in this state.

It was supposed to be infiltrated by the subordinates of Mao the trader of Rune Height. I also knew how to make contact with them, so I could get briefed on the various circumstance and happenings that occurred here. But honestly speaking, I do not trust Mao. And after all, since the castle wall has already collapsed, I can scout around with my own eyes after I change back into my human form.


Alright. With my eyes, I will observe and listen in on detailed conversations. In the worst case scenario, even if I have been betrayed by Mao, I can still get my hands on the info. I will immediately know if what I receive is fake. When I returned to my human form, I changed into casual clothes prepared from before. Then, I infiltrated the village from the gap of the collapsed castle wall.


Unlike Buchen, Schubelm was recovering steadily. Although the repair of the wall was still in the middle of progress, temporary huts and tents were lined up in the city. Currently, there were soldiers going back and forth. I saw a lot of places without a roofs, maybe it had been taken away as construction material. Then that meant that after the construction was done, they will start and make a full-scale reparation.

If I were the commander of an Allied Army, I would have considered recapturing Buchen before reconstructing Schubelm. I would have put the main force at Buchen so that I could slowly reconstruct Schublem from behind. However, there were a lot of citizens participating as soldiers in the Allied Army. For Schubelm citizens, the reconstruction of their city should naturally come first. From my thorough impressions and observations of the surroundings, it seemed that things were not being improved with the military in mind. Not only in the case of the Demon Army, it seemed that even the Allied Army had a lot of internal circumstances.


However, what was outside of my expectation was the high proportion of soldiers inside of Schublem. There were few normal citizen here, so I, who was garbed in casual clothing could not help but stand out conspicuously.

Moreover, the relaxing clothes of the southern style were quite different from the airtight clothes that was the norm in the North. I had chosen clothes that were as easy to move in as possible. But due to coloring and design, I remained flirtatious with danger……

It seemed better to go away early.


I did not really go to the center of the city much, but eventually made my way out of the castle wall from the same place as a while ago. Ah! Looks like I do not qualify as spy material. I took a brief breath as I thought of contacting Mao’s subordinates.


In the next instant, I transformed and kicked at the ground.

I heard a windy noise almost at the same time.  

I kicked the collapsed wall and flew away. Something went through the sleeve of my clothes.



“Werewolf, huh?” The one who ended up attacking me suddenly was a three-armed soldier. At a distance from this place, there was also a person who seemed to be a magician. My sense of smell and hearing didn’t notice his presence at all. They skillfully sneak attacked me. I can only think that they hid their existence with some kind of magic.

I backed away from the soldiers and observed them in a hurry. These three people also had amazing magic power. They were probably not ordinary human beings. The magician behind them was not much, but the flow of magic power was well trained. Before long, one of the warriors responded to my question.


“My name is Hero Renhalt. With our holy defense, we immediately knew about you infiltrating Schubelm.”

Apparently, it was thanks to the magic that gave a warning whenever a trespasser invaded that tipped them off. It looked like I triggered it somewhere during my surveillance. Our magicians also had a small clapper that had a similar function like that, but I didn’t notice it at all. It seems it was disguised very skillfully. The man named Renhalt aimed his sword at me.

“You will perish, impure being.”

“Impure? Hah……”

The moment I murmured the words, the hero party slashed at me simultaneously from all three sides. This was bad.


I prepared all my strengthening status magic and invoked them. My body got lighter and the movements of the enemy looked slightly slower to me. My natural healing ability improved and was ready in preparation for any injury that might occur. My fur also became sturdier with the aid of the magical energy. “Tch!” My head, the tip of my shoulder, and my legs. This party showed some good cooperation, I could only dodge with a paper thin difference between the blades and my skin.


It looked as though if it were just the hero, I wouldn’t have much of a problem in taking him out. Unfortunately, with the aid of his other three companions, I concluded that I didn’t have much of a chance to win. Although I wanted to run away, there was no room for escape. The three people collaborated skillfully and they maneuvered themselves to ensure that I would be able to escape from this place. Even with full boosted magic, my hands were full  just staying on the defensive.


Furthermore, the bad thing was, the magician behind them started chanting something. I did not know what kind of magic it was going to be, but even then, even if it were to be something inferior, something had to be done or I would surely end up dead. I stopped my feet for a moment and released the roar of the Demon, “Soul Shaker.”


The effect was dramatic. The surrounding magical power adjusted to the wavelength to the Demonkin and started to flow towards me. The spell that the magician was trying to cast ended in failure. After that, I only needed to endure the attacks from the hero’s party. I also applied the magic of fast recovery. Thanks to that, it would be weird if I were to die in this state.


When I looked at the surroundings, suddenly, the three people from the hero party were stiffening. Their expressions were evenly distorted by fear and anguish. It was an incredible sight. The hero could not move due to the fear effect of my “Soul Shaker.” The hero thought, ‘Impossible. The opponent was a superhuman comparable to the Demon King?!’


Regardless of their shock, my hand reflexively pulled off an attack. The claws of a werewolf started to make black storms and blew violently. A man’s neck was bent at an eerie angle, half of that man’s face had been blown off. Another man who had his neck cut off by more than half of a windpipe fell slowly. The end of the fight came too quickly. The hero’s party had been defeated by one werewolf. This is a lie, right?!

“Such foolishness……”

I whispered to myself. Suddenly, I remembered this uncomfortable feeling.

When I looked closely, the way the magic power flowed was different. The Demon King has the magical power that springs infinitely from the inside of his body, but their magical power seems to be emitted from swords and armor. Moreover, even after they died, their magical powers did not fade.



“So it’s something like that.”

As I murmured, I picked up a fallen sword. I felt a strong magical power from it. Perhaps this weapon was made by ancient magicians.


“That was a fake hero, right?”

I laughed at the magician that was trembling with stiffness. I did not think that the smile of a werewolf could be understood, but whatever.


“Hii…..” It was the voice of a young woman that leaked from under the hood.


At the same time, she staggered. Her face, alongside her long hair, was exposed. She was a close friend of the hero and although she had a plain personality, she was quite a beautiful woman.


A dull and yellow stain was spreading across her trembling, pure white robe. She seemed to have become incontinent with fear. When I took a step towards her, she fell to her feet and cried like a kid.

“No, no don’t…… Please do not kill me…..”

There is nothing as helpless as a magician who cannot use magic. Especially human beings. There was no way out for her, especially when confronting the wolf who had just killed three people in just a moment.

“Please, I, I will do anything you want……”

She was surrendering, just like that.

Negligence is a taboo when your opponent is a magician, but right now, she was not capable of using any magic.

Besides, at this distance, no matter what she did, my attack would arrive first.


I judged that I was in a safe position and decided to give her her choices.

“If you don’t want an honorable war death, there is only a life that will be imbued with insults and stains. Would that be alright with you?”

“No, no, it’s okay! I will do whatever you want, just please, do not kill me!”

Even I was unable to take the life of a sniveling and trembling girl. She was more useful alive than dead anyway. Now then, first thing on the agenda was an interrogation.


“Who are your employers?”

All the weapons and armor that was worn by them were of high-quality and considered exquisite items. Magical swords and armor cannot easily be made. Especially in terms of technology and finance. Even then, if used, the nicks and scratches on the blade would increase rapidly. It is not something that individuals could use very much. “There have to be some bastards who paid for all this equipment and raised you “Heroes,” right? Tell me who they are.”


Hearing this, the woman magician trembled and finally answered.

“The Se…… Sena, tor……Desu.”

“I see.”

I see, it all clicked into place.

If you were a senator of the Miraldia government, then it’s possible to obtain such equipment.

And there are more than enough reasons as to the need to make heroes like this.

“Propaganda, huh?”

“Propa…… Gan?”


When I said it again, the woman nodded a lot with frightened eyes.

Looks like it was only me who could close this act on this farce…

If Master Tiberito blew away the captain in one shot, the morale of the Second Division would improved.



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