Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 50

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(Lash’s Letter)




Mom, onee-chan, how are you? This is your ridiculous and foolish sister desu.


To tell you the truth, the other day, I was working as Saint Mildin in the Hero Ranhart’s party.


But I have stopped doing that.


I am in Rune Height now.


Ah, by the way, Ranhart is not really a Hero.


That is a pretense made by the people in the Senate.




A few days have passed since I stopped being a fake saint and started to live in Rune Height.


At first, I was puzzled by the climate and topography in the South, but thanks to my decent personality, I was able to acclimate to it better. And as a plus, the food in the South is very delicious desu.




The situation in Rune Height is quite different from what I thought it was.


When I got an order from the Senate to join the Hero’s party, I received an explanation about Rune Height that went something like this desu. 


Rune Height is dominated by demons, the sound of executions and tortures echo the streets every day. Everywhere is filled with the scent of rot and piled up corpses. The water in drainages are all dyed in dark red blood, and even clean water can’t be obtained properly.


Honestly, I had thought it was the scariest place.


But in that case, I thought that even if we were just fake heroes, all we needed to do was unite the people of Miraldia to overcome them.


That is what I thought desu.




However, that strategy did not go well.


I will never forget that night.


And, I never want to remember it. (TN: I think that meant the memory will never disappear for her whole life, but she doesn’t want to remember it.) 


Those three knights received death at the same time.


And I was the only one who survived. I am sorry.




Vaito-san, the Werewolf Commander, saved me. Thanks to his mercy, I was able to run away from Schubelm and came to Rune Height.


The people here didn’t know about me who acted as a fake saint, and they didn’t care too much about it either.




For example, the priest-sama of the Radiant Light Church here is very different, he is really kind. He didn’t feel that it was a bother to come and see me.


When I confessed my sins, he gave me a big nod and said I am also the same, a sinful and lost person. You can’t erase your sins, but you can atone for your sins. That is what I think.


The important people of the Radiant Light Church usually give the impression of being very proud, but it is different in.




There are a lot of Demons walking around town.


Should I call them Inujin-san? To me, they seem like inujin-san, but they are really cute. They are so fluffy. 


There are werewolves, too, and people who look like lizards. I was scared at first, but they were surprisingly kind and polite.


Oh yeah, there are also people who have the lower body of a horse. Most of them are handsome, but somehow they also seem so masculine.




Ah, that’s right. I forgot to write the names of the three knights who worked with me.


I don’t know if these were their real names, but if you happen to meet their families, please tell them about what happened to them.


In charge of the Saint Sword was Evinem-san.


Even though there’s a lot of people who are better suited to this sword than me, this name is a little……He always used to say that.


In charge of being the Knight Kiyoshi is Kaniza-san,It’s good to be famous, but it’s painful because I need to have an upright attitude


And the the one who did the most and served as the Hero Ranhart was Scherk-san. His favorite phrase wasIf someday I drive away the Demons from Miraldia, will there be a day where I could tell the truth…….?




Even though Vaito-san is the one who killed these three people, he still praised them. He said they were first class warriors.


So for the sake of those three, please sleep peacefully. Please be as gentle, reliable, and kind as you’ve always been. Thank you.


The coward in me has the intention to live under the protection of the Demon King’s Army from now on. And for that, I am truly sorry.




Vaito-san risked his life to save me who is his enemy. I still don’t know why he did such a thing.


And the other strange thing is, Vaito-san only killed those three knights that night. Even though he caused a big ruckus to save me, he didn’t kill even one soldier of Miraldia.




When I asked him for the reason why, Vaito-san’s face looked like he was sayingOops, and told me this behind my back.


Ah…… That is, hora. It was boring to kill those small fries


I am not a Demon nor am I a soldier, so I don’t understand it, is that how it is?


But thanks to that, I feel at ease. I didn’t want people to die, after all.


Even so, Vaito-san is a Demon, so it feels a little strange desu.


He looks like a friendly neighborhood oniisan. (TN: Spiderman reference.)




Oh yeah, there is also a very great magician in the Demon King’s Army. I became the pupil of the Great Sage Gomovira-sama. I call her Movi-chan sensei.


But the name of “Gomovira” reminds me of the time when I was still learning. Was it Magic history? I am not so good at remembering magic history. 


It’s very fun to study again after a long time. It is good that magic is moving according to the technique formula that is input. So it is not tiring like the Society’s.


When I said so to Movi-chan sensei, she nodded very deeply.




By the way, even after I was saved, I kept thinkingEven though I just did as those important person told me to, why were they so angry at me?


But in the end, I need to take responsibility for what I did. I can’t blame those important people desu.


……No, I still want to pursue those important person in order to make them take responsibility. If I think about it, it’s like I was a disposable pawn, huh?


Apart from that, I also need to reflect on it.




So I have decided that I will start to do as much good as I can, in relation to the number of people I deceived, from now on. I think there is something I can do, even for an underling like me. Maybe.


Like world peace?




Well then, I hope this letter can be sent by someone, but…. I think it will not get sent for now.


That’s why, I will live on and in the future, I hope to meet with mother and oneechan.


Please be well, you two.




PS: I think the Senate is probably doomed, so I will return the gold for the scholarship by working in the Demon King’s Army. I will work to return it with the power of my will. You will see!




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