Tensei Slime

Chapter 240 Decisive Battle at the summit Part 1


Even when they were called fakes, Damrada and Kondou were calm–they didn’t even move an eyebrow.


They looked at Ultima and Carrera without letting their feelings affect them.


No, it was obvious that they didn’t have any feelings.


Even if he was able to recreate their memories, they are different beings altogether. As long as they don’t have a soul, they are nothing more than a man-made substitute for battles. It is truly an act which insults the dead.


Velda’s expression didn’t change even after seeing the demons get angry and he simply commanded ‘Get rid of the obstacles’.


And then, the fight started.


Damrada and Ultima exchanged blows.


Kondou and Carrera aimed their gun at each other in close range.


Both fights were intense but the it was obvious who was superior in an instant.


Ultima used ‘Bloody Bite’ but Damrada repelled it without being overpowered.


“My move, eh? It seems you inherited it wonderfully but… If the technique is same, it is only obvious that the difference in strength would decide the victor.”


Damrada said.


And then pierced Ultima’s chest with his fist while she was off guard.


He refined the enormous amount of energy with his spirit and concentrated it all on the fist. This produced an explosive amount of destructive power.


It twisted around inside Ultima’s body like a snake, devouring everything.


And although she remained conscious, she couldn’t move her body. It was only because she was a spiritual being that she just lost control over her body because the attack devoured her flow of energy.


If this was someone who possessed a body, they would be unable to bear the pain and explode from the inside…


Carrera was also lying on the ground.


They had both drawn their guns and shot at lightning speed but the difference in power was too much.


The bullet shot from Carrera’s large-caliber pistol collided with the one shot from Kondou’s automatic pistol head on. And due to the difference of energy density between the bullets, one just disappeared. It was Carrera’s.




By the moment she was surprised, large amount of energy had already been stolen from Carrera’s body.


Carrera and Ultima, who were even stronger than normal awakened demon lords, were defeated easily.


Milim was looking at that fight with a side glance while facing off with Velda.


(Energy equal to that of 10 awakened demon lords, eh? I guess he wasn’t exactly boasting.)


She came to a quick conclusion.


She realized from that one exchange of blows that the demons stood no chance against Kondou and Damrada.


And so what was she to do now? She had no other plan.


And besides that… what made her more curious was the third memory orb Velda held.


Although most of the energy of the celestial world had been depleted just to give birth to those two but if he were to make another one, they would have absolutely no chance of winning.


(This is extremely bad. To think he actually possesses strength exceeding that of the dragons…… Seems like I was a bit too naive.)


But then, she thought that if Velda possesses this much strength, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference even if she had made a well thought out plan and attacked with everyone.


The only thing Milim could do now was to use all her strength to crush Velda.


While gathering up energy throughout her body, she prepared to launch an all-out Dragon Nova on Velda.


Milim wasn’t even close to giving up just yet.


That was because she believed that if she just lands her attack, the percentage of defeating Velda won’t be zero.


However, she had to accept that it would be extremely difficult to catch him off guard……


After the two demons were defeated, the remaining Testarossa wouldn’t be able to take on Kondou and Damrada on her own.


They were in a very unfavorable situation.


But, even still–


Milim analyzed the situation calmly.


“Now then, Milim, it’s about time you give up and be obedient. You do understand that you have no chances of winning no matter how you struggle, right?”


“Hmm. Say what you want. If you wanted children, you could’ve just made them with that fake calling herself my mother. Although, she faced a foolish end.”


“Don’t go misunderstanding now, Milim. What I want is not children. The only being allowed to stand next to Velda is Lucia only. I had thought it would be able to produce ‘Wisdom Lord Raphael’ if I gave it a body and the name but…”



“Yes, it looks like the Manas brought about from Justice King Michael couldn’t become Lucia’s soul. You were also disappointed, right? If I were to reproduce the ability Lucia had–’Wisdom Lord Raphael’, I could make her again. If I had succeeded in doing that, I would just need to plant the memories in her. It’s just reversing the process of the soul creating abilities but… it seems to be more difficult than I thought. It was the most plausible method too but–”


Velda answered to Milim’s question.


His thoughts were nothing but crazy, speaking of a forbidden method.


“You bastard, to bring my mother back to life… you created the memory orb?”


“Yes, what of it? The reason I spread anxiety and chaos to destroy the humans was to bring about an environment under which someone would awaken to the ability. Isn’t it only obvious to explore for a method with higher success? Although it is very difficult to reproduce souls, if I am just able to reproduce the same skills, as their nature is very similar, I could use that. And as such, the Ultimate Skill Wisdom Lord Raphael was necessary.”


“You, what are–”


Milim was lost for words.


She was about to deny it but she had just realized that there was a slight chance of that method working.


“But well, I didn’t think it would fail even after I gave it the body I had preserved. On top of that, I ended up losing that precious body too. It was a failure. And so, as my last option, I think making a baby with you would have the highest rate of success. Because you have Lucia’s blood, isn’t it more probable for you to give birth to a similar body in terms of DNA? I could make it as the old Lucia with just a little tweaking too.”


Without a shred of uncertainty in his smile, Velda explained his plan filled with madness to Milim.


“You are mad–”


“Is that so? But, Milim… It doesn’t matter to me what you think, you know.”


And then, in a moment, Velda disappeared and Milim felt an intense shock to her abdomen.


Although she took a defensive stance in an instance, Velda’s punch easily broke through her multiple layers of defense and the energy she had gathered also dispersed.


And like that, she was thrown to the ground.


Even though she thought of standing up, her body didn’t have any strength left.


(Kuha–This guy… he’s without doubt, stron–)


She held her consciousness and glared at Velda.


“Still rebellious, Milim? I will deal with you after I destroy the world, so sleep for a while.”


While saying that, he focused his energy on his fist and held it over Milim.


And then, light overflowed from the hand–






Testarossa analyzed the situation correctly and deemed that their chances of victory was zero.


It was a much more pessimistic conclusion than that of Milim but that was because she didn’t have a trump card up her sleeves.


If demons of her level got defeated in an instant, no matter how hard she struggled, she had no chance of winning.


When it has come to this, there is only one thing she could do.


(Good grief. To think this Velda person is this strong. But, well, since we have destroyed the celestial gate, we have succeeded in accomplishing the mission Rimuru-sama gave us. If it’s Rimuru-sama, he probably has already made his next move so I guess I will just try to buy some time–)


If she can’t win by fighting, she has to buy time by talking.


To Testarossa, death isn’t something to be feared. In a few hundred or at most a thousand years, it is possible for her to revive with some of her memories and personality. However, when she thinks that there might not be any of her allies left till then, she can’t help but feel sad…


(Fufu, interesting. To think… that I would feel… lonely… Is this perhaps what they call sentiment? Well, it’s fine either way…)


Testarossa shifted her thoughts and began buying time by attacking them verbally.


“Without feelings, without a soul. Your movements are quite refined for a hollow doll. But, it’s comical–”


She put on airs and awaited their response.


If their memories were just reproduced, talking like this wouldn’t have any meaning but Damrada and Kondou also had their memories altered. Her aim was to attack that inconsistency.


Although they were two automations without any feeling, if they are well made machines then wouldn’t they be confused even more because of that inconsistency? That was what Testarossa had thought.


“Comical…? What are you even talking about, young lady?”


Damrada inquired, with an air of composure.


The one who answered that was Kondou, not Testarossa.


“It’s simple. This demon (Carrera), has inherited my abilities–even my soul. However, I don’t have any memory of it. The person I have given my soul to, is now opposing Velda-sama for some reason. If I were to judge from these, it is only natural to think that my memories which are not convenient for Velda-sama has been rewritten. Aren’t you the same, Damrada?”


“—What about, the possibility of our soul being stolen?”


“None. There’s no way I am going to permit something so clumsy.”


Kondou declared full of confidence.


Damrada also nodded. Although he spoke of that himself, he knew the possibility of that happening were low.


“–That’s, right. This girl inherited my abilities and perfectly used them, after all…”


Damrada agreed to Kondou’s explanation.


Testarossa looked at Kondou with a surprise.


Testarossa was impressed by Kondou, as he was able to perfectly analyze the situation only moments after being born.


(This man is terrifyingly calm. I guess Carrera would acknowledge someone like this–)


However, she also realized after looking at Kondou’s clear eyes that she wouldn’t be able to make them fall into a state of confusion or make them change sides.


“But, what of it? Don’t worry too much, Damrada. We just have to complete the mission Velda-sama has given us.”


And just as Testarossa had expected, the man named Kondou didn’t even hesitate and pointed his gun at her.


(Tch. I thought I could buy a little time but I guess it was meaningless. Rimuru-sama, it isn’t like we are going to die—Please, forgive us…)


Testarossa stood proudly till the end.


She had a charming smile on her face.


She did all she could but it seems like her time was up. But it wasn’t like she had given up. With her pride as the strongest Devil Lord, she focused her will to activate the secret technique of resurrection.


However, the technique didn’t activate.


It was because there was no need for it.


The last struggle Testarossa went through was in no way meaningless.


A bullet was shot from the gun.


Just when the bullet with overwhelming energy and bloodlust was about to pierce through Testarossa’s multiple barriers–


“Kufufufu. Testarossa, I can’t let you go die on your own like that. Rimuru-sama will be enraged, you know?”


It was stopped just before it hit Testarossa.


He had appeared out of nowhere beside Testarossa and was holding the bullet with his finger with a smile on his face.


“You are quite late, aren’t you, Diablo? I didn’t plan on dying but that was just one step away from being terminated.”


“Kufufufu, sorry about that. However, is it not you people that went off on your own after destroying the celestial gate?”


Testarossa slightly shrugged her shoulder and then changed the topic.


“Well? Is it okay if I leave those two to you?”


“Unfortunately, it might be a bit tough for me alone. But there’s no need to worry. After all, I wasn’t the only one heading here.”


“Don’t tell me, Rimuru-sama too?!”


“No, it seems like Rimuru-sama will be coming after confirming the disposal of the weaklings. And so, I wanted to finish everything before that but…”


Diablo looked at Damrada and Kondou and gave a bitter smile.


And just when he glanced towards Velda and Milim, a light was heading towards Milim.


“Kufufufu. As expected, they are quick. It seems like those people are here. But this is all probably according to plan–”




Right after Testarossa reacted to Diablo’s mutterings, an explosion occurred at the place Milim was lying.


Kondou retreated, cautious of Diablo and Damrada instantly teleported in front of Velda to use his body as a shield.


Seeing an explosion which wasn’t supposed to occur, Velda clicked his tongue and muttered, ‘More nuisances…’.


“See? Because you people were so slow at destroying the gate, those guys also came. Although, I would have probably lost if I was alone so I am not complaining this time.”


It is quite obvious who these ‘nuisances’ Velda was talking about were.


Appearing beside and in front of Milim were five human figures–Guy, Chloe and the three dragons.








Velda looked at Guy and the others uncomfortably.


And then said,


“Good grief. As you all came together, does that mean you’re opposing me? Velzado?”


He asked to confirm Velzado’s will, who was under his command, not Veldora or Velgrynd.


“Stay quiet. You imposter pretending to be my brother. And now when I think about it, why did I even think for a moment that you were my brother…”


Cutting Velda’s question in half, Velzado made her hostility against Velda clear.


Velda’s rule was already broken by Guy and now there wasn’t any space in Velzado’s heart for ruler-type abilities to enter.


Seeing that, Velda shrugged his shoulders saying ‘Dear me’.


“Seriously, you all are so bothersome” Velda said, annoyed, but then a wicked smile came over his face, as if he just thought of something.


“Oh right, I should bring about a person who is very nostalgic to you. After all, I am very kind.”


Saying that, he brought out the memory orb.




“As if I will let you!”


Guy reacted to Milim’s shout and unsheathed his sword at godspeed and was on his way to slash Velda.


He dodged that with ease and just laughed saying ‘You’re slow too’.


“Look, it seems like the angels underneath are also being annihilated just perfectly. The celestial world is being filled with energy. With this, I should be able to create one strongest being with all the angels’ energy. You guys are also excited, right? Feel nostalgic for all I care!”


And then–


A human was born.


“This place… is? Or rather, what happened to me?”


Seeing that person, Velgrynd turned pale. Guy and Velzado too.


It was because that person was Guy’s close friend, a target of Velzado’s jealousy and Velgrynd’s partner.


His name was Rudra Naska.


It was the Rudra Naska possessing the memories of his golden days, the days when he was at his peak.


Energy came flowing into Rudra’s body from underneath, from the angels who were being killed in the surface. That energy became very dense and even exceeded that of Damrada and Kondou.


As Velda predicted the defeat on the surface, now his trump card had manifested in its true form.


The three stood to protect Velda.


With Rudra in the center and Kondou and Damrada at the sides.


Opposing them were Guy, Milim, Chloe, Diablo and the three dragons.


Testarossa had collected Ultima and Carrera and was healing them. She had realized that the fight had already reached another dimension, one in which her participation would have no meaning.


For she couldn’t do anything other than to pray for Diablo and the others victory.


However, it was like Testarossa didn’t have any feeling of uneasiness or fear.


From her eyes, one could only see the color of curiosity.


(But still… to think that Diablo is strong enough to line up by those people at the top, eh…)


Not feeling timid of those people, Testarossa nodded with satisfaction seeing her colleague line up beside them.


I am not afraid of defeat.


I will even conquer death, if needed.


And then—one day, we shall also rise up there–Testarossa was determined.


And then–


Each of them ascertained their prey and the fight had begun.


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