Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 46

Dark Theme

The Return Of The Hero



TN: Contains gore



“Are you finished with the interrogation?”

Unexpectedly, there was a voice that came from behind me. I turned around.

“That was fast, Master.”

A chibi sage with a pointy hat was deftly floating in the dark night.

“I’m very tired because of all the treatment I did today…… Oh my, ain’t that thing handy?”

Master said as he touched the rolling sword.


Just like a dry cloth sucking up water, magic power instantly vanished from the magic sword. It was Master who had absorbed all of it.

“What are you doing, Master?!”

“I’m supplying myself with the magic power. And it was also to know what effect it had, Vaito.”

“Absorb it now, Master. Maybe its the Dragon Slayer Magic Sword, Lionnich.”

It was known to be a bizarre sword that held the power to kill Dragons and Dragonewts. Usually, in order to equip it, you needed at the the minimum, the power equivalent to being able to hold two big shields.

“I know. It’s okay, I was just trying it out for a bit. It’s dangerous after all. Oh, this shield is good too.”

“That shield has a kingdom’s crest on it. Obviously, it was stolen a long time ago…… Isn’t it at least around 150 years old?”

“What? So, it seems it is not from our time period.”

After the shield was the armor. Oh, this is…… Perhaps that person really was the successor of a Hero.

“Stop! That’s too wasteful! It’s okay to leave the armor alone!”

“I know, I know. I’ll prepare it for Demonkin next time. For now, I’ll use it to recover my magic power. The treatment at Buchen is still in progress, after all.”

“Liar! You absolutely won’t do it, will you?!”

If the mana that I held was equal to 1 Vaito, then, the sum of the sword, armor, and the shield was equal to 27 Vaitos.

I would be very happy if this were to be given to the Second Division…….


Master practically exuded satisfaction after absorbing all of the magic power from the equipment.

I kept count of how much magic power was absorbed, and if I wasn’t wrong, then Master took what was equal to around 128 Vaitos. This Lolibaba! Her magic power capacity is nearly bottomless.

“Not bad. So, who is this apprentice witch?”

“It seems that she’s the hero’s companion.”

After listening to my explanation, Master nodded in understanding.

“I see, so this Haribote is pretending to be a Hero. This girl, I don’t want to know her sizes, so I’ll proceed to destroying her body.” 

All of that person’s companions were already destroyed you know, Master.


The girl magician’s face became pale as Master, with seeming indifference, lightly marked and bound her.

“I’ll bring back this fellow’s corpse, It will become a nice feast. Now then, wake up. I’ll begin and give you a temporary life.”

Master waved her fingers a little bit, and soon the three corpses began to rise up. All of them having become zombies.

With a small hand that gently stroked the zombie who was dripping fresh blood, Master kindly said.

“You better go to your compatriot’s place. And then bury them courteously.” 

Master waved her hand as she made an innocent smile.



This is why Necromancers are misunderstood so much…….

The newly created zombies walked unsteadily all the while spilling blood from their orifices. They embarked on their mission of going to find their former comrades with dedication.

The girl magician raised her face and seemed as though she couldn’t help but be attracted to the sight. It made her start trembling and clattering.

Seeing the state of the girl, Master’s smile morphed into a sneer.

“What? Are you telling me you can’t walk by yourself? Hey, you guys! Take your comrade along with you.”

The zombies turned their backs slowly, then their hollow-eyed gaze settled on the girl magician.


While walking from side to side, they caught the girl magician by her waist and lifted her up.

“Heee?! Nnnnoooo!”

“That’s surprisingly turned out good. Oh well, enough fun. Just go.”

As soon as Master waved her hand, the zombies readily carried the girl magician and disappeared into the crack between the wall.

“… Master is so messed up…”


“Is something wrong?”

“No…. It’s fine. I’ll go and scout around for a bit.”

It can’t be helped that since a long time ago, Master had already lost her human heart.

It really can’t be helped. I’ll sneakily return to Schubelm town. If something comes up, then Master will come to help me anyway, so it will be easy.

And as I thought, the town was in an uproar.

“Hero-dono?! How did you get so wounded?!”

“It’s, it’s dead! That’s a zombie!”

“That zombie is Ranhart-dono!”

“Sword Saint-dono and Holy Knight as well!”

They have pretty good titles. Even though its unfortunate, it was in self defense, after all. So, it couldn’t be helped.

“Wait! Saint-dono is still alive!”

So that girl is thought of as a saint.

Please, just leave me alone.


The zombies walked to the center of Schubelm plaza, then they became crushed there.

After fulfilling the order of Necromancer Gomovira, they turned back into dead bodies.

There were a lot of soldiers in the surroundings, but they were overwhelmed by the situation and couldn’t do anything.

Of course, that was to be expected.

After all, their beloved Hero-sama and his party, who represented the hope of the people of the Northern front, had turned into zombies right in front of their eyes.


When the officers from the Alliance Troops become dumbfounded, a civil official that looked like a noble ran away in a panic.

Actually, although it’s the first time I have seen that person, no matter how you looked at him, he can’t be anything else but a Senate secretary.

The middle-aged Secretary looked at Saint-sama, then cross-examined her with high-handed tone of voice.

“What happened?! Explain yourself, Saint Mildin!”

And then, the magician girl who fell on the stone pavement, gave a reply while shouting back at him.

“It was a werewolf, desu! The one who killed all of them was just one werewolf! Furthermore, they had been turned into zombies……”

“Werewolf you say?! Impossible! There’s no way and enemy of that degree can beat Hero-dono!”

If it were an average werewolf, then it certainly couldn’t have made a comeback after a surprise attack from three people. (TN: For those who don’t remember, the number of people who actually gave him a surprise attack is only three. The magician came after that.)

I would have been dead meat if I hadn’t used “Soul Shaker.”


However, the girl that they called Mildin was shaking her head in objection.

“When that werewolf howled, it completely blocked my magic and the sword, desu! It was impossible to win!”


As they kept arguing back and forth, the soldiers began to leak out a troubling conversation.



“To think that one werewolf could take on four people and even defeat the Hero… Could it be true……?”

“No, I heard that there’s a terribly strong werewolf general in the Demon King Troop.”

“There’s no way such an important person came to this place so nonchalantly.”

I heard that.

I heard that, you know.


Because of the troubling noise from the soldiers, the Secretary became flustered.

“Wait! The Saint-sama just got a bit distracted, thats all! Now, come over here, please!”

The Secretary pulled Mildin’s hand, then gave a command to the one of the soldiers. The civilian soldier who had been wearing casual clothes arrived and placed his helmet on his chest.

“Wait a minute, is that really the hero Ranhart-sama?!”

“That’s right! There’s no way the Hero could die like this!”

“No way, were we being tricked?!”


The Reserve Army, who were hired by the Senate, were a group of retired swordsmen and Nomad soldiers. They are professionals, so they will fight no matter what happens to their companions.

But in the case of civilian soldiers from a garrison, its quite the opposite. They can easily take control of a garrison by themselves, but they were amateurs and it showed in their fighting potential.

Another detriment was that their morale could easily drop If something bad happened.


The number of soldiers that were arriving at plaza kept steadily increasing. Soon, they were falling into a state of utter chaos.

The Senate Secretary tried to stop the frenzy of the soldiers, but soon his face got punched. His nose and mouth were covered in blood. After that, someone was seen grabbing his sleeve, and then from then on, the figure of the secretary disappeared from inside the horde.

No one paid any respect to the fake heroes’ dead bodies, and soon the soldiers had surrounded the fake saint.

“You, didn’t you spend 26 years in magic school and finally become a master?! Since it was only one werewolf, then wasn’t it possible to defeat it with magic?”

That’s amazing. Isn’t that beyond my master?


Saint Mildin shook her head left and right. She looked at them with a scared expression.

“Im, impossible…… There’s no way I can do that.”

“What do you mean?!”

“Because I, I was a senior magician, but not in magic! Just…… in, in Genjutsu……”


Threatened by the rough soldiers, she blurted out everything.

“Hiii!! It, it was just a job that I took! We had to make the situation more lively and at the same time, help conceal the scandal. It was that kind of job, desu!”

Suddenly, there was nothing but utter silence in the surroundings.


“This terrible woman is a fraud!”

“So you were just a fake saint?! Don’t joke with me!”

“Just think of how many of our comrades died because they obeyed you people!”

“Just kill this person!”

“Kill! Cut her head off!”

Oi, oi, seriously?


It was unusual for them to gather together just to kill an unarmed and non-resistant woman.

After all, they only did it to help them take back their town. Didn’t they become fake heroes for their sake? To raise their morale?

While I was thinking of that, my sleeve was pulled from behind.

“Vaito-sama, Vaito-sama.”

In this situation, the only one who could call me that was… There’s no mistake, it had to be trade dealer Mao’s subordinate.


There were two young trade dealers behind me. I stared at them with a shocked gaze.

“For Vaito-sama himself to come here, what are you doing in this place?”

“Well, somehow, when I was looking into the situation here, I got attacked by the so-called Hero and his party.”

“Why would you do such a-?”

To tell you the truth, it’s because your boss is too stinky for me.

“Anyway, please come here and change your clothes.”

I was pulled into the nearby tent and was dressed in a general coat of a Northern Civilian common soldier.

“Please remember to not be so conspicuous. It’s dangerous for us.”


As I said, the one at fault was your boss.



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