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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 298

Bonus – Visit to the Unknown – 16 Unreasonable Child



There were many times that Zaza believed he could no longer be surprised.

It was a world where resources were scarce, and yet Ramiris could create water.

Beretta had repaired machines that anyone else would have found difficult, and he had done it as if it were the simplest thing.

And Veldora brought out food from who knew where.

None of this was normal, and yet it had only been the beginning.

Karman and his team had been feared by all, and yet Beretta had subdued them easily.

And Ramiris had utilized strange and unexplainable phenomenon as if it were the most natural thing.


When Veldora had punched and driven back Super Beasts that were seen as the embodiment of despair…

Zaza had sworn that he would not be shocked again.

Even when the tanks had been altered and they created the buses, Zaza had held back his words and stayed silent.

Well, maybe he had said a few things, but he had held back as much as he could.

Veldora and the others were clearly strange. They could not be measured by this world’s standards. He understood that.

So there was no point in being shocked by every single thing…

That being said…


“How is this possible!? Why… How? Really, how is any of this happening…!?”


Zaza could only shout as he saw what was happening in front of him.

After all, they were currently being surrounded by the fires of hell. Their lives should have been burned away… That is what should have been happening.

But it wasn’t hot at all. He was not even uncomfortable… It did not seem real. Zaza wondered if he was dreaming.


(Yes, I must have died. A dream. This is a dream! No wonder it is not hot. I died, and am continuing to see the world due to all of my regrets…)


He tried very hard to persuade himself that this was true.

However, Veldora laughed in his face.


“Kaaa-ahahahaha! Oh, Zaza. You really are quite stupid. You should face reality and accept it!.”

“E-exactly! I don’t know why they thought something like this would work with Master right here!”


Veldora and Ramiris said as if hearing his thoughts. Zaza was annoyed.

Something like this? It was clearly a state of emergency.

It should have been the end for them… It should have been too late.


“But how can I accept this!? Ho…how is this even happening?”


Zaza shouted the question.

Ramiris nodded.


“Master. I would like to know as well. I was surprised. Just a little, but I was still surprised! What exactly is happening right now? I want you to explain it!”


Ramiris was relieved that she was protected, but she had been surprised just like Zaza. She was flying around Veldora now and asking him to explain it.

Veldora nodded as if it could not be helped.


“I suppose I must then. But it’s just as it looks. As planned, I have created a diversion. We have triggered their trap on purpose and created this wonderful display of flames. They will all be looking at us now. So the plan is going well!”


Veldora said in a confident voice.

Zaza and Ramiris looked at each other in shock.

The others of the resistance watched them and gulped.

They were also confused by what was happening and did not know how to react.


Zaza had responsibilities.

It wasn’t just the diversion team that Zaza led that was here.

Many veteran warriors had been sent from the other bases to join them.

Sharma had spent the previous night persuading them into action. There would be no future for them if they did not move now. And so they had sent soldiers as if this were the final battle.

And they were here now, under Zaza’s command.

So in a way, their lives were in his hands.




Zaza saw that they were looking at him and so he opened his mouth with determination.


“Uhh, in other words…we’ve been caught in the enemy’s trap. And it was just as we want, yes? So, while it may not feel like it…the temperature around us is exceeding 30 million degrees…uh, how are we still alive?”


Zaza asked Veldora hesitantly.

He sounded polite, but there was something reserved about it, as if he wasn’t wholly accepting what he was saying yet.

Zaza’s brain was measuring insane temperatures around them.

Considering the immense amount of energy, it was as if a gigaton-level atomic bomb had gone off.

He should have been shocked at his enhanced calculating ability, but Zaza was solely focused on the results.

It was hard to believe, yet…


There were six points where the Ether Ring Barrier occurred.

It used the heat as its energy source. As long as the heat rays continued to burn wildly, it would not disappear. It would continue to stay up in the shape of a sphere.

And it was in this secluded inner space that the immense energy was being sealed in.

It was energy that defied imagination and turned all manner of matter into dust.

The explosive atomic energy that occurred at the six points was sealed away from the rest of the atmosphere…And so it pushed its way to the center.

There was no place to escape.

Those who were trapped within would be exposed to the burning heat. And when the pressure and impact that destroyed everything was added—-well, that’s what should have been happening.


—Six Tyrant—


This trap that Veldora spoke of, it must be the strongest of the Empire’s weapons. Zaza had guessed as much.

And so…


—Why are we all alive?


That was the emotion that he could not hide.

They were inside of the superweapon and yet they could see and talk to one another.

Why? It was so absurd and removed from reality.

He didn’t even know where to begin if he were to ask questions.

Still, Veldora’s reaction had been to tell him that he was being stupid.

That was rather rude.

It did not seem like a matter of stupidity.


“You idiot. Use your head for once. As I already said, I knew there would be a trap. So why wouldn’t I take the necessary measures to deal with it?”

“No, no! First of all, at what point did you know there would be a trap?”


Veldora answered casually, but Veldora was quick to reply.

Indeed, Zaza was also wary of a trap. But they hadn’t been sure that there would be one.

And so he had asked…


“What? Clearly, that Jegyll woman was lying. I was so sure that you had all noticed. But, could it be that you didn’t?”


Again, Veldora answered as if this were a very simple thing.

Zaza turned to Ramiris for help.

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