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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 297

Bonus – Visit to the Unknown – 15 Dragon Armor





Karman awoke to the sound of his own screaming.

That arrogant man who always acted so familiar.

He had been dreaming of Veldora, being swallowed up by hellfire.


“Heh. That’s not like me. Maybe I’ve been depending on him more than I thought…”


Karman muttered as he remembered the situation they had been in.

This was not the time to be worrying about others. They themselves were in a precarious situation.

And so Karman dismissed all thoughts of Veldora from his mind.


(There is no point in worrying about that man now. It seems that the Six Tyrant has already been activated…)


That devil’s roar had boomed far off in the distance.

It was the sound of immense energy running wild after it had been sealed in an Ether Ring Barrier.

The barrier was stretching and affecting the space outside of it.

With such a terrifying weapon in front of him, even Veldora would not be able to do anything. That’s what Karman thought, but he did not voice it.

But maybe Veldora would…surely he could… There was just a little hope left in his heart.

And he felt that voicing his doubts would erase the last of that hope.




And so Karman turned his attention towards the taking in of his surroundings.

It seemed that he had only lost consciousness for a short time.

According to the clock in his brain, three minutes had not passed since they crashed into the ground.

While he checked the time, he also learned of his condition.


“Are you serious…”


He couldn’t help but mutter.

‘All clear.’ Those were the words that were displayed in his head.

The numbers were supposed to appear in red to show damage, but now they were all blue…there was no problem…

Karman was shocked at this unbelievable durability.

He now knew that he was alright, but what about the others?

He thought as he looked around…

Then he discovered them. They were still unconscious.


“Hey, you guys. Are you okay?”


He called. And they groaned.

While they had moderate injuries, it seemed that they were all safe.


“Ouchhhh! It doesn’t actually hurt at all. It’s times like these that I’m happy to be a complete cyborg.”

“But then again, you require maintenance over the smallest things. Mister Zaza tried to hide it, but it seemed like all sorts of functions had been shut down. He would not have lasted much longer had Veldora not modified him.”

“That’s true. However, it was all for nothing…”

“You idiot! Don’t say such a thing!! Mister Veldora is with them. They are surely all right!”


Karman shouted and they all quieted down.

Then they looked at each other and nodded.


“Yes. You’re right!”

“It’s too early to give up. We have to do what we can!”

“Aye. Now, let’s go and find the Powered Suits.”


Karman ordered, and they all moved at once.

No one asked, ‘what if they are broken?’

Finding a method of travel was absolutely necessary for them to leave this wasteland that was full of danger.

If they could not do that, then they would have to wait to be rescued.

For that reason, they would at least have to find a means of communication.

The Powered Suits were likely broken.

However, if they gathered the remains of the ship and its equipment, they might find a way out of their predicament. That’s what Karman thought.

They all knew him well, and so they guessed at what his intention was.


They stopped again, shortly after moving.


“…I’m so glad I came to have a look, just in case. To think that not a single one of you has died. You are pretty tough for vermin.”

“Yes, what a surprise. According to my data, there was a 99.9% chance of all of you dying. It’s impossible that you all survived. So, Mister Karman. What sort of trick did you use?”


A threat had appeared before them in no time—Jegyll and Reiz. And their men were now in front of them.


“Tsk. Back to square one.”


Karman spat.

It had clearly been too early for relief.


“You’re right about that, Reiz. Karman. I am quite interested in your body now. Perhaps the science behind it is more advanced than I thought. You must come to the city with us.”

“Hah! So you can slaughter and dissect us?”

“Or we could kill you here and bring your bodies back, if you prefer? If you’ll come willingly, we will spare you your lives.”


Jegyll said with an expression that looked honest enough.

However, Karman laughed at her.


“Do you take us for fools? There is no reason for you to keep us alive. You’re just trying to trick us, and spare yourself a fight. Aren’t you? I can tell by your eyes. You don’t see us as humans. If you’re going to kill us anyway, then I’ll fight until the end!”


“We’ll show you what we’re made of!!”


Karman and his men shouted in answer.

Jegyll heard this, and the smile disappeared from her face.


“This is all very hard to understand. You people are most strange.”

“Yes, Jegyll. Let’s just get this over with and kill them.”


Reiz was no longer smiling either. He looked at Karman and his men with a cold, appraising look.


Yes, Jegyll and Reiz were not human.

They may have had the appearance, but they were Bionoids.





The fight started abruptly.

However, it wasn’t Karman and his men that were attacked.

It was Jegyll and her men.

Gigantic lifeforms had suddenly appeared and attacked them.


“Super Beasts! Here’s our chance! Let’s hide!”


No, it was surely just a coincidence.

The Super Beasts must have heard the explosion of the ship and come down to search for prey.

However, this ended up saving Karman’s life.

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