As I thought, he probably plans on motivating the students using this bracelets numbers.

And before I knew it, Tia had gone around equipping the bracelet on each of their hand.


“Please wait! What do you mean if the number is low? At the very least, can’t you tell us the minimum number we need to not get cut off?!”


Oho? To ask a question in this situation–this student has guts.

When I looked closely, I realized it was the red haired demi-human who flared up at the noble.

Really, it seems like his half-assed sense of justice and responsibility is strong.


“Hmm, hmm, you would want to know, wouldn’t you? Actually, I haven’t got around to thinking about it.”


While still using his weird expression, Laplace glanced at me for help.

You idiot! You didn’t think about it?!

Or rather, it’s troublesome if you come asking me for help in this situation… I guess I have no choice.

If I use too much of my abilities, they will find out. And stopping the time is out of the question as Laplace can’t move in the suspended world.

However, at this distance, it is possible to use ‘thought transmission’ for ultra-fast thought conversation.

If the processing speed is accelerated by 10,000 times, 1 second would be equal to 166 minutes.

While thinking of it as a bother, I used ‘thought acceleration’ on Laplace and his crew.








The moment I used the skill.


“Good day, Rimuru-sama! How did you like my acting?”


“It has been a while, Rimuru-sama! Is it okay to leave the rest of this to us as well?”


They greeted me, as if they were waiting for it.

It’s also fine to leave it to them but I do have the time so I decided to listen to their plan.


“Oi, Laplace. You didn’t think any further than this, have you?”


“No, no, I did think a bit, for what it matters, you know? But it’s just that I haven’t thought of what punishment to give if they score below a certain point or even what point that would be since I don’t know the students. To think that red-hair would come specifically asking for the minimum number…”


It seems like Laplace was planning to act after seeing the results.

It is true that he can’t carelessly give them a number since he doesn’t know how much the students might be able score but……


“At times like that, it’s fine if you just go ‘that~is~a~s-e-c-r-e-t~!’, you idiot!”


“Ahh! There was that move.”*


With an ‘oops’ expression on his face, Laplace scratched his head.

He looks like he’s really aware and shrewd and what not, but there are times like these where he’s just stupid.


“Well, there’s no point in saying that this late so let’s decide on the number.”


I brought back the topic from derailment.

To review, let’s first confirm how this bracelet’s scoring method works.



Alert movement: 1-10 points

Negotiation actions: 1-10 points

Monster subjugation: Below E – 1 point

D – 2 to 5 points

C – 6 to 30 points

B – 31 to 100 points

A – 500 points

Above A – 10,000 points~

Rescue movement: 1-30 points

Obstruction movement: -1 to -100 points *Does not go below 0

Dangerous action: Points reset

Murder: Points fixed to zero


I think that’s about how it was set up more or less.

The ‘actions’ and ‘movement’ are areas where the individual is awarded points but in ‘subjugation’, the whole party shares the points.

However, I will make it so that they all have at least 1 point

It’s a safety measure ‘cause otherwise it would be too severe.

Of course, I wouldn’t be giving them a point even if they form a party and defeat a monster below E rank.


It goes without saying but if one subjugates a monster by themselves, they will get all the points.

However, there’s danger in going down that road.

For example, although there are monsters above A rank here, it would be impossible for them to hunt those down.

Against one A rank monster, there needs to be 5 B+ ranked adventurers for it to be equal.


This is the current lowest rank of a floor boss in the labyrinth but even top parties with 6 adventurers have a hard time dealing with it.

To defeat these monsters safely, at least double the amount of members is needed.

It would be great if the students who aren’t even B rank yet can hunt a C rank monster in a group.

If I were to be realistic, it would be hard for these students to even get a 100 points in a week……


“I see, so they would only go upto a 100 points even if they try really hard.”


Laplace said with a thoughtful expression after listening to my explanation.

For the students, even if they hunted a D rank goblin, they would only get 1 point each. They won’t reach a 100 points even if they beat 14 goblins a day.

To begin with, this isn’t a monster land or anything so monsters won’t be coming out one after another like in the labyrinth.


With the Calamity type monster on the top, a pyramid shape was taking form.

We have already confirmed one ‘hazard monster’ in each 4 sides of the island.

Only these 5 are over rank A.


Besides that, it seems like there are a few other unique monsters of A rank.

With these monsters in the lead, they were increasing their numbers and races.

But even then, there are like a few dozen B rank monsters and a few hundred C rank monsters.

And there are barely a few thousand D rank monsters.


If 100 students were to hunt 100 D rank monsters each, they would need 10,000 D rank monsters.

But such numbers of monsters do not exist in this island and so they have no choice but to go for dangerous C rank monsters.

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