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Chapter 260 Side chapter – Rimuru’s Elegant Escape – 04

Maldoland island.

My magic perception sensed a few semi-demon lord seed unique specimens, just as Ciel had said.

One at each of the four corners of the island.


Seems like they each have their own territory.

And in the middle, I could sense a demon lord seed. What’s interesting about this is that even though these monsters are fighting with each other, they haven’t seriously tried killing each other and are maintaining the equilibrium of the island.

There are probably still many monsters whose strength equals that of demon lord level sleeping in different regions of the world just because they still do not have intelligence.

This time, we just coincidentally found one of those monsters.




Now then, what does Laplace plan on doing now?

While feeling excited inside, I looked towards Laplace.


“Well then, I will have you lot become my underling but……”


“Don’t make fun of us! Even we can fight seriously here. There’s no one who would become you—Guuahh!!”


As we descended from the ship, Laplace began his speech.

Students of different academies were lined up accordingly, with their instructor in front.

Including the instructors and guards, there were more than 100 people there.

Seems like there were about 30 people from each academy on board the plane.



It was wise of them to obediently get down from the ship.

After all, if by chance the ship got scratched or something, Laplace would surely go crazy.

Well, they are probably thinking of using the ship after beating Laplace here so both parties are likely thinking of fighting away from the ship.

And so, just as Laplace started his speech, one of the instructors interfered. As a result, he was silenced by a punch from Tia.

Unfortunately, there’s quite a big gap in fighting skills among them and since it has already been 10 years since the big war, the instructors also got lax and so are no match for Laplace’s team.


“Mm—-Fuffuffufu. If you want to oppose me, you are more than welcome, you know? I will clearly show you the difference in our strength right here and now, how about it?”


Laplace provoked them, spreading both his arms.


“You piece of shit!”


“Don’t make light of us. We will show you our strength!”


“We will protect you guys. Rest easy!”



And so they went on.

While saying that, they took a stance facing Laplace.

As they had handed over all their weapons, they were bare-handed.


“Come forth, sky blade! Manifest! Origin magic: Create Weapon!!”


One of the instructors splendidly created weapons and passed them on to all the other instructors.

Although the weapons have a time limit on them, they were quite strong since they reflected the strength of the user.


Considering that instructor’s skill, those are probably unique weapons with a 10 minute time limit on them.

4 other instructors were battle types.

And as soon as they all got a weapon, the fight had started.







I don’t even need to say out the result.

The instructors did try hard. Really hard.

But, reality is just too harsh.

These people who didn’t even cross A rank were no match for even Tia alone.




“I-it can’t be…… Even Brown sensei……”


Such gloomy cries of the students could be heard from here and there.

It pains me to do this but I can’t cut corners since this is all to correct the abnormality going on in the academies.

I gave Laplace a small nod.


“Fufu. As expected of me, super stroong~! Well, well? Are there any idiots left who still feel like disobeying me~?”


With pompous behaviour, he looked past the students and lightly ‘overpowered’ them.

His appearance was now giving off a feeling of madness, fitting right into the scene.


“Well, well, now then, since we have all come to an understanding, I will have ya all wear this~!”


Laplace gathered everyone’s attention by snapping his fingers and brought out a bracelet.

It’s a magic item called the parasite bracelet.

It’s an assisting tool made by the research team to help with conquering labyrinths and it displays the information of the person wearing it in numbers.

It also quantifies the strength of the monster you defeat and was a trial product to make it easier to see one’s score.

It was made to record and quantify the monsters one defeated or the traps they undid.

If the challengers have this on when they are trying to beat the labyrinth, when they die or return, they can easily see their total points.

And we prepare freebies depending on that number.

I remember such a project being brought up in the previous meeting.


Laplace probably brought that item.

That’s perfect then. We can also have the bracelets’ performance test.

Also, Laplace’s objective is also probably–


“Numbers are displayed on this bracelet. I can understand how you guys did in this island with just a glance. I think you people probably understood how it works from just that but as I am really kind, I will properly explain! The first test you have to pass in order to become my subordinate is to survive one week in this island. But just surviving seems boring so I will also be cutting those off who have the lowest scores! Now, isn’t it more interesting now? You do understand what I mean by cutting off, right? Well then, well then, this is the start of a fun, enjoyable survival gaameee~!”


His speech seems a bit off but I guess it’s fine.

But it does seem like he completely fits into the role, as he explained jestingly.

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