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“I thought so too. But it’s also quite possible that there won’t be enough time even if you returned now…”
“Yes, I agree with that. Besides, it would leave a bad aftertaste if we left this world like this. And what if we did come back later and everything had ended? Could you imagine such a terrible scenario? In that case, we might as well stay and see how things play out.”


Ramiris and Beretta had the same opinion and were in support of Veldora.

It was also clear that Beretta just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of covering their tracks. He was sure that they would force that role on him anyway.

And it was possible that he would not be quick enough and they would blame him. Beretta’s demon instincts were telling him that any such fabrications they might attempt would have dangerous results.

And so Beretta had no objections.

They would all get in trouble! That’s what he thought, and he could not hide it.


“Ka-hahahaha! Creating diversions is my specialty. Would you mind if I just destroyed the enemy altogether?”


Veldora asked with an air of triumph.

Next to him,


“He just wants to go wild, doesn’t he?”


Ramiris muttered.


“But Lord Ramiris. As much as I hate to admit it, I think having Lord Veldora do that would be the most effective.”


Beretta answered.

Neither of them objected.

Veldora would help—that was what they settled on.

However, there was still a problem.


“Having Lord Veldora’s help would be most welcome, but it will still be difficult to send all our men for this diversion. We must protect our base here and we do not have many men…”


Sending out all their soldiers and leaving those that should be protected? It was out of the question.

And so Zaza suggested that they instead sent the minimum amount of men that they could.

Things would be easier if the other branches sent reinforcements, but he wanted to create a diversion without relying on them.

Zaza was prepared to die trying.

If they drew attention like that so close to the Empire, they would likely be surrounded and annihilated.

Perhaps Veldora, who was unusually strong, would survive. But there was no such hope for Zaza and the others.

But if it would lead to Michelle’s rescue…

That’s what he thought as he made the decision.



“Oh, Zaza. Do not worry. Beretta and Ramiris will remain here, so those who can fight should go out and cause a scene. We will prepare the weapons and equipment for this by tomorrow.”


Veldora said without any hesitation.

However, there was one person who was not satisfied with this.

It was Ramiris.


“Wa-wait! Master!? I want to go with you!!”


She jumped onto Veldora’s shoulder as she declared this.

There was no way she could stand to be left behind.


“Tsk. But if you come, I will have to watch over you.”

“And what’s wrong with that!”


They were about to start arguing, but here, Beretta offered to help.


“Lord Veldora, why don’t I go too then?”


But Veldora’s reaction was clear.


“Wait, Beretta. You must stay here and protect these people. That way, Zaza will be able to go into battle without regret.”


And so Beretta had no choice but to agree.

After hearing Veldora’s words, Beretta decided to stay.

As for Ramiris…


“I’m going no matter what, alright?”


She had decided she would not back down. And so it was Veldora who gave up.


“You’re incorrigible. Well, I suppose I’ll have to protect you. But then I won’t be able to go all out…”

“So what! There will be no need to!!”


Ramiris was right.

It was clear that Veldora just wanted to go all out. If anything, it was good that Ramiris would be there to keep him in check. That’s what Beretta thought.


And as for her protection, there was no way that Veldora would have a problem with that.

And so Beretta decided to leave Ramiris to his care.

Ultimately, it was decided that Veldora and Ramiris would participate in the diversion plan while Beretta would stay with the noncombatants.


“Good! Then I will lead the diversion troops! Mister Veldora, you can support us!”

“Leave it to me.”


Zaza said and Veldora nodded.

And like that, the plan was devised on the basis that Veldora would be aiding them.






And now, the present.

It was the next morning when the plan would be put into effect.

Karman and his four subordinates were riding Reiz’s supply transport ship and heading for the Empire.

They had held a strategy meeting and carefully planned everyone’s official role.


“Yes, yes. Karman and his men would know the most about the inner city. They should infiltrate it and rescue Michelle. I will follow Zaza’s command and wreak havoc!!”


Grandma will go to the river to wash the clothes, while grandpa will cut trees in the mountains.

That’s what Veldora might as well have said, given the weight behind it.

Of course, in Veldora’s mind, he was likely cutting down the Empire’s soldiers, not trees.

Such were the images in Karman’s head. Just then, Jegyll spoke up.


“By the way, Karma. There is something I’ve been curious about…”

“Huh? What is it?”


Jegyll looked around as if to appraise them, then she carefully opened her mouth.


“Have you also fought that man, Veldora? According to Michelle, he was as strong if not stronger than her…”


Jegyll was wondering how he could still be alive after such a fight.

Now that he thought of it, he had not made a report of that.


“No, no. The person we fought against was Beretta. All five of us attacked him and we were crushed into the ground.”

“It was hard to believe. But the Neutrolauncher didn’t work on him.”

“Neither did the plasma weapons. Beretta was a monster.”

“But still…”

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