Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 299

Bonus – Visit to the Unknown – 17 The Door to Destruction



A dozen or more battleships were lined up in the sky, creating an imposing scene.

In the bridge of the flagship Lordaran.

General Kristoph’s sharp eyes were observing the Six Tyrant.

It had a diameter of 100 km. And it was covered in a rainbow-colored layer known as the Ether Ring Barrier.

Inside, a violent madness that surpassed anything that could be imagined in this world was erupting.


A gigaton level nuclear bomb—It was a weapon that created a sun on a smaller scale on the surface.

The things detonated at six different points at the same time.

Heat rays and shock waves all bounce off of the barrier and push inward, and then are repelled…resulting in immeasurable destructive power.


“Surely there will be no survivors…”


Kristoph muttered to himself.

The new Emperor, Fudora, had given him a mission. The annihilation of the Resistance.

Jegyll had led them on the right path, successfully gathering the majority of their current fighting force together.

She had made them believe that security was weak. And so the pathetic prey had come here to the land of death.

The first stage of the plan was complete. Now he would move to the second stage.

Now that the resistance had lost the majority of their fighting force, he would attack their hideouts and capture them so they could be used as material for experiments.


“Indeed. It is most fortunate for me as a man of science to be able to witness this superweapon in action.”


The leader of the scientists said. He was giddy like a child.


As far as they were aware, this was the greatest amount of energy ever seen in this world. And it was being controlled by a layer of skin that was the colors of a rainbow.

It was the fruit of the wisdom of their race.

The scientists were all curious about the strength of the Ether Ring Barrier.

During the last great war, it had been an undefeatable shield that protected the city.

And it had worked as expected yet again.

However, there were a few points that should be mentioned.

Unlike the city, where power had to be provided in order to maintain the barrier, this one converted the heat into energy directly.

This astronomical energy that had been created through the gigantic atomic bomb was converted into energy that kept the Ether Ring Barrier running. The theory had been put into practice.

It was a model of the Star System that only the Machinery Four had, which could completely control a thermonuclear reaction.

The Machinery Four’s high-power thermonuclear reactors were equipped with finished Stars Systems. They were very rare, as there were only three completed ones in existence.

Now that Almsbine was dead, it was an impenetrable system.

There was not one person who understood how it worked.

This was why the scientists were so excited to see the heritage of the genius scientist with their own eyes.


Kristoph nodded without any particular emotion. Then he started to open his mouth to give the next order.

However, his eyes then caught the distortion of space.

Thin cracks then started to appear on the surface of the Ether Ring Barrier. It was the energy that seeped out of these cracks that were causing the distortion.

Kristoph was quick to realize this…


“All ships activate anti-shock barriers!! And land the ships at once!!”


He shouted.

They were at least 20 km away from the Six Tyrant. However, if the Ether Ring Barrier really did break, the destructive power that had been pressurized inside would lay waste to the area faster than the speed of sound.

Kristoph followed his instincts and ordered a retreat in order to escape the danger.




His soldiers were sharp from training, and they obeyed his order without question.

It was the scientists who showed surprise.


“General Kristoph. What is happening?”


The lead scientist asked, clearly dissatisfied with the decision.

However, before Kristoph could answer him—an alarm sounded, and something hit the ship’s barrier from the outside. Had all ships not landed, there would have likely been casualties.

After that, there was an earth-shattering roar.

It turned into vibrations and it was so loud that you could hear it inside of the ships in spite of them being soundproof.


“Hey, what’s happening!?”

“Surely it can’t be that the Ether Ring Barrier was unable to contain the energy of the Six Tyrant?”

“So a gigaton level hit was the limit…”

“No, perhaps it was due to maintenance being impossible? Perhaps there was a malfunction.”


The scientists weren’t stupid.

They quickly understood the situation and began to give their own explanations.

However, there were some who questioned it.


“I still don’t understand. Most of the energy should not be depleted yet. Considering the difference of pressure inside and outside of it, the aftermath should be much worse than a mere shockwave.”

“Hmm. And look at the monitor. There are no balls of fire. There was an explosion, but it was very small, no?”

“So perhaps the chain reaction failed and the nuclear reactor was incomplete?”

“No, it’s not that. Look at the density of reactants in the air. It is not at all normal.”

“Indeed. The explosion happened as it should. However, something caused most of the energy to dissipate. That is probably what happened.”


The scientists stared at the observation systems on the bridge and shared their opinions.

Kristoph looked at them and opened his mouth with a grim expression.


“The top tower of South City has been destroyed.”


“What happened?”

“It seems that a part of the Ether Barrier Ring broke off first, and energy spilled out of it all at

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