Tensei Slime

Chapter 244/251 Decisive Battle at the Summit Part 5

And well, that is how I have also been working hard.


I am sure you all understand now that I was by no means slacking off.


Velda was surprised by my entrance.


That is natural, I guess.


After all, I appeared here using the ‘Instant Teleportation’ I got just a while ago.


Right as I acquired it, Ciel implemented it into ‘Void God Azathoth’.


It seems like Mai couldn’t go anywhere except the places she had been to once but that’s just the limit for humans. It can’t be helped as most of their perception of space is through vision.


However, I added surveillance magic into it and can grasp a ton of space information easily. In other words, this means that I can instantly teleport to anywhere I can perceive.


Even now, I was able to grasp the situation through Diablo and Veldora-san’s eyes. That was also the reason why I was so easily able to come.


Seeing Velda be on guard because of my appearance, I put on a daring smile.


I provoked him.


With this, he will probably be even more cautious of me. My plan is to proceed with my preparations to stop Velda in that gap.


Before Velda could do anything, I suppressed the energy and absorbed it all.


Fortunately, my energy wasn’t still recovered and so ‘Void Space’ kept being filled. And Ciel-san was diligently converting that into energy I can use.


Thanks to that, my energy, which was running low, got replenished and now I can take on Velda easily.


You never know what might prove to be fortunate.


By the way, after coming to this place, I found out why my energy wasn’t filling up.


The criminal behind it is probably Veldora-san.


I think he rampaged around after creating a clone.


He can now replenish his energy using the ‘Soul Corridor’ with me so there’s no mistaking it.


That’s what I thought but…


When I confirmed it with Ciel, a surprising reply came back.


[That’s true. I am also sending a bit to Diablo and Benimaru. And more energy was exhausted in evolving Velgrynd’s ability than I had expected.]


She replied in a carefree way as if to say ‘what about it?’.


She said it so casually that I am at loss on how to reply to that.


Now, listen here, you are using my energy of your own accord, you know……


But, even though I want to complain, I was helped quite a bit by the low amount of energy as a result.


I had tons of things to say but I decided not to.


Or rather, is it possible that……


Was this situation also inside Ciel’s scope of hypothesis or something?


No, no, no, no, surely not. That’s surely me overthinking it.


Like, right?


There’s no way she can see that far off into the future and also predict what kind of actions Velda will take.


[I confirmed that the energy of the angels were returning to the celestial world after they were defeated.]


Yep, I know that.


[It was clear that the most efficient way of using all that energy gathering up in the celestial world was to make it go wild. As such, as a means to that situation, I maintained the state of ‘low energy’ on purpose.]


No, you make it sound really easy but…… if you were a bit off in your readings, wouldn’t it have turned out to be a really big problem?


Besides, Velda might have absorbed all the energy and gotten super strong or something.


I couldn’t have possibly fought that Velda when I was out of gas and what was your plan if my energy didn’t recover properly?


[Getting super strong or ‘something’ is impossible. If he could get strong so easily, he wouldn’t have had so much trouble. Well, either way, if he did get super strong, it wouldn’t have been a problem still. I can’t think of my master losing just because of having less energy and even in that case, by forcibly retrieving Veldora and Velgrynd, it was possible to replenish 60% of the energy in an instant. As such, there is no problem whatsoever.]


Ah, is that so.


You declared that getting super strong would be impossible but what about me?


Am I perhaps an exception?


…… I feel like you’re overestimating me too much, Ciel-san.

Ciel-san is the type which gets things done when they say they will.


And so, out of generosity, she kept on distributing energy.


Veldora-san and Velgrynd were recovering energy on their own now so I guess it would be possible to make them cooperate with me, in the worst case scenario.


Whether they would be willing or not might be a problem, but it is a relief knowing that a forceful way exists.


I feel like I just got a glimpse of Ciel-san’s dreadfulness but my doubts are cleared.


All that’s left is to beat Velda.


And, before that……


I looked at the sphere on my left hand.


After absorbing all the energy, the core of it was probably left.


It seems similar to the doll I made but the concept is completely different.


What exactly is this—


“Yo! I thought that was it for me but to think I would live through it like this, huh? Although, saying I am ‘living’ feels a bit weird. Hahahaha!”


It spoke?!


I stared at the sphere startled.


It doesn’t have vocal chords or anything so it seems like it is using magic to vibrate the atoms to make noise. What a skillful sphere.


“Rudra! You, are fine… or it didn’t seem like it but, are you?”


Velgrynd asked, although having a bit trouble, to the sphere.


Hmm… this sphere is, Rudra?


I feel like his personality is completely different from the Rudra I know…


“Hah! Well, my forte is being sturdy, after all!”


No, no, no.


Even if you say you’re sturdy being a living sphere, that is kinda…


Or so just when I was about to retort carelessly–


Velda came closing the gap between us in an instant and tried to cut me.


However, as I didn’t let my guard down even while talking, I kicked up the sword thrusted into the ground and stopped Velda’s sword with it.


“Too naive! I don’t underestimate you that much to be letting my guard down here, at the final stage!”


I don’t really want to praise him but it’s the truth so it can’t be helped.


Velda was undoubtedly the strongest person I knew.


Judging from the brief look I got of him, he seems to have gotten even stronger. It feels like a combination of Guy’s almighty power, Milim’s strength and the dragons’ level of energy.


I thought about attacking him while he was still cautious of me but it was correct to stop. As expected, I shouldn’t let my guard down around this guy. I must proceed carefully. Besides… there was something else which concerned me.


And while such things exist, there was no way I was letting my guard down.


After exchanging a few blows with him, I created some distance between us.


That just now wasn’t even a preliminary test, it was more of a greeting.


In the first place, you won’t really feel accustomed to a sword which isn’t yours. Or rather, this sword was quite good too, being of Gods’ level.


In terms of pure performance, this one is better than mine.


Even then, since I am used to using mine and it feels much better, I won’t be unfaithful to it.


“Hahaha, you’re pretty good. To be able to use my sword, so well. But, you still have much more to learn. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you’re my true vassal.”


The sphere I was holding on my left hand went on giving such an evaluation.


Or rather… how should I put it… what are you?


Because I was holding you, I had to deal with Velda with just my right hand, you know? It’s standard for me to use a sword with two hands, so I am not used to this.


“What are you, again? The Rudra I knew was the emperor so he was pretty pompous too but you’re on a whole different level.”


“I see. So I did become the emperor. Well, if I stopped aiming higher after that then I must have gotten mellowed up, huh?”


“That doesn’t really matter to me and neither am I interested. And so, what exactly are you?”


Ignoring the sphere as it started to talk about itself, I asked the important question.


I can’t leisurely deal with it with Velda in front of me.


“That’s right! You, you seem exactly like Rudra and you don’t feel like just a reproduction of the memories.”

Reproduction of memories?


Velgrynd’s words caught my interest.


[It looks like this sphere has the ability to reproduce the memories of the dead. However, even if it were able to reproduce the person really well, reproducing the soul is a different matter. It shouldn’t be anything more than a copy but–]


Well of course, just reproducing the memories won’t make the actual person come back to life.


What’s important is the soul, the heart.


“It certainly is interesting. The memory orb I created just reproduces the memories. It doesn’t have the feature of bringing back the soul. If that was possible, I wouldn’t be going through this bothersome plan.”


It seems Velda was also interested in this phenomenon.


He seems to be well aware of the sphere he created and the fact that Rudra acquiring free will in itself should be impossible.


“Hahahahahahahaha! It’s that, you know. I am just too strong, that’s what it is.”


Let’s ignore the boasting voice coming from the sphere on my left hand.


Rudra most definitely died.


There’s no doubt about that but…


[–This is only just a possibility but, one reason could be that he might have reincarnated.]


Reincarnated? What do you mean?


[The Emperor Rudra wore out his soul by reincarnating multiple times. There’s a possibility that the worn out soul gathered together and became another soul. It isn’t an existing nor a fake soul, it has a heart with high level of freedom.]


The soul he withheld during his reincarnations gathered into one?


This might be a flawed analogy but is it something like gathering the eraser dust and kneading them together?


Although looking at souls the same way as erasers is a problem.


It isn’t something you would think of normally but there’s no way of saying that it is definitely not true.


After all, when you think of it, me reincarnating as a slime is also impossible.


So, in this world somewhere, there is a person who holds a fragment of Rudra’s soul and as such, the memories reproduced by the memory orb could also reproduce his will, eh?


If that’s the case then–


It dawned on me. And then, I executed what my mischievous heart ordered.


“Rimuru, what are you–?!”


“Hahah, this is fascinating!”


Velgrynd raised her voice bewildered.


And Rudra curiously.


It isn’t like I did something that great.


I just threw the sword towards Velgrynd.


After fusing the memory orb on my left hand to the Gods’ sword on my right hand, though.


I inserted the glowing sphere into the root of the Gods’ sword’s body. I fused it in a such way that it became one with the sword.


If he really reincarnated with a soul, then by possessing a sword, Rudra should be able to bring out his own abilities.


I made it in that way so there should be no mistake.


I also made Ciel-sensei turn Rudra into a pseudo Manas so that the owner could also talk to him.


It should be obvious but I had already analyzed the memory orb’s data.


“I made him into a ‘Sentient Sword’. I fused the sword with Rudra’s will so from now on, it can’t be used by anyone who isn’t on the same wavelength with him. In other words, it will be proof that the person who fulfils the requirements to hold the sword is Rudra’s reincarnation. Interesting, right?”


I thought I would be yelled at like ‘Don’t go doing whatever you like!’ or something but Velgrynd just received the sword and embraced it.


Rudra laughed like he was having fun.


“Hahahaha! I see, so you’re saying there’s a possibility that I have reincarnated? I see, that would also prove why I have freedom of will! It is interesting.”


Hearing Rudra, Velgrynd also nodded, agreeing.


Velda felt vexed but was also looked satisfied somewhere as he glared at me.


Thinking of how and why his plan failed, he admitted that mine–or rather, Ciel’s, deduction was correct.


Using the gap when Velda looked at the ‘Sentient Sword’, I drew my sword and took stance.


With this, I can go all out.


“But still, seeing that my superior will remained completely intact, the guy who reincarnated as me must be quite the coward, huh? I look forward to meeting him.”


“Fufu, that might be. All that was left was just your charisma–your pride neither your fortune remained…… But, when you think about it inversely, he might have inherited that fortune. If he really does exist somewhere, I would be like to meet him. Your reincarnation, who is really lucky and cowardly–”


Velgrynd said casually.


Really lucky and cowardly–? Someone does come to mind but nah, that can’t be.


He doesn’t have the charisma but the luck he has sure more than compensates for it…


The ability he has was also ‘The Chosen One’ if I remember right……


It’s a coincidence. It has to be.


I ignored Rudra and Velgrynd’s conversation and decided to not think about it anymore.


If fate wills it, then they will meet fortuitously and if he really is the reincarnation of Rudra, then they will surely meet even without me saying anything about it.


Besides, if, by chance, what I think is correct, he probably won’t be able to escape Velgrynd.


Well, it doesn’t matter to me.


I do kinda feel like I might have overdid a few things but it’s their problem now.


Albeit irresponsible, I decided to be unrelated to Rudra’s matter going forward.


Buying time like that seems to have succeeded.


Velda became way too wary of me and wouldn’t come using any all out attacks.


I just lightly deflected those and waited for the preparations to be complete.


And finally–


“I did it, Rimuru! Gaia and I sealed off the entirety of the celestial world into another dimension!”


Ramiris shouted.


“Alright, good job! With this, there’s no place to run!”


I smiled victoriously towards Velda.


There would be no meaning if he were to just run away after we cornered him this far.


And so, I brought Ramiris and Gaia–The Earth Dragon, to the celestial world to completely seal off the place.


Ramiris already had her labyrinth so it was impossible for her but Gaia can create a fake labyrinth–he demonstrated that earlier.


Under Ramiris’ guidance, Gaia’s labyrinth completely covered up the whole celestial world.


“You bastard, so that was your aim!!”


For the first time, colors of emotion could be seen in Velda’s expression.


And that was agitation, just as I had wanted.


And on top of that, Ramiris and Gaia succeeded in rescuing Milim, who was caught.




“Gaia! When did you become so strong?!”


Milim was safely rescued and was surprised by Gaia’s growth.


“We are done with our mission here, Rimuru! Now, send him flying!”


Ramiris gave me the ‘GO’ sign pompously.


Adding to that,


“To be honest, I would have liked to do it but I couldn’t win. Rimuru, avenge me!”


Milim said.


“Leave it to me. I will carve it into his body–the retribution he gets for laying a hand on my allies!”


I replied to Milim raising one hand and also declared to Velda.


Now then, since all the trouble is resolved, let’s get this over with.


That’s what I thought but…


A terrifyingly loud sound of explosion could be heard and one corner of the celestial world got blown away.


I looked towards that direction in surprise but–


There, I could see Veldora-san who turned pitch black.


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