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Weren’t things going in that direction?

Michelle was the daughter of Almsbine, the previous Emperor. So she should be the next emperor. That was supposed to be the right answer.

I had only said it because of those reasons. Their reaction was so overdone.

It made me frantic. Maybe I had been wrong.

Or perhaps they wanted Michelle’s older brother, Alvin, to become the new emperor?

If that was the case, then it was really up to them to talk about it and work it out.


In the first place, giving my opinion on the matter would be interfering with their government.

They were saying something about me entrusting the sovereign right, but I didn’t have the authority to do such a thing.


“Very well, then. I swear to protect and guide this world you have beautifully restored with all of my body and soul!”


Michelle said as she kneeled.

It really was so overblown.

Besides, it was Veldora who did the restoring. And Ramiris gave it the power to maintain its state.

Well, I did lend her the power. But it was those two that had put it into action.

I was pretty sure that Veldora and Ramiris would hate me for stealing the credit.


“Hmm… Good luck? Right, so you don’t mind if I take this guy with me?”


In any case, I had succeeded in leaving things pretty vague.

On top of that, I had acquired some valuable personnel. And while there seemed to be more than a few misconceptions, I was alright with it.

All’s well that ends well!

As it was too much trouble, I decided that there was no need to clear up any misunderstandings.




After that, we were guided into the city, where we talked about the finer points.

I even promised to make schools once things had settled down and send students to help train them.

Michelle agree with this idea wholeheartedly and gave her consent.

As they wanted a way to contact us, I gave them a communication crystal.

Now it would be possible to contact each other if something happened.

Once the schools were finished and they were ready to receive us, they would send word.

And just like that, my first negotiation with another world came to a peaceful conclusion.




–As an aside, Almsbine was still alive.

After returning to Tempest, Fudora took out the ‘brain’ that had been frozen, and said he wanted to research a treatment method.

In order to save Almsbine, who was afflicted by a fatal disease, Fudora had gone to the extent of saving him in a state of suspended animation.

My restorative medicine healed him completely.

We’ll just say that Master Ciel was also really good in regards to medicine as well.

Normally, she wouldn’t have helped them, but if it gave her an opportunity to learn more about the Mobius System, that was a different story–she didn’t exactly say it in so many words, but it was pretty obvious that that was what she was thinking.

It would be better if I didn’t interfere with this matter.


Veldora was very satisfied after being able to run wild.

Ramiris was the same. On top of that, we had a brilliant new assistant.

Beretta seemed to have suffered much as well, but he had acquired a new power that more than made up for it. Besides, the Mobius System would be installed in him once it was complete.

In the end, the visit to the other world was a fond memory for all three of them.


As for me, I was able to get some operating data from the Different Gate.

And with a friend from a new civilization, the possibilities seemed to have increased.

If you looked at the results alone, it was a great success.

However, you could never be too careful.

And so this definitely did not mean that Veldora and the others were now allowed to do as they pleased.


Troubling others and being troubled by them.

Like that, our lives continued…





A day that future generations would call the ‘Day of Regeneration’…


Zaza saw it.

That overwhelming presence.

A being that was like a god from legend and myth.

The dragon.



(Really…could he really—have been the storm dragon…?)


His body shook with shock, fear and wonder.


The dragon only needed to roar once, and the thick clouds were blown away and the sunlight rained down on them.

The dragon only flapped its wings, and a tornado erupted and called forth thunderclouds.


The embodiment of the supernatural. A being worthy of that monicker.

Zaza was filled with joy as he looked up at the blue sky.


“Great dragon… I was so insolent…


Zaza remembered his attitude up until now as he muttered the words in shame.

And then…


—Kaaaaa-hahaha! You’re as stiff as ever!—


The voice of Veldora, that carefree man that he couldn’t bring yourself to hate, now echoed in Zaza’s ears.


“I see. Yes. It’s not like me… Until the very end, you are always ahead of me. Damn it.”


Zaza muttered happily.




Zaza could see the children running towards him.

Karman was there, on the other side.

And there was Sharma, Rindo and the other resistance members as well.

On such a beautiful new days as this, it would be an act against God to continue fighting.

That is what Zaza thought.


—And so it was on this day, that the Empire and the Resistance made an eternal peace treaty.

It was a historic moment, but it was easily overshadowed amidst the miracle that was the rebirth of the planet.





Michelle had no words as her eyes were glued to the person.

The jiggly, mysterious lifeform had turned into the embodiment of beauty.

And then, the great words were formed.

The world was saved, and as the person who was left to unite it—Michelle made a promise.


–I will lead humanity so that it never pollutes this world again–


And this duty would be passed onto future generations of emperors.

And eventually—





The legend states:

The embodiment of beauty took the dragon and maiden with him and ascended.

The empire boasted prosperity after that, as if to prove the validity of the divine right of the Emperor.

And so future emperors declared that they had been chosen by God to lead the world.



—If God were to determine that the emperor’s actions were not justified, the prosperity of this world would once again vanish, as it if it were nothing but a dream—


—Such words were inscribed.

And so the imperial family respected God and dedicated their bodies and souls in order to fulfill their role, which was the governing of the world.


This sovereignty given by God—after the Day of Regeneration, it became an unending tradition, and was the duty of the imperial family.





—And that was how the legend was born.

Of course, none of that had anything to do with Rimuru anymore.

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