Reincarnated Into Werewolf Chapter 54

Dark Theme

Secret Agreement Of The Demon Capital

Chapter 54



It was a little bit after the viceroy of Shaldir, Alam, decided to visit Rune Height.

Looks like he was curious.



It was a very happy story, but there was only one miscalculation.

I never thought he who was hesitating will make a decision so quickly. He was more decisive and manly than I expected.

It was troubling. The wall on the east side is still not finished yet.

「Can you do something about it?」

「It’s impossible. Even by using magic」

I consulted it with Azul of the Tuban engineering team who lead the construction, but it was easily rejected.

If somehow magic able to do it, we can manage it since a long time ago.

No, wait a minute.



A few days later, Viceroy Alam along with 100 private armies came to visit Rune Height.

I guess he brought to many escorts, but since it was the viceroy who come to the enemy ground, it’s normal to do so.

From the past conversation, I knew that Alam is not the kind of man who will suddenly start a war here.



「Oh…… So this is the gate of Rune Height……」

It is no wonder that Alam was amazed.

The newly created gate boasts the dignity of the demon capital. With the Tuban solid gate as a reference, we made it even stronger.

The walls from here continue to surround the perimeter of Rune Height. Both the height and thickness are correspondence to full-scale siege warfare.

「How much time do you need to make this?」

Actually, we didn’t make it.

Except for the gate,  it was an estimated projection made with illusion magic



「Rune Height is not the servant of Miraldia anymore. Even we made walls, no one felt constraint by it. That’s why we immediately rebuild it」

After I said it with full of confidence, I talked in a low voice with Lash who pretending to be my aide.

「Is it really okay for this guy to touch it?」

「Ah, yes. I reproduced the texture as if 『I feel like touch something』. It’s fine even if he hit it」

As expected of the great sage Gomovira’s disciple. her Ability is originally high, but the growth speed is amazing. Maybe she wasn’t just a Saint-sama.



However, it was just an illusion. It will be exposed if she dropped her guard.

even though I was slightly impatient, I invited Alam to the gate.

「I would like you to see the state of the city that better than this one. I’m sure you will be surprised」

Hey? come in quickly. Here, look at the city.

Aah, please don’t look at the wall too much.



As we passed through the new east gate, there was a wide vacant lot in the neighborhood.

「In the near future, we had a plan to make a new residential area here. Since Rune height citizen lives in the old city, perhaps there will be a lot of human and demon will come and live in here.

I was a consideration for rune height citizen who wants to maintain their old life. There was a lot of conflict between local people and newcomers even in the previous life.

Then, we passed through the old east gate.



When Alam saw the main street in the Rune Height east gate, he and his private army let out a voice of admiration.


「So this is the demon capital……」

When the east gate was blocked, I was asked to revitalize the district, so I set up a workshop for inujin here. It was a salon of inujin, a combination of hobby and profit.

The revitalization is going well, and there were a restaurant and game place made for inujin now.



In the corner of the workshop, a human trader and inu jin craftsmen are talking about something. When I looked at those two cheerful appearances, looks like the products seem to be sold quite well.

I think there are several dragonewt at the butcher’s shop. They carefully calculate the chicken meat to use for dinner.

They are subordinates of Kurtz. Maybe on the way back, they order something from the studio.

In another place…… Hey isn’t that Fern onee-chan?



「Fern, what are you doing!?」

Then Fern onee-chan waved her hand to me while being surrounded by inujin.

「because my corps is off duty today, I am having a tea with inujin. How about you joined as well Vaito-kun?」

「I can’t! I told you that there’s an important person coming right!?」

「Ah, right」

Don’t become a piece of junk as soon as the inujin is involved, Fern onee-chan.



I felt Alam stared at me, so I cough in hurry.

「I’m sorry, I showed you an ugly part of my subordinate」

Alam was watching me and Fern onee-chan over and over.

Then because she can’t hold it anymore, she asked me in a low voice.

「Ano, that 『Vaito-kun』 is…..?」

「Would you be so kind to forget it?」

He nodded so many times when I threatened him.



Then I explained it to Alam once again.

「There’s a workshop for inujin in east district, you can also buy their product here. They are a master in silversmiths. To corrode a silver is a bad thing for them」

「Wow…… is that including the silverware that I receive before?」

「That’s right. it was their work」

「I see. This is going to be a great industry. They have both values of cultural and artistic」

Oh, I was happy when he said so.

because we have a same dog face and demon, I wanted to wipe out their bad image.

「Please forgive me for giving you a lot of suspicions when I got a silverware from you who is a werewolf.  I didn’t mean any ill intention」

「I also apologized because made such misunderstanding」

Aah, so it was like that! the problem was solved now.

……Let’s be careful next time.



After that, we headed towards the center of Rune height.

In the front of the Viceroy house, Aura is waiting in a full dress.

「It’s been a while Alam-dono. Usually, I should welcome you in the gate, but as you can see……」

Two of her secretary follow her while carrying a bundle of documents. Behind them, there were 20 guards corps and 2 werewolf corps following them.

It seems the paperwork didn’t finish in time. That’s why I went back and forth between Shaldir and this place.

There was another reason for why she wait in here.

Because there was a risk of being assassinated, she can’t leave the gate. she was the weakest among the important people of demon king army.

She can’t walk out freely like me.



When Alam looks at Aura’s face, he takes a step up while being relieved.

「I’m glad to see you well.  You were called 『Demon official』now」

「Yes, I was working hard to connect human and demon right now」

Because of that great title, Aura will be embarrassed whenever this topic comes up.

「Let’s talk a bit further about what happened in the past. Please come this way」

Aura invited and guided Alam to the hall

I’ll also come, but it will be peaceful if I leave it to her



After heard Aura’s story, Alam nodded keenly.

「I see, I understand…… Then it’s no wonder that the scene of the town will be like that」

After he said that, he takes a sip of the green tea.

「If I was the Viceroy of Rune Height, I will make a similar decision in the end. I can’t make prompt decision like Aura」

Liar, you also have a pretty good determination.

I look at his face and Alam made a bitter smile.



「Even so, Shaldir has a few troops and is the protection is not hard. It’s impossible for the country not to look if there’s demon king army stationed in there」

Yeah, that’s true.

But there was a military force that I can turn around…… But it was only in the case of emergency, it was impossible to stay permanently.

Then, Alam continues to speak.

「I would like to make a cooperative relationship in the form of secret agreement. I would publish the official alliance anytime. of course as a friend of demon king army」

「I’m glad to hear that」

I can’t completely relieve because it still in secret agreement, but it still made a lot of conciliation.



After that, I signed the informal document, then we exchange a handshake with each other.

From now on Shaldir will become our allies.

I finally got 4 cities on my side.