Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 48

Dark Theme

Betrayal, Return, and Bounty


That’s the problem, Saint Mildin-sama.

“That’s wrong…… That’s not my name……”

The Saint-sama with a gentle face looked downwards as she whispered her reply.

“My real name is Lash… I was a Senate member from the Magician Department……”

So Mildin was a stage name.

“My family was poor. The Senate gave me a scholarship to enable me to learn magic. But in return, I needed to work for them. That’s all……”

I understand, so don’t cry.

It seems that she was struggling with this as well.

“I understand that you didn’t have a choice, but did you understand about the consequences that would occur if you guys were ever to get exposed as being fake?”

“Ah, yes……”

Mildin- no Lash, nodded her head.

“If the day ever came where we were exposed, there was a contingency plan put into place where we were to be taken to a special location where they were ready to make it look as if the Hero Ranhart had died in action.”

“Was it okay like that?”

“If the popularity of the hero were to become too high and enable him to have his influence become bigger than the Senate, then the important people of the Senate would be very troubled.”

For them to even include a place for them to die in their plan… Scary.

“Ah, of course, it’s won’t have been in vain. They said something about “challenging the Demon King to the death and then retiring.” After that, there will be a lot of ceremonies and speeches that will boost everyone’s morale.”

I see. They will say something along the lines of, “don’t let the hero’s death have been in vain” or something like that.

I nodded with a complicated feeling, then Lash looked up into my eyes.



“Were they strong?”

The girl was talking about the three people that I killed before.

If I had known that they were fake from the beginning, I could have used less lethal means. But even so, that situation was really dangerous.

Even though they were too reliant on their magic weapons, from my experience, that fake hero guy had definitely mastered his weapon. If that weapon had instead been wielded by a small fry, then they would certainly have never been capable of touching me.

Even though they were my enemy, they were still good warriors.

So, I guess I need to at least give an honest answer.

“If I had made a single mistake, I would be dead right now. Although it is a fact that it was certainly because of those magic weapons that they were so powerful, I feel that even without their weapons, they really were first-rate warriors. I want my subordinates to be like that.”

“I see…… I’m so glad.”

Lash made a sigh of relief as she stroked her chest.

“From the beginning, those three could not make such a resolution. But at the time, they had always said that they wanted to die as real heroes.”

Please stop. My guilty feelings are already ready to explode at this point.

“By the way, that guy’s real name isn’t Ranhart, right? I kinda forgot about whether that guy was Ranhart or not.”

“Yes. “Ranhart” was using a substitution system. All of the members have a body double, including me. It’s a countermeasure in the event of an unforeseen killed-in-action situation.”

They really made a hero.

That’s why the Senate was looking so impatient.

Lash calmly said added.

“The three of them were really kind, good people. Although it was for a short time, it was really fun spending time together with them.”

Even though they are good people, they are still considered the enemy of our country. In the first place, while all of you were having a “great time,” an innumerable number of our comrades were getting killed.


Although I couldn’t force myself to say it, it seems it showed on my face.

Lash suddenly changed her expression, and lowered her head to me.

“I, I’m so sorry. We are- were your enemy, after all.”

“No, it’s okay. For us, they were a detestable enemy, but for you, they were precious comrades after all. Even for me, who is considered as nothing more than the Demon’s accessory, in the eyes of you and your comrades, I could be considered an enemy too, right?” (TN: It’s like he’s saying that he is nothing for to the Demon.)

Because of what I said, Lash made a curious face and tilted her head.


“Yup, accessory. In this big Demon Army, I’m just an aide.”

With a curious face, Lash searched for something in her bag and took out a scrap of paper.

“Ano, here. This document was arranged by and issued from the Senate”


[The Ruler of Werewolves Vaito] 70,000 silver coins.

  • The Supreme Leader of the Demon King’s Army who controls Rune Height.
  • The perpetrator of the destruction of Tuban.
  • Powerful Magician (Necromancer, Reinforcement magic, Destruction magic and many others).
  • Because he is a young man with black hair, he will become a black werewolf when he transforms.
  • Arrows are not ineffective against him.
  • Has the strength to destroy a castle gate.
  • Be careful of his howling because it can instantly kill humans.
  • People bitten by him will become a werewolf.
  • There’s no one who returns alive after fighting him.

“What is this……”

I make a full retort.

In the first place, ‘There’s no one who returns alive after fighting him,’ or ‘People bitten by him will become a werewolf,’ is really weird, right? I will not bite when I’m in the thick of battle.

When I make a complicated expression because of the document, Lash sees it, panics, and hurriedly makes an excuse.

“Aaa, we knew Vaito-san was the Supreme Leader of the Demon Army based on that. I didn’t mean to offend you by showing it to you.”

“No, well, that’s okay. But even so, I want to meet with the guy who wrote this.”

This is why the rumors started piling up like that.

I wonder when he’ll add something like, “refreshing ikemen” in here? I want to see that no matter what.

Lash took my words to have a different meaning and became frightened.

“I, I’m so, I’m so sorry…… Since a long time ago, I was known as the type that can’t read the situation very well……”

I certainly can’t disagree with that. Perhaps I pulled the wrong lottery here.

Even so, my bounty is 70,000 silver coins……. If in this world one or two silver coins was enough for a regular person to live in comfort for one day, then I would become very rich quite easily for over 100 years if I were to spend only 700 silver coin/years.

I’m tempted to play dead and have someone go and collect the bounty.

If I look closely, there’s also our Demon Official Aria-dono’s bounty here.

[Viceroy of Betrayal Aria Ryutte Aindrof] 100,000 silver coins

  • Disguised as a beautiful woman.
  • Has a peerage in two territories (deprived).
  • Sashimaeru sword style user (deprived).
  • Master of Maiehara Imperial Tea Preparation Style 2nd grade (deprived).
  • Graduate of the Miraldia Elementary Infantry Army (deprived).
  • License for Miraldia Wide Area Trade (deprived).

So that girl is a talented noble-sama…… And now, there’s this array of beautifully deprived qualifications. With all of these qualifications that have been deprived, you can’t refer to her as just “disguised as a beautiful woman” anymore.

It looks like she got a lot of curses. She even received a bigger bounty than me, a Demon.

She may already know about it, but I’ll tell her later.

Leaving that aside, what should I do with Lash now?

“Do you want to go back to the Senate?”

“I want to go back, but if I return, they will beat me and execute me……”

Well, of course it will be like that.

It can’t be helped, let’s take care of her until the end.

“So, do you want to live at Rune height? With your skill, it’s okay if you want me to employ you in the Demon Army.”



“The, then…… I want that, please.”

Lash as the former fake Saint Mildin, bowed and lowered her head to me.

When there’s a sign that the war at the Northern front will become a prolonged war, Rune Height citizens from here and there will start to return. Those who try to migrate and fail to find a place to hid away in will start to come back, little by little.

“Please hear me out, Vaito-san.”

A citizen came to the window teller at 1st floor of Viceroy hall, and a bunch of citizens who wore travelling clothes came to talk to me.

“Those guys! Just because I’m from Rune Height, they treated me as if I were a member of the Demon Army! Please look at my cart!”

As he said that, he pointed to his cart. I looked to where he pointed, there were two arrows sticking out from it.

“They shot at me from the castle wall! And they told me to quickly disappear!”

“Ah…… That was very unfortunate.”

All Rune Height trade merchants can manage that situation with bribery or pull some connections, but it’s different for normal citizens.

Nevertheless, it’s not good to resort to violence.

“Those bastards! Please destroy them immediately!”

“Whose ally are you?”

Looking at the current situation, it seems that Rune Height immigrants aren’t all that welcome anywhere. More than one hundred passed away while trying to find safe harbor, and more than half of that number ended up returning to Rune Height.

There are some people who are still looking for a place to emigrate to as well as some unfortunate people who died by the roadside. And there were a few citizens who looked like they managed to safely migrate.

The citizens who came back from various places had lots of information. But, well, the places they had come from had a lot of prejudice mixed there.

We decided that they will be given a house to live in if they can restore the fields for the Demon Army. They cried in relief when they heard that.

“Thank you! Thank you so much…… If we didn’t decide to come back, maybe we would have ended up wandering through the desert forever…… Seriously, thank you so much!”

“Rune Height will never abandon a Rune Height citizen. Please don’t worry, it’s okay now.”

After hearing my reply, they cried and nodded a lot more.

“Thank you Vaito-san! Please quickly destroy our enemies!”

It’s because of your personality that they refused to accept you as immigrants.



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