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Chapter 62 Courtyard Tragedy

Only one figure emerged from the fog. He was lightly armoured.


“All the sentinels, retreat. No matter what happens, do not make a move unless I order to do so!”


I ordered the dragonoids remaining in the castle from the watchtower.

I made them open the castle gate.

A castle gate won’t defend us from the enemy who cut down the Tiberet division leader. It will just get destroyed.

However, I do not quite like the idea of letting him just enter like that.



The person thought to be the hero, crossed through Glenstadt castle gate without any fear.

As he came closer, gradually his strength became clear. He doesn’t even seem to be a magician but his magical power seems to be on a completely different level. And, just like the Demon Lord, it gushes out from the inside.

There is no mistaking it. He’s the real hero.



The power the hero was releasing cleared the surrounding mist. The mist was clearing away only from around him. An overwhelming presence.




The guards who gathered around me wore an anxious expression. They weren’t the elite guards, just the normal ones.

But being experienced soldiers, they clearly understood the hero’s overpowering presence.

I strictly order them,


“It is definitely the real hero. Even if we launched an attack on him altogether, we will probably get defeated. Do not make a move.”


“Ye-yes, sir!”



The hero who had now come inside the courtyard, headed inside the castle without any hesitation.

He was wearing normal clothes like the citizens of Miraldia and had only equipped a simple Miraldia guard breastplate on top. I don’t know if he was from Bahhen or just equipped the armor from Bahhen but there was a Bahhen city symbol engraved on the armour.

Even at his waist, as expected, only a common soldier sword hanged. He was not even carrying any other bags.

It looked like he doesn’t have any projectile weapons so we might as well try shooting some arrows at him.

It was at that moment.



“For Tiberit division leader!!”


“We will protect the Demon Lord!”


From inside the castle, figures came out from all around and jumped at him. About a few dozen of them.

When I looked closer, it was the remaining of the 2nd division. So there were some left.

There seems to be a few new dragonoid recruits in there as well.


“Don’t! Stop!”


I shouted at them but, they had already gone attacking the hero.




In the next moment, the hero drew his sword.

He cut a straight line with his cheap-looking sword.

But even before he drew the sword, I couldn’t take my eyes off the hero’s hands.

Magic circulated from his hands and it formed an invisible sword blade. And that too, absurdly long.



“Lie down!”


I shouted in panic but the only ones who were able to lie down after hearing that were the dragonoids.

Their backs were slightly grazed by the invisible magic blade.

We got to see what happened to the ones who were not able to duck right away.

All of them were cut into two.



Almost all the guards gathered in the courtyard were annihilated with just that one swing. Deep sword cuts were even engraved into the castle walls.


“Run! Run inside the castle!”


To my command, all the guards left alive started to withdraw inside the castle but, the hero did not let that happen.

With just a simple step forward, the hero had leaped over 10 meters ahead. By the time he had turned his back to the dragonoids, all of them were sprouting out blood and falling down.

None of them were able to escape.



After slaughtering everyone in the courtyard, the hero looked at his sword. Not being able to withstand the hero’s tremendous power, the cheap sword had snapped from its core.

He kicked the corpse of one of the dragonoids lying dead and took their blade. The swords dragonoids use were quite different from the human ones but, it seems like anything is fine as long as it is a sword for him. Probably because it was only a wick for him to clad magic with.

Then the hero looked up, and stared fixedly at me. The dragonoids around were faltering and stepping back.

I was also scared but I had the pride of an aide.

As if I will be beaten by a stare.

But if he gets closer, I will most definitely die.




Before long, he turned his back on me and went running into the castle.

I had expected this but, really, we can do nothing about something like this.


“I will return to the castle. You guys see if there are anyone alive in the courtyard and run.”


There probably weren’t any survivors but, if I did not give them any order, they would probably end up doing something reckless.

After parting from the soldiers, I ran through the castle’s passages. I hurried to the audience room.

But then, I noticed a figure coming from there.




It was the hero!

Worst of all, I had ended up encountering the hero in front of the audience room.

This guy, he came this far in the castle without even being puzzled. He’s like a hound.

Concealing my fear, I glared at the hero. If I am going to die anyway, might as well not have an unsightly end as the aide of the 1st division.

But as soon as the hero spotted me, he stood still. He did not come attacking me.



“The Demon Lord is in there, right?”


He said with a cold voice. Even though he was a human, it felt like he had no kindness in him. Anger, hatred and murderous intent. Those were the only human-like feeling I got from him.

I had frozen in place in reaction to that inhuman-like aura, but it seemed like he was waiting for my response.

I have no choice, I shall boldly reply to him.


“Yes. Come if you wish, human.”


I was afraid but I wasn’t going to shout out ‘hero’. The real hero, that is a being of the same level as the demon lord.

I opened the door and let the hero in.




When he was passing by me, I suddenly felt a dreadful killing intent. I felt as if the magic floating around him were only polished for offence.

I instantly took a step back and took stance.

But the hero was still there, standing up straight. Was he testing me?

Damn it, surprising me like that. I will have you hear my objections.


“Human, do you wish to fight with me?”


As I said that, the hero turned his back on me again and started walking again.

I would have been killed just now if I let my guard down…..




In the audience room, the elite guards were all equipped and standing in a line.

On the throne deep inside the room, the Demon Lord was sitting in his war attire. The room was filled with a frightening air of intimidation.

But the hero kept advancing forward, completely ignoring the elite guards.

He was probably tired of us underlings.




The hero struck the Demon Lord with his hatred-filled gaze.


“It’s Ashes.”


That was probably the hero’s name. He didn’t introduce himself as the hero.

The Demon Lord nodded, and replied in a calm tone,


“Friden Richter.”


The Demon Lord, too, did not introduce herself as the demon lord.



The hero held his sword, aiming for the eye, and declared,


“I have come to avenge Meltia.”


He spoke of a person I had not known. It was not the name of a city. Probably a woman’s name.

The Demon Lord sat in silence. She gazed at the hero quietly and then stood up.

The hero and the Demon Lord both did not say anything more than that. They probably don’t plan on talking at this point.



The Demon Lord picked up the spear which was beside her. It was a small spear, which could be rotated in one’s hand.

But it was a bit different in shape to the normal spears. It’s tip wasn’t straight, rather it was like a board, like a hunting gun or an old infantry gun.

The Demon Lord took a stance with the spear and gently said,


“I shall listen to what you have to say with this.”


In that moment, the hero leaped towards the Demon Lord.

Chapters are split into pages.