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“We don’t have a future. Even if we used our remaining resources wisely, there is still a limit to how many humans we can support. There was nothing to spare for the people outside of the city who called themselves the Resistance. Even within the cities, West does not have much time. North is already starting to crumble. That is why…we needed the Mobius System…”


He said this very weakly.

It was very close to what Master Ciel predicted for this world’s future.


“…Wait. What do you mean? Didn’t we go through with the contamination removal plan as a way of fighting against those predictions?”

“No, Michelle. That was just our official stance. The Super Beasts were born as a way of leaving the roots of mankind’s possibilities. We created lifeforms that could live under harsh circumstances and hoped that they would become intelligent. We humans cannot live in undeveloped land. We can’t do anything once severed from our civilization. It’s not enough to decontaminate the world.”


Fudora said.

And then he laughed as if he had gone mad.

Then voices rose and the arguments began…




That’s it, really.

According to Master Ciel, ‘As they have not inherited the technology, they are not able to lower their civilization level.’

They needed those cities to maintain their current lifestyle. And that required immense energy.

Apparently, all of their food was automatically grown as well. They did not even know how to do it all by hand anymore. Their civilization had become too convenient. They could not return.

And now, their world was contaminated.

They would need to cultivate the earth after they purified it.

However, there was no water.

The ground was dry and unfit for growing crops.

There were no rivers, it was just barren wasteland as far as the eye could see.

Not only that, but it seemed that even the seas had dried up.

You could not see the sun. It really did look like it was the end of the world.

Really, it was astounding that humanity had survived at all.


So there really wasn’t any hope of getting out of this situation by human hands. So the only way was to make use of the cities…but they had limits.

Nuclear fusion reactors didn’t create energy out of nothing. You needed fuel.

So, considering all of that…


This world had no future.


…And so that was why this man called Fudora and seen hope in the Mobius System.

And he had tried to kill everyone who might get in his way, just in case his plan failed.

In other words, humanity needed to be culled.

Perhaps this Fudora had the resolve to commit heinous crimes.

It seemed like they were discussing having him executed. And giving my opinion on the matter wouldn’t help them solve anything.

However, I had every intention of stopping something as troubling as an execution.

Fudora seemed quite smart. Perhaps I could find a use for him if this world was going to execute him.


I would use this problem as a way of negotiating in my favor.

Fudora’s testimony had revealed the truth to everyone, so that would make things easier.

No one would accuse me of doing things on my own later.

I had a plan.

To be precise, I would make this world indebted to me by solving their problem, and then I would take Fudora as payment.

At the same time, I would close my eyes towards all the things that Veldora and the others had done.

Besides, it didn’t seem like any continued talks would lead to anything good. It was best to go ahead and solve the problem.


“I know you all have your reasons. You must have a lot to say. However, I would like it if you left things to me now. And with that, we can wipe the slate clean. As for the future, we can talk about it once you’ve seen the results!”


I interrupted their conversation with this declaration.

In any case, they couldn’t ignore me now. And it was to my advantage that they seemed a little exasperated.

Usually, interactions with other worlds had to be conducted more carefully.

That’s why I had told them not to go…

However, since Veldora and the others had already gotten so involved, I couldn’t abandon them.

To put it bluntly, I would have trouble sleeping at night.

Still, it would be necessary to give Veldora and Ramiris a long, hard talk about the importance of prudence.

But that could come later.

How much could I interfere in the affairs of this world—should I interfere at all? It was a difficult question.

Basically, I needed a pretext for saving this world.




The room fell quiet as soon as I spoke.

Then they all looked at me awkwardly.

I could even see fear in some of their eyes.

I don’t understand.

I went out of my way to become a human because I thought it would be rude.

That being said, I could very well make use of their confusion.


“Rimuru…Lord… What did you…?”


I ignored this question from Michelle as I turned to Veldora.

Veldora had been discussing something with Ramiris and Beretta while I had been distracted by Michelle.

It seemed like he was bragging to them about what happened while time had stopped.

While I was here, he acted as if the problems of Michelle and the others were none of his business.

He was telling them that it was because of him that the Mobius System would be installed in Beretta. Ramiris and Beretta listened to him with the deepest respect.

It was a little annoying, but I would let it pass.

I would have him work in exchange later on.


“Veldora. This world seems to be in danger, huh?”

“Hmm? Yes, it appears to be so. So, what are you going to do, Rimuru? Maybe we could just take the children with us?”


“Hmph. How cold of you! We should save those that we can save. Then they can learn of my greatness!”


Veldora said. I smiled at him.

Veldora saw my smile and finally sensed the danger.


“Wh-what are you going to do? Put away that scary fan!”


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