But, what’s with students having butlers?

It feels a bit too overprotective considering that they set out to learn to be independent. Well, this world can be quite dangerous so I guess the parents would be worried.

There were mixed reviews about this but the academy decided to tolerate it.

Well, leaving that aside.

These students… did they just say ‘couldn’t prepare a better ship than this’?!

And to also insult the academy–these kids are very cocky.

That’s not something you should be saying considering that Tempest is assisting the three academies from its taxes.

I got a bit irritated and shifted my gaze towards them.

As I did that, I noticed that the other students were also not taking it well.

I mean, of course they would not.

It’s the worst pattern–to be complaining even though you’re studying for free.

Even if these kids were nobles, inside the academy, there is an ironclad rule saying that they were all equal. Although we are tolerating them bringing along guards and butlers, we are definitely not going to allow partiality towards them…

It looks like their sense of being the chosen people isn’t fading…


“Oi, you guys, that’s enough! ‘Being poor or rich is completely dependent on the family and it does not affect the student’s skill’–that’s the common ideal between all the academies, you know?!”


A red-haired youngster couldn’t tolerate it anymore and raised his voice. In response to that, the young man called Julius made a scorning expression and said over his shoulder,


“Hah, to think the likes of you stinking beasts would come directly talking to me. What blasphemy.”




Reacting to Julius, a few other students stood up.

They seem to be students of Tempest as they had prominent characteristics like monsters or demi-humans.

It is only natural for them to be angry but… hmm, what should I do?

It’s sad seeing people like these exist even 8 years after completing the academies. These things are not reported to me but it seems like there’s a need to conduct an internal audit.


“You guys, what are you doing?! Just sit down already!”


Just when I started pondering on what to do about the situation, a bald man came in and shouted.

He seems like one of the teachers and couldn’t overlook this commotion.

I thought the teacher at least wouldn’t discriminate but…


“Julius-sama, I will punish these students so please spare them. And also, I negotiated with the crew to move you to the high class section as there’s a space empty because someone cancelled. Please move there.”


And like that, he started being toady to Julius.

And the moment that teacher came in, the Tempest students looked down as if they had given up.

Seems like they gave up early thinking that they can’t win against a teacher.


“What is with that guy…”


I ended up muttering out.


“Oho, that’s thoughtful of you. However, I can’t really expect much if someone cancelled on it.”


“That is true but it will surely be better than here.”


“Hahahaha. I guess I will have to show face if Mr. Jujilas says so much. Well then, guys, let’s go.”


Saying that, the Julius party left.

That cancelled room is probably the one I was going to use.

I guess they are treating it as cancelled since I didn’t show up on time…

At situations like these, it is completely the passenger’s responsibility and so they won’t return my 10 gold coins.

‘Should I go and drive them out?’–I even ended up thinking something like that.

But, if I were to do that, things would get troublesome and there’s a chance of my identity getting revealed so I won’t, though.

But, what did he call that guy again? Jujilas? That guy is getting fired.

The management of the Ingracia Synthesis Academy is not under my jurisdiction but Tempest is supporting them with huge sums of money. With my authority, firing such a teacher will be a peace of cake.


“You, is this seat empty?”


Someone came asking me, while I was enraged at that teacher.


“Eh? Ahh, it is.”


Saying that, I shifted towards the side.

And so he happily sat beside me.


“Hey there. You ended up having to see that, didn’t you? I haven’t seen you before so you are entering the academy first time this year, right? The whole academy isn’t like that–just that there’s an old-fashioned fraction like that still remaining. We are also bothered by them. But, people like those are very few so I am sure a lotta fun things are waiting for you! So I want you to not have a weird preconception about it.”


Just as he sat, he started talking to me.

This guy is wearing an NNU uniform so he’s probably from a different academy than Julius before. But it seems like he knows him.

He also probably heard me there and this might be his way of following up.


“Is that so? Well, are you having fun?”


I thought about introducing myself but giving my real name would be bad.

So for now, I plan on leaving things as they are if he doesn’t introduce himself.

Thinking that, I asked the question.

I wanted to know his true opinion for research as it might be helpful later.

After all, it would be easy to have him talk since we are both students.

But it seems like he didn’t expect such a question since he looked surprised.


“Aha, ahahaha! You’re interesting. My name is Magnus. I might not look like it but I am a fourth year student of NNU Magic and Science Investigation Academy.”


I don’t know what he found so interesting but he burst out in laughter.

Since he introduced himself, it would look weird if I did not.


“Ah, my name is Satoru. I am heading to Ingracia to take care of something.”


“Hmm, Satoru-kun, eh? Or is it Satoru-chan?”


“Well, I would prefer -kun.”


“Got~it! So, you are also in the academy–”


The student who introduced himself as Magnus came talking to me over-familiarly.

He seems refreshing but it is kinda concerning how overly friendly he is being.

It is also a bit unpleasant how he casually comes invading my personal space. I don’t need to worry about being directly touched as I have a ‘multidimensional barrier’ up unconsciously but…

How should I explain this… like, he has this self-important attitude?


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