Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 52

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Negotiate With Each Other

Chapter 52



It can’t be helped. It seems it’s impossible for me to be friendly, so I’ll be plain and business like.

So, the reason for my visit today is to make a discussion with Alam-dono


The sweat stain appears on Alam’s clothes and his expression has become quite stiff. It seems he is quite stressful.

He didn’t know what to do with this werewolf, and more than that, the guy he faced had a high bad reputation in Miraldia. If the position is reversed, I will be incontinent somehow and it’s not funny.



I felt sorry for Alam, but I will explain it briefly.

Will you take a friendly relationship with demon king army instead of Miraldia alliance?


Alam made a strange voice while raised his hips.

Do you want me to betray Miraldia!?

No, it is not. Calm down



From this point, I need to continue this conversation carefully.

The basis of the negotiation is to explain the advantage of the opponent. I thought it was important to explainThere will be a benefit if you ride on this proposal

Furthermore, the threat is suitable to this. It’s a business negotiation that he could get his safety back by taking this proposal.

Of course, this is for the last measure.



With a low voice, I continue to choose my words slowly.

To begin with, why do you place a loyalty to a country who sometimes will be destroyed?


Any country will perish sometime. At the previous life, I learned it in the class. But I slept in the half way though.

Anyway, in order for a city like Shaldir to survive, it needs to keep moving on the stream.

Rather than clinging to an old-fashioned alliance forever, it is better to sell a rave review with demon king army. 



Alam fixed his gaze on me. His complexion is bad.

As expected, do you intend to destroy Miraldia?

It will perish depending on the case

Perhaps if they receive the demon kin, maybe it will change the shape of the country.

Fortunately, Miraldia is not a monarchy. It might become something unexpected if a demon added to the senate.

However, Alam’s complexion is gradually becoming worse, did he misunderstand something?



Please don’t misunderstand. we are not interested in bloodshed. Actually, three cities and Rune height has lived under the control of demon king army.

In-In other words…… If we become your allies, Shaldir will not be destroyed?

Of course. That is only if you become an ally.

It’s not like it will be destroyed even if you become our allies. But if I say that, it won’t become a negotiation, so I’ll be quiet for now.

Alam bit his lips and look downwards.



I felt somehow the misunderstand has deepened, let’s explain the advantage before it turned into a strange direction.

I understand that the cities in the southern part including Shaldir have antipathy with northern part. that’s the reason why demon king army is shaking Miraldia from the south and the north.

This is a lie.

Because 2nd division and 3rd division has so much different objective, demon king-sama ordered both divisions to proceed from different routes.

It’s because we are a countryman who lived in the mountain and the forest.

We didn’t know the situation inside the alliance.



However, Actually, it’s not a problem.  It’s fine as long as the opponent believe it.

Bernhainen, Tuban, Rune Height in the southern part are already occupied by demon king army. Especially Bernhainen and Rune Height, the Viceroy himself has shown the allegiance to demon king army

It’s because Bernhainen’s Viceroy had become a vampire, so it’s not like a voluntary will. But he will not know if I remained silent.



Among 8 city in the southern part, only 5 city remains.  As a demon king army, I would like to reward the city who become an ally at the early stage.

It was a casual appeal, it’s better if you became an ally earlier.

Especially, because Shaldir is a little bit far away, but it still next to the east of Rune Height. If it’s possible, I would like to build a friendly relationship at early stage.

When I took a fleeting glance at Alam Face, his complexion is calming down. Maybe that was his expression when doing a calculation.



But, from this point, it’s a taboo to keep persistent in negotiation.

Shaldir had accepted to become a member of Miraldia alliance. Betrayal entails a great deal of risk.

As the result of their independence, in the case they are attacked by Miraldia army, Demon king army will not protect them. I would like to protect them if it’s possible, but I had an insufficient force now.

If there’s a proper judgement remain, they will have no choice but to reply No even if I killed them all.

And then, if they are clearly rejected it now, the negotiations will end with this.

That will be a problem.



That’s why I stood up and gave a light nod to Alam.

Of course you can’t reply it now.  A trust relationship takes time to build. So, it’s okay to reply it later

Because of my words, Alam had a relieved expression on his face.

I understand. Please let me consider it a little bit more

Yes, It would be helpful if you could. Then see you later



I took this opportunity to do a quick inspection in the Shaldir and went home.

Because there’s a lake at the north side, the town is full of caravans. A merchant with various clothes coming from many places is relaxing at taverns and inns.

It’s lively, and the people’s living standard seems to be good, but I noticed that the number of the guard is too small.

Instead, I saw a soldier with the same clothes as guards. Who are they?



On the way back, I heard a complaint of Hamam’s corps.

Captain, Why you didn’t do something to that Viceroy?

Yeah, isn’t it enough with just 5 of us to attack them?

I thought I will be able to rampant around after a long time

These guys only want to rampant around after all.



When I sighed, the team captain Hammam said.

Just believe the adjutant. The adjutant has a good intelligence that we do not have.

Because of that words, the werewolves look at each other and nodded in agreement.

That’s right

It will be okay if we leave it to captain

I had a good subordinate.

But it’s not like I had a good intelligence, it’s just that I was a human being in the previous life.



After I came back, I found out the true reason why Alam didn’t accept Miraldia army.

According to the rumors from the trade dealers, Alam seems gathered a private army secretly.

Shaldir’s guard assignment is only 120 people. it’s less than Rune Height. It seems it’s because of the unification war, even so, that’s too small.



In the trade route, there is a nomad tribe which didn’t belong to the city. They are a neighbor as well as thieves who sometimes haunt the trade route. they gathered tolls from the traveler without permission.

If you give them gold obediently, they will give you directions and other conveniences, but even so, they are a not well-behaved people.

Of course, I will not drop my guard.

But with 120 guards, the best they can do is only to protect the city’s security. Because it’s a city with many people coming in and out, it will take a considerable manpower just for examination of the castle gate.

Tentatively, they need to dispatch a reserve army for an emergency, but it’s insignificance if they didn’t make it.



Therefore it seems Alam used the extensive funds from the time he was appointed as a viceroy and hired mercenaries and swordsman. So what I saw in Shaldir was the private army.

The exact number of people is unknown, but according to the rumors, it’s probably around 200 people. And as far as I saw, the equipment and the discipline level is equivalent as guard corps. The order is also not bad.

But this violated the Miraldia agreement about a city is prohibited to have a reserve army. If that thing comes to light, it will be frightening.



I thought that truth will be exciting. It’s quite bold for a coward. Perhaps he is the type of schemer who drowning in the plan.

But this is the best chance for demon king army to eat. Why not sell our power and let them became our allies.

In the near future, let’s go and try it again.