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“Aye. Mister Veldora is on a different level. After all, he could defeat Super Beasts by punching them.”


Not only Karman, but his men all agreed.

There was something more than mere respect in their voice. It was clear that they were all drawn to Veldora and Beretta.

However, as the person listening to them, Jegyll was not satisfied.


“It’s impossible. The Neutrolauncher didn’t work on him? How can you stop neutrons that permeate matter and blast through the atomic nucleus at the speed of light!? And you say he defeated Super Beasts with his fists? Do you take me for a fool?”


Karman could only chuckle at this.


“You don’t know how much we want to agree with you. But it was us who actually fought and were forced to see these unbelievable things you know?”


Jegyll looked at him and muttered. ‘So it’s true then.’


“Still, what technology was used to modify those three?”

“It’s a mystery. However, considering they were able to modify us overnight, I would imagine it had to be the work of some incredible scientist from the city.”


Jegyll listened to Karman’s men talk. And after thinking about it for a moment, she asked her next question.


“Michelle told me about the fighting style of one called Veldora. But this Beretta sounds quite reliable as well. Was it also this Beretta, who fixed you all?”

“Yes, it was him.”

“Hmm. Interesting…”


Jegyll listened to that much and then bit her lip with a smile.

There was something evil about the way the corner of her mouth rose.


“I thought it would be troublesome having one person stay here, but it’s turned out to be for the best. This information will prove useful. We’ll catch him later when we have time.”


She had transformed so naturally that for a moment, Karman could not understand what she was saying.


“What? Jegyll. What are you…?”


Karman asked hesitantly.

It was a fatal mistake. That being said, it was already too late the moment that they had put their trust in her.


“You’re awfully slow, Karman. I am so thankful for your stupidity. I doubt the cautious Zaza would have fallen into this trap so easily. At least…”


At this point, Karman finally understood.


“Damn it!! All of you. Scatter! And run to the hangar!!”


Karman shouted.

However, it was too late.


“…he would not have made such an amateur mistake. You couldn’t know who the traitor was, and yet you trusted me because I was close to Michelle. That’s the height of stupidity. You should have left at least one person in the hangar.”


Karman and his men were not wearing their Powered Suits.

They were currently in the hangar.

And just then, there was a thunderous explosion.

The sound of hope dying.


“Jegyll. You. How… What about Veldora and the others…!?”

“Yes. They should have reached the place I had designated by now. These weak resistance soldiers could be crushed whenever we wanted. But an enemy that Michelle was wary of has to be dealt with. And so I have ensured their deaths.”


“Yes. The Six Tyrant. Have you heard of it?”

“…You wouldn’t…the most powerful weapon that could destroy cities…?”

“Exactly. It’s an old weapon, but its power is proven. It would be a waste not to use it.”


Jegyll said with a smile. Karman felt a horrifying chill run up his spine.


(She’s crazy. A person with an incredibly dangerous way of thinking…)


He thought. And then he wondered.

Would Michelle really have been unable to see the madness within her?

And so Karman could not stop himself shouting.


“…You! Were you betraying General Michelle from the beginning!?”


He asked as he stared at her. Fear and curiosity in his eyes.

However, Jegyll shook her head in denial.


“No, that is wrong. I was reborn. By the hands of the great, true Emperor Fudora. He turned me into the most powerful warrior–the Bionoid.”


She said grandly. And then with a speed too fast for him to follow, she slammed him to the ground.




His cheek had been punched and his stomach kicked. Karman rolled on the ground.

However, pain that exceeded a fixed level was shut off, and so Karman did not feel as much pain as he expected.

The real problem was what Jegyll had just said.


(That means General Michelle was not tricked or betrayed. But the situation is no better for it, and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do.)


While he thought this, Karman also felt that he was stronger than he had expected.

But without puzzling over this, he quickly found the answer.


(It’s without a doubt due to the modification surgery.)


Now that he was sure, a sense of gratitude towards Veldora welled up inside of him.


(I’d be dead now if I hadn’t been modified. Still, this body really is amazing. I can see the amount of damage as numbers… So that’s 10% to the head, 3% to the stomach. I should probably pretend to be dead here…)


And so Karman pretended to be in immense pain as he writhed on the ground.


“Oh? You’re still alive then? The Empire’s maintenance work is more impressive than I thought.”


Karman ignored her taunts and connected to his mean through ‘Telepathy Line.’


‘All of you. I’m fine. But things are going badly. But I’m going to get out of this alive.’


That was enough to calm them after the shock they felt over him being attacked.


‘Ah, you are safe!’

‘But, what should we do? Apparently, the Powered Suits were destroyed?’

‘The remote controls are not being recognized…’


They quickly and accurately assessed the situation.

And through the use of Telepathy Line, they quickly decided on the direction to take without Jegyll realizing it.


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