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That was the reason.

Karman hated the resistance. And this was why he could show no mercy.


After that, Karman and his four subordinates were taken in by South City.

At the time, Michelle was the young general who led the military, and they fought the resistance together.

As time passed, the Empire was established and he volunteered to undergo surgery in order to become a cyborg.

He would be a soldier who fought in the frontlines.

Michelle was now ruler of the south. And she gave her permission.

And now, here he was.





Karman woke up with a feeling of depression as he recalled the past.

For a moment he was confused about what had happened, but then he looked around him and turned pale.

He realized that Beretta had defeated them and they were now captured.


“So, you’ve awakened.”


He looked up to see the face of a familiar man standing by the door.

It was Zaza.

He was guarding this room that the five of them were imprisoned in.

He checked his internal clock and saw that it had been half a day since the fight.

While he was stumped as to why they had all been kept alive, he tried to question Zaza.


“…Who are you?”

“Zaza. You’re Karman, right? I’m happy to meet someone so famous.”

“Ha. And I feel terrible. I expected to be killed, but we’re being kept alive. Are you going to torture us then? If you are—”

“No, there is no point in torturing a cyborg. I know that very well. As for the reason that you’re all alive…”


Zaza paused here and sighed.

And then he continued as if shouting.


“This guy called Veldora was against it. Why? Who the hell knows! That guy won’t listen to anyone once he has made up his mind. And Ramiris and Beretta obey him for some reason. So there’s nothing I can do. What is he thinking? That’s what I’d like to know!”


He said.

This show of resentment made even the resistance hater a little sympathetic.

Zaza seemed to calm down a little after this outburst.


“However, this all happened just after we discussed negotiating with the Empire, so perhaps it was a good thing that we didn’t kill you. Both for you and for us…”

“But, you do know we are just soldiers? We have no value as hostages.”

“Hehe. Yes, I know that. But you know, I’ve just grown tired of fighting. Besides, I find it rather amusing that some rubbish fool like that was able to survive all of this time. I almost feel stupid for living my life with such tension. Oh, that’s right. The others will be getting up soon. So we should go too!”


Zaza said as he told them all to stand up.

Karman’s men had been silently listening to them talk up until now, but they obeyed his order.

While they were cyborgs, Karman and his men were able to operate in any environment.

As everything but their brains was a machine, it allowed them to move under any circumstances.

That being said, without the Powered Suits, their combat abilities were only slightly better than humans.

Zaza was well aware of this, so he called to Karma and his men without much caution.


“Can you hurry up? As I said, this Veldora guy starts doing things the moment you let him out of your sight. While Sharma and Rindo are probably with him, you can never be too careful.”


So saying he rushed them along and through the town square.

And that is where Karman saw it!


“Kahahahaha! Get in line! Get in line! I will serve you until you are all satisfied!!”


Said a good-looking man with dark skin. He was laughing happily.

Obviously, this was Veldora.

And he was cooking something on a grill that Karman had never seen before.

But there was a sweet smell in the air.

And the sounds of food sizzling on the grill was enough to make the heart soar.

Children were waiting in line with plastic plates in their hands. Adults watched them with slightly embarrassed smiles.

And when the children got their food and ate it, their faces lit up with happiness.


“Do you understand? You are to give me the rarest parts!”


“I know!!”

“Good! Kahahahaha!!”


Karman could hear the conversation. The atmosphere here was so peaceful. It was as if the fight of yesterday were a dream.

It was so surprising that they could do nothing but stand there in silence.

However, Zaza was to become even more surprised than they were.

After all—


“What do you think you are doing!!”


–Zaza’s shout echoed throughout the town square.




What he was passing out to the children was pancakes.

Ramiris was flying around them and trading honey, maple syrup and a variety of fruit jam for parts.

She was now helping Veldora by gathering them.


“…Lord Ramiris. You too…”

“Uh, Ahahaha…”


Zaza said tiredly.

Ramiris tried to laugh it off.


“Don’t be so angry Zaza. Why don’t you have one?”


It’s on the house, you know? Veldora said as he offered a pancake to him.

“You know I can’t eat!!” Zaza practically screamed as he pushed the plate back.


“Oh, that is right. I forgot about that. Kahahahahaha!”


Zaza was annoyed at how carefree his laughter was, and he wanted an explanation as to how this had happened.

But it was Rindo, not Veldora who answered him.


“Now, now, Mister Zaza. Veldora had thought this whole thing through. There is no need to act in this way now, is there?”


Rindo said this while holding a plate firmly in his hands.


“Uh, Rindo? You aren’t…did he buy you with those pancakes?”


Zaza asked. Veins were popping all over his forehead.

Rindo averted his gaze.


“Uh, not really. There may have been some high-level political transactions, but that is all. I would never be bribed…”


He said.

Zaza gritted his teeth with anger at this nonsense, but he soon caught sight of something even more surprising.

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