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If they got close, it was possible that they would go passed the event horizon and be stretched into a line towards a singularity?

Perhaps he sensed this, because the man stopped in his tracks. Then he and the woman began to argue.

From what I could hear, words like ‘closer’ and ‘no’ were being thrown around.

But the man maintained his calm and tried to persuade her.

Well, I should move while I could.

There would be more casualties if I waited.


And so I quickly stopped time.

And then I quickly walked over to the singularity.

There was a rainbow-colored bridge that hovered in the darkness. And on the other side of the boundary surface, there were two rings in the air.

The Mobius System?


<<It’s a black hole engine. The final destination of a technique they call science. The ultimate energy generating device.>>


I see…

Well, I understood that it was amazing.

An ultimate power that exceeded nuclear energy. However, there was no point if you couldn’t control it.


<<In the first place, this technology is clearly out of place for this age. Compared to your old world, master, this place is about two centuries more advanced… But that is not enough to use this technology. They haven’t even invented metal that can tolerate the heat, much less repress it. So it’s no wonder that it went out of control.>>



Apparently, those cyborg-like people had miniaturized nuclear power reactors and particle acceleration devices through space compression installed within them.

That was clearly the result of a different civilization, but it did suggest that they had developed quite a bit as well.

However, an engine that could control a micro black hole… It was hard to imagine where that technology had come from.

It was too foreign and did not match their level.

So that meant the person who made this had probably been from another world. If I was able to meet them, I would consider making them honorary members of my research team.

I thought as I looked at the Mobius System, while the world stood still.

Well, it would be dangerous to leave it here. So I might as well take it.


<<In that case, I will manage it responsibly!>>



Master Ciel was obsessed with skills. Had she just found a new hobby…?

She sounded pretty happy. So the possibility was strong.

Oh, well.

Currently, the energy thing isn’t a problem, and since Master Ciel is so happy, it would feel barbaric to ruin the fun for her.

And so I put the Mobius System into my ‘Stomach.’


“So, Rimuru. What are you going to do with it?”


Veldora seemed a lot more confident now that time had been stopped.

He didn’t miss the fact that I had quietly taken the Mobius System.

I had let my guard down and forgotten that Veldora was able to move.


“I’m thinking about studying it, since it looks amusing.”

“What! That’s not fair! And both Ramiris and I were not able to analyze it, you know? And so we worked so hard towards acquiring it!!”

“Who cares! I thought you were working hard to save the world? It’s because of that that I was going to ignore the other things you did!”

“Oh, uh.. No, that is right… Kahahaha… Phew. It’s just that Ramiris wanted to install it in Beretta…”


Veldora must have understood his position, because he suddenly became quiet.

It would be several hundred years before he could beat me in an argument.

However, install it in Beretta?

That was a surprisingly amusing idea, wasn’t it?


<<…It is possible, but please wait for me to finish studying it. I would like to offer something that has been perfected.>>


Oh, that’s amazing, Master Ciel!

A true perfectionist as always.

And now she had given her permission.

So it was all but settled. It would go in Beretta.


“Yes, we will adopt that idea!”


“Beretta seems to have suffered a lot, so we will give it to him as a reward!”

“Kaaa-hahaha! That’s it, Rimuru my old friend. You understand me. Ramiris will be so pleased!”


Veldora was in a good mood now.

I was also interested, and it was important to make good use of your resources.

Beretta had the earth element, and with a perfect Mobius System created by Master Ciel, he should be able to control it safely.

So the matter of dealing with the dangerous object was resolved.

Now I just needed to get a replacement heart—power reactor– for this Michelle person.

That was easy enough.

Master Ciel had already analyzed the nearby cyborgs and was working out a solution.


<<Nuclear Fusion Core Reactor—what they call it the Star System. But it seems like a waste to give it to a single person. Oh, well.>>


Master Ciel did not want to compromise when it came to her creations, but it also seemed like too much power for one person. It was quite the dilemma.

After all, it was an engine with higher output than even the Mobius System, which they had failed to control. So I could understand how she felt.

She tried too hard sometimes, Master Ciel.

It seemed like she hadn’t spent much time or effort, but the result was far superior to what the other cyborgs had.

But then again, we were taking their Mobius System, so perhaps it was a fair trade.




While that was being done, I interrogated Veldora.

He had thrown caution aside and did as he pleased in this world. And he seemed to have enjoyed it a lot.

That’s why I couldn’t let him go places alone.

Veldora and Ramiris needed a guardian.

Veldora finished his story and then smiled happily as if I had no reason to be upset.

Oh? But your punishment hasn’t even begun yet?

There was some saying about it ‘not hurting after it passes your throat’, and now that we had dealt with the Mobius System, he thought that the world was saved…

And so I decided to give Veldora a taste of reality by making him settle matters in this world until the end.


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