Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 47

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Semi-Demon King Grade Vaito



Inside, it seemed the civilian soldiers have started to beat up that fake Saint-sama.


The one who was being dragged away by her hair was the Saint Mildin.

“It’s not my fault! The ones who told us to do these things were the people from the distinguished Senate! I was just doing what I was told to do! Why should I have to die for that?!”

Mildin was clinging onto the stone pavement, with flowing tears and a crumpled face. There was already not a shred of dignity to be found from the so-called Saint.


“You are the Saint-sama, aren’t you?! So just stay the Saint until you die ora!!”

“I’m not a Saint! I am just a lowly government official!”

She was shaking her head in refusal and resisting desperately.


All of the civilian soldiers had been tricked by the fake hero and his party to fight to the point of life and death, so I couldn’t help but empathize with them.

But in the end, both this fake saint and her party were nothing more than tools for the Senate to use.

There’s so much of the Senate that is still unknown to us, but I know that there’s no way for a lowly official to oppose them.


Finally, Mildin was dragged to the stone podium at the plaza, where several people then proceeded to pin her down.

“That damn Senate! They always acted so high and mighty!”

“What they have done cannot be forgiven! Just you wait, your bastards!”

“No, no, nooo!! I don’t want to die! I’m so sorry! Please forgive me!”

“That’s enough, do it!”

“No!!! I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to die!!! Please!!!”

Surprisingly, no one tried to stop them in their public lynching. The fake Saint had unwillingly been made to shoulder the burden of all the misplaced hatred the public had against the Senate.

It looked like with this incident, there’s now no more hope of restoring the Senate’s reputation anymore.


However, it doesn’t matter if it was orders from the Senate or not. It’s still the unforgivable truth that that girl willingly deceived the people and made them head towards their own deaths.

Moreover, that girl is our enemy.

But even so, It seems its going to be impossible for me to see the girl get killed.

I was whispering to myself slowly. ‘I am the subordinate of the demon king.’

“Why are you transforming? Please stop!”

“Vaito-sama, what are you doing?!”

“An act of mercy, I guess?”


“That’s ridiculous! Everyone here except us is Vaito-sama’s enemy, you know?!”

I am already quite aware of how greatly ridiculous it is.

But I can’t help the fact that I don’t want to see people die anymore other than on the battlefield.


I transformed and jumped onto the platform.

The nearby soldiers were blown away by my momentum, then I went towards the crowd, throwing them away one by one.

At that moment, the soldiers were in a state of confusion over the appearance of such a big creature appearing in front of them so suddenly.


“Th..That’s a werewolf!”

“Enemy attack?!!”

Suddenly, everyone was in an uproar.

I randomly kicked at all the soldiers within my reach on the stage, obstinately catching hold of their helmets and “massaging” them lightly.

I skillfully crushed their helmets and made sure they couldn’t see out of them. After that, I just kicked them away.

I quickly disposed of 10 people, and soon occupied the stage.

If I were to compare, then as expected, the ordinary civilian soldiers couldn’t compare with the firepower of the fake hero’s party. This was too easy.


It was a good chance, so I decided to make a show of power as a demonstration.

“My name is Vaito! The commander of the Demon King! I am the one who slaughtered your fake hero and his party! To all of you “brave” men, I have come to tell you that you will soon become the underlings of us Demons!”

At that moment, all of the soldiers froze up.


“It’s the one who destroyed Tuban, the Werewolf Shogun Vaito!”

No, you got it all wrong… Its not like I destroyed the place…….


All the soldiers who heard me, the Reserve, the Stalwart, and the frenzied Civilian soldiers, stopped moving and became froze in fear.

“Legends say he killed 400 people……”

“No, not just 400. There’s no one alive at Tuban anymore……”

“Even the castle wall couldn’t hold against that werewolf…… The one ay Tuban couldn’t endure even one attack from that guy……”

Wasn’t the story from before becoming even more strange now?

Rather, if that rumor were true, then the power that I held should be the equivalent to how much the Demon King holds, you know?!


I had planned to beat up all the guys who wanted to defy me, but it’s troubling to see how easily they are cowering from me just from a few exaggerated rumors.

How troublesome. Even though I had been anticipating the coming fight against them.

Like a newbie actor who forgot the lines to the script, I restlessly looked at the surroundings around the stage. Lost.



Ah, there you are, Saint-sama.

If I remember correctly, this girl is an expert at illusionary magic, so she should have a lot useful spells.

Let’s give her a little job to do.


“Oi, if you don’t want to die, then use your magic to make them even more scared. After that, just slip away in the resulting chaos.”

“Why are you helping me……?”

You could never have imagined I would help you, right? Me too.

“I promised that I wouldn’t take your life. If I were to abandon you here, than it’s the same as breaking that promise.”

I gave a suitable excuse, then urged her to hurry.

“Just hurry up! Do you really want to die?”

“Wa, yes!”

The fake Saint Mildin nodded hurriedly, then skillfully chanted out a spell even though she still seemed confused.

When the aria was completed, the surroundings became dim.




That was my voice. Looks like a lot of special effects were applied to it. My voice resounded from the sky.

The soldiers looked up timidly and saw a big werewolf standing in front of them.

The illusion seemed dreadfully realistic. As expected of someone called an expert.


“I want to satisfy my hunger with all of you! Whoever wants to be the first to die and serve as my appetizer, come fight me now! It doesn’t matter if it’s 400 people or 4000! I will kill all of you!”

The digit has been exaggerated even more…….

However, it seems to have worked since all the soldiers in the surroundings have lost their fighting spirit.

Their fake hero has become a zombie. Their beloved Saint was revealed to be just a lowly official, and now there’s a giant werewolf, roaring about wanting to eat them, too.

If this continued on any longer, then there was bound to be many accidents happening. With the end result being everyone going crazy panicking.


My illusion started shouting even more crazy things.

“There are werewolves everywhere! There’s even a werewolf hiding among you! You better watch your back!”

Ah, right. My appearance right now is as a civilian soldier of the Miraldia army.

When my illusion said that, all of the soldier restlessly looked around at their surroundings. Their attention was successfully diverted from the stage.

Nice improvisation. I didn’t think she would be so skillful in producing such a nice play. As expected of the fake Saint-sama.

From behind my werewolf illusion, I hurriedly turned back to my human appearance.

And then I lifted Mildin and put her on my shoulder as I bid this place goodbye.


“Ano, who is that?”

After I arrived at the gathering place, the subordinates of trader Mao came and timidly asked me. I simply answered back.

“Just take this girl away.”


“You guys should also be careful. Never try and imitate my recklessness.”

They looked at each other and replied.

“It feels strange when its you saying it……”

Is that so?

After that, I escaped from the big chaos in Schubelm and took the fake Saint-sama with me as I returned to Rune Height.


I heard that after the events of the plaza spread, the Northern state became strange.

The civilian soldiers in the Northern front started to distrust the Senate, with almost all of the civilian soldiers going back to their homes.

The Senate desperately denied the allegations implied in “The Fake Hero Ranhart Theory,” that was spreading like wildfire. It seems the case was ended suspiciously at Miraldia’s side.

They said that I was as strong as the Demon King. It seems they were forcibly made to think like that. I heard that they one-sidedly elevated my rank to “Semi Demon King Grade” or something like “Inferior Demon King Class.”

I wondered if a day would come where they finally stop portraying me as if I were stronger than I really was…… It’s very embarrassing because I’m not really all that powerful.


The ones that decided to remain at Schubelm were only the soldiers from the Reserve Army, the Garrison Corps from each city, and some Civilian soldiers from Schubelm and Buchen.

Furthermore, they did a background check on every soldier so as to prevent any Demons from slipping in.

Thanks to this burdensome task, I heard that personnel management has faced a sharp increase in the amount of labor they had to do. Unfortunately, it also made it difficult for us to move around as freely as before.


At the Demon King’s Army, because Master had been absorbing mana and diligently healing the 2nd Division, all of the injured soldiers were able to survive and were heading back to the front of the battlefield.

Hands and even eyeballs could be healed with ease, so they could return with more peace of mind.

Naturally, such healing consumes a lot of mana, but as a result, Master is being called the “Holy Mary” or “saint” now.

That made me a bit happy, and I also heard that Master started showing her face every once in a while at the Northern front.


“But Master, that magic armor still has strategic value if we research it! Please don’t handle it so roughly!”

“This human armor is not fit for Demons. The arm guard is too big and the body of the armor as well as the helmet is too different. And above all, I consider this my emergency mana bag in case I need to use ancient magic later on. In conclusion, the way I use it is more useful than what you have proposed!”

“Its very valuable right now! The morale of the Military officers will rise if you give it to them. At least give them the shield!”



Although I agree that Master’s decision is certainly somewhat reasonable… But I don’t think she needs to go so far as to absorb all of it.

Most warriors could only dream of owning such an armor. Even the former me of my previous life, when it came to playing net games, I always tried to get my hands on the most fortified magic armor.

Sadly, since I am a werewolf now, even with the real thing right in front of me, I can’t use most of the equipment…….


“So it was something like that. If that’s the case, I’ll make something nice once I have enough mana to spare, then send it to the 2nd division. It will be a rare piece from the Great Sage Gomovira! Hey, hey! Its going to be good, okay? So stop making that scary face.”

“Well, if you say so……”

“How about a necklace that can turn people into zombies once they die? That way, they can continue fighting even after death.”

“The only one who would like something like that would be a Necromancer. Please make something that they can use before they die.”

Master scratched her head in worry.

“There’s nothing I can think of that would allow Necromancers to make something like that. To make something like that is outside of even my expertise. I think all of the soldiers will be happy if we give them a helmet that can give them courage and protection……”

“Hmm, do you think that will be okay?”


When Master made several helmets and sent them to our Division, Master’s reputation in the 2nd Division increased even more.

Even though that would usually be good news, Master isn’t exactly good with interpersonal relationships…….

I understand that all magicians distance themselves from society, but it is especially bad in the case of necromancers. The world we see compared to what they see is different, after all.

Master is a problem child but in a different way compared to Captain Tiberito-shi. Powerful Demons can live within their own pace, which make them absolutely stiff.

That’s why they need a reliable subordinate to serve as an aide.


With the strength and morale of the army having improved, and with the addition of the powerful equipment given to the 2nd Division, I figure they can now be a good match against the Miraldia Allied Forces.

The power of our army has been dropping sharply compared to the time when the invasion first began. But now, it will be possible to occupy Schubelm once an opportunity presents itself.

With this, the Northern front will be peaceful for a while.


However, trade dealer Mao seemed very unsatisfied.

“Why didn’t you contact my subordinates first?”

“That’s because you are too shady for my comfort. Be sure to reflect on that.”

“I will not deny that I am shady. But I will not betray you just because I think I won’t gain a profit from it. You are so rude.”

It looks like more than the fact that I was suspecting them, they were rather more offended at the idea of, “they will betray me if there’s no profit in it.”

“Those who are unable to calculate the gains and losses from their trading partners are the ones at fault. They should be disqualified as trading partners.”

“I..I see. I’m sorry for that.”

How did it change to me giving an apology?


Furthermore, my subordinates spread various things about me.

“Oi, oi, it seems Captain has been wandering around without permission again.”

“Why is the Supreme Commander of the Southern front suddenly wandering around the Northern front……?”

“Hmm, it seems it was to defeat the fake Hero.”

“I can’t come to terms with the reasoning for doing that.”

Hey! All of you! I can hear you badmouthing me! Don’t bother me in the office. You guys are supposed to be reading these documents, aren’t you?


“So, who is that female prisoner?”

“It was the fake Saint, the comrade of the fake Hero.”

“That guy, as unreasonable as always.”

Just how long are you guys going to speak bad about me? Just go away!

I want to say something that but… I can’t retort because all of what they said is true.


“Even though Captain is a werewolf, he is very strong…… Although it’s cool when he’s rash, but lately he’s become more and more reckless.“

“We cannot support captain’s recklessness. It will be troubling if he dies because of it.”

“Yup, it’s an important responsibility. The future of the Demonkin depends on it.”

Why am I now being treated as the problem child?



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