Virtual World: The Legendary Thief
Virtual World: The Legendary Thief


网游之盗版神话, aka Online Pirate Myths (from MT’s), aka Virtual World: The Legendary Thief, is a web novel written by a popular Chinese XianXia writer Shi Luo Ye (失落叶, aka Lost Leaves), the same author of ZL (Zhan Long) and TAG or AG (The Alchemist God). This web novel is the first part of the Virtual World trilogy, which was an earlier work (written in 2007) from the author. This novel is currently translated by me (Lingson), and consisted of 10 books with 633 chapters altogether. Synopsis: The MC was a former WCG Shanghai champion and ranked 8th in the world. For some unknown reason he didn’t take part and disappeared. At some time later he was working at a brothel during the launch of a new almost realistic VRMMORPG . So the employer decided to close the brothel and with her group (including the MC) playing the game for fortune. And so the adventure of the MC and the other girls began… Notes: If you expect the MC to be a thief, forget it! Because, he will be a super thief. A wolf in a sheep’s skin. Ups, sorry… I meant a Thief in a Warrior’s skin. He will have the abilities of a Thief while having the power of a Warrior. Just keep reading, and you will see it.
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