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…That’s right, trouble isn’t always limited to stir up between heroes and other classes.

A dangerous mood hangs in the air among heroes too.

Among those…


“…How uninteresting…”

“Hey, can we just kill that guy?”

“Yeah, yeah. We’ve been told that we can show off our powers, so let’s make a lesson out of him~”


…there were those three: Kisaragi Masaya, Ooyama Tsuyoshi, and Tougou Rento.

I guess you could say that Kisaragi-senpai and the others are people who are constantly in a state of bad mood.

They seem to always try to approach female students using their powers.


“…How troublesome.”


Kannazuki-senpai frowned, also sensing Kisaragi-senpai and the others’ ill will.

Both Kannazuki-senpai and I were somehow able to shut out our opponents so far, but it would be just a matter of time.

The matches progressed amidst several predictions, and finally, the time came for the match between our protegées, the S-Class students, versus the F-Class.


“About time, huh?”

“How boring…”

“These F-Class won’t last a second.”

“Oh, this better be good.”

“Poor F-Class~”

“They can’t use magic, right? How are they even going to fight?”


The heroes were harshly sneering at the F-Class.

I wasn’t laughing like they were, but I did think that the F-Class would have a really hard time against the S-Class.

After all, the S-Class is full of magically skilled students, and we have grown up training there.

Among them, Robert, First Prince of the Winberg Kingdom is particularly impressive.

He originally was already far superior to us heroes, but he has gotten even stronger. Honestly, among all heroes, can our strongest Kannazuki-senpai win even at the last moment? That’s how strong he is.

…That’s right. Though I’m a hero myself, I’m not the strongest one.

Still, everyone else doesn’t understand that.

Oh well… I wonder if the fact that I can only talk about this with myself makes it even worse.

The F-Class makes their entrance while I’m absorbed in these vexed thoughts.

As they enter the arena, the male students start smiling unpleasantly without hiding their crud emotions.


“Those F-Class girls are nothing but pretty faces.”

“No doubt about that. Oh, while we’re at it, should we go try to hang out with them later?”

“Yeah, we could do that. I don’t get to see the F-Class girls very often from my class. They should feel honored to be able to hang out with us!”

“And if they resist us, we can just make them do it!”


Unable to continue hearing those words, Kenji, who was sitting right next to me, stood up suddenly.

As he did that, an expressionless Kannazuki-senpai stops him.


“Those guys…!”

“Kenji, calm down.”

“Kannazuki-senpai!? But…!”

“There’s too many of them. And I don’t know what will happen if a bunch of heroes with an ill will start making a fuss in this place.”


“But we might have to be more wary of the heroes’ actions now more than ever. Especially towards the F-Class students…”


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