Slime 246

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Tensei Slime

Chapter 239 A Towering Wall


Milim was enraged.


She had determined that the source of all kinds of evil, Velda, must be eradicated, without fail.


She burst the door open and advanced to throne room where Velda was sitting.


In the walls, transparent capsules were systematically lined up and these capsules were filled with a transparent liquid.


In each of these capsules, an unborn angel was floating.


Into these hollow vessels, energy of the soul was being poured in.


They were beings who couldn’t maintain their existence outside the celestial world as they didn’t have a body.


Although they could work on the surface for a short period of time after their ‘ego’ develops to a certain extent…


But for that to happen, a bit more time was needed.


Milim didn’t pay any heed to those angels and walked straight towards the throne.


The heart of this celestial world.


The center of everything, where the emperor sits.


Velda was the ruler of this castle, both in name and substance.


The automated defense system of the celestial castle reacted to Milim’s bloodlust and deemed her as an enemy.


The alarm went off and the Guardian Dolls appeared.


However, after seeing the necklace Milim was wearing, they stopped moving.


“You can not proceed any further than this. Please turn back.”


The dolls warned Milim.


But Milim completely ignored them.




Just as she said that, she casually swung her wrist and destroyed one of the dolls.


The dolls couldn’t attack Milim.


That was because the necklace showed that she was Velda’s family.


There was no one who could stop Milim.


And then, before Milim, a woman stood blocking the way.


“Milim-sama, you have grown up to be very elegant…”


Moved to tears, the woman tried to get close to Milim.


It was a beautiful lady, wearing a full black dress.


“Sarome, eh? …It has been a while…”


Milim’s face had brightened up for a moment but then–


“Ah, that’s wrong. You aren’t Sarome, are you…”


Her face darkened and then there was a flash.


The woman trying to hug Milim split into two.


And from the wound, it wasn’t blood which dripped out, it was an unknown transparent liquid–and from her trunk, complex machinery fell out.




And like that, the doll imitating Sarome fell down.


She was the woman who raised and educated Milim when she was small.


She had left this world long ago, after getting sick.


There’s no way she is alive.


Unlike Milim, who would live for eternities, she was just Lucia’s female attendant.


There’s no logical way Sarome, a human, would live this long.


But… she couldn’t help but think.


That if her soul was called and made to possess a doll…


However such a feat is impossible.


That was the conclusion Milim had come to and it was the right, true answer.


Milim destroyed the doll without hesitation and severed her lingering affection.


And while that is supposed to be the right choice, the doll’s satisfied smile and the flowing tears lead Milim astray.




Maybe, she really is–


“What a terrible thing to do. After all the trouble I went through to bring back the dead for you. It was a present I planned secretly to make you happy… Did you not like it?”


A clear voice reached Milim’s ears.


She didn’t even need to turn around.


The owner of that voice was–


“Velda, eh? You bastard, I hope you are prepared for this.”


“Prepared… what are you talking about?”


In response to Milim’s expression filled with anger, Velda still had a refreshing smile.


The collision of two opposite emotions, the two confronted each other.


Although she hadn’t yet contacted Rimuru, Milim wasn’t worried about it.


Just a while ago, when she buried Lucia, she felt a bit of the hero Chloe on her.


It was such a splendid sword slash that it even crossed Multiple Existences and reached Lucia’s real body.


It happened in an instant but Milim wouldn’t overlook such a thing.

Chapters are split into pages.