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I shouldn’t have been blamed for it. I had to pay some ridiculous reparations too. Honestly, I was starting to get angry just thinking about it. It was all Veldora’s fault.

Recently, I had felt that Veldora was lacking in restraint, but I suppose he had really been doing his best. It could not be helped.

It was a good thing to be reminded of what would happen when he did forget.




The miracle did not end there.


“Now, it’s my turn! Elemental: The World!!”


Ramiris shouted triumphantly as she used her power.

She stole more than a little of my ‘Nihility Collapse’ energy and used it to transform into an adult.

A beautiful, young woman–of course, the reality was that she was the same disappointing Ramiris who had the heart of a child.


Ramiris sung.

And her beautiful voice woke up the sleeping spirits.

And then–

The earth was blessed and regained the appearance of its golden age.

Flowers bloomed on the ground. The air became thick and sweet. It became a paradise for the spirits that could not be seen with human eyes.

This way, they wouldn’t be forced to develop dangerous things. The gifts of nature would bring new life.

It was quite impressive.

Ramiris really was the queen of the spirits.

Had she stayed like this all of the time, there would be no reason to despise her. It was too bad!

I only lent her my power. I would take it back as soon as she was finished.

Of course, she would definitely complain about it, but it was not good for her to have this power when she hadn’t grown mentally.

It was for her own good.




And like that, the planet was reborn.

They would be able to live without fighting each other for food and water.





It was unlikely that Veldora and Ramiris, who were preoccupied with their work, would need any protection, but I still left it to Beretta.

And then I turned back to Michelle, who I had been neglecting.

Michelle and the others had become speechless. Their eyes were glued to the scene before them.


“Ah, sorry to keep you waiting.”


I said. Michelle turned to me with a look of surprise.

Yes, yes. I understand.

She was exasperated how ridiculous Veldora and the others were.

I could see a giant building behind them that had smoke rising from one of the upper floors. Apparently, it was also Veldora’s doing.

Michelle looked like she had a lot she wanted to say.

However, I was in no mood to hear it.

I had sworn never again to make the same mistake that I did with Ruminas.

Take your complaints to the man himself!

And so I decided to tell them what I wanted to say and that alone.


“I think this planet will be restored soon if you leave things to those two. I hope you can then forgive them for everything they did.”


After I said this, all of the people including Michelle began to shake their heads vertically at an incredible speed.

This gesture seemed to have the same meaning here, so I guess they agreed.

So there would be no problems left between our worlds.

The only thing left was…


“Also, I have a suggestion if you don’t mind? It seems like you want to execute this Fudora guy. In that case, give him to me. I’ll punish him for you…”


That punishment would be being put in Ramiris’s research team.

I could expect advancements in our technology, which was more than I could ask for.

The airships in this world seemed like they could fly in space as well. The possibilities were endless.

Perhaps this was counting my eggs before they hatched, but…


“Pl-please wait! Would you please reconsider sentencing Lord Fudora to divine punishment!?”


A beautiful youth—called Alvin, said as he kneeled before me.

Divine punishment? That was an exaggeration.

I thought. But judging by their reactions, it seemed like the others feared me as well.

This was probably because Veldora had shown his abilities as a dragon.

They clearly saw me as being in the same class. Oh, well.


“No, no, no. It’s nothing like that…”

“Lord Fudora is…


I tried to explain, but Alvin began his passionate speech.

What it contained just confirmed what I had already guessed.


Almsbine, the previous emperor, had been suffering from a fatal disease, and so Fudora acted in his stead.

Fudora respected Almsbine and didn’t want his reputation to be tarnished. And so he decided to take all of the blame.

Well, it was a complicated problem.


The world was dying.

Should everyone die?

Or should a small minority survive?


When asked these questions, which answer was the right one?

An administrator’s job was to protect their people.

If was said that if you abandoned the citizens you were supposed to keep safe, then problems would arise for your government.

It would become a source of trouble in the future. An unbridgeable gap would exist between ruler and citizens.


As men of science, Almsbine and Fudora did not hesitate to choose the path of a small number of survivors.

It was the logical way to think, once you took emotion out of it.

However, it was a decision too heavy for a person to bear.


—However, they needed a sacrificial lamb.


That’s why Fudora was going to settle everything and entrust Michelle with his hopes for the future.


“Is that true, brother?”

“Aye, it is true, Michelle.”


Alvin nodded to her as he finished his defense of Fudora.



Fudora was sagging as if drained of all of his strength.

And so I patted him on the shoulder and nodded to him reassuringly.

Then I turned to Michelle and the others and said plainly:


“Please don’t worry. There won’t be anything so extravagant as divine punishment. But I am taking this man with me so you can ascend to the seat of Emperor and unite the world.”


If that’s what I have to say to get a new researcher! That was my true feelings on the matter.

However, their reaction was different from what I was expecting.


“Ohh… He will entrust the sovereign right to General Michelle…”

“Am I really worthy?”

“Huh? Uh, I think so?”

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