“What do you mean by difficult?”


One of the students asked.

Since this instructor is skilled enough to notice the hidden function, it isn’t that unusual that he noticed this as well.

He looks like a small plump old man but I must not look down on him.

It is true that looks can be deceiving.


“That’s a good question. Once worn, this bracelet acts as a parasite to the host. In this case, we are the hosts and what’s surprising is that the ‘bracelet’ part of this bracelet is only a small portion. Its real body seems to be over our whole bodies, like a net of nerves. It would be difficult to rip this off even with the academy’s latest healing devices. After all, even if you were to cut off your arm, it would probably regenerate from its roots around the body!”


He explained happily, for some reason.

Well, he is right.

You need to enter a specific release key to take it off.


“And its effects on the body……?”


“None. This is, in a sense, like a magical living thing. As it’s taking mana from the surroundings, it does not affect the host. To the point that it also has a built in function to inform other registered members if one of the member is in danger. As I have mentioned before, about the communication function, you can only use it among the registered people and their conditions will be completely visible to one another! Red would mean critical condition, yellow would be danger and blue would be under normal circumstances. It’s original purpose was probably to communicate between allies. The pirate before didn’t explain anything other than the number before so maybe he didn’t know about its original purpose…… or, maybe—”


The plump old man got excited as he kept explaining.

It seems like he deciphered it to a dangerous level. However, the students didn’t seem to care much about that.

What’s important is that if it’s within 5 allies, they can communicate with each other through ‘thought transmission’.

That information slowly soaked in with the students and the place fell silent once again.


By the way, I was also made to wear one.

It would be weird if I were the only one not wearing it. Besides, it feels like it would be convenient having it on. It would be easy for me to remove it but I will let it be for now.






Now then, they all know what’s up now.

Thanks to the unexpected skillfulness of the instructors, the students regained their composure to think of a plan about what to do from now on.

About an hour had passed since Laplace left.

To regain their calm in this short period of time–these students are quite brilliant themselves.

The instructors exchanged looks and an elderly came forward.


“—Now then, everyone. I am Ingracia Synthesis Academy’s William Roaz. I wish to overcome this grave situation with you all.”


With that as the introduction, he calmly started talking to the students.

It was just before noon. Around time when one would get hungry.

Nothing would happen if they were to lament here all day so there was a need to do something.

Having foreseen that, the eldest one here, who is also a former noble and a magic instructor of the Ingracia Synthesis Academy, started simply explaining the situation to everyone.


“You have probably understood with this explanation but in short, we have 3 choices. First, we can stay right here and wait for help. Everyone knows that the Tempest Airlines is the Great Demon Lord Rimuru-sama’s company. There’s no way a person like him will forgive someone who raises a hand on it. I think it is very plausible that he will be able to find this place before that Greed Circus group comes back.

Second, we can head for the edge of the island and request help by ourselves. This much is obvious but this is a risky option. It’s much more risky compared to the first option and we can’t even tell how likely the magic communication is to succeed unless we reach there. Even then… it’s worth trying for the proud students of the academies.

About the third, I can’t really recommend this one. And this is because it involves listening to the Greed Circus and becoming their subordinate. In other words, going out of this mana storm with their ship and requesting help when they are not paying attention. There is a need to make them believe you quite a lot for this, not to mention you would need to prove your strength as well.

Well, and so, after discussing with the other instructors, we have concluded that these 3 have a high chance of working. And so I would like to hear your opinion on it—”


Hmm, hmm.

Just as I had wanted it to turn out.

To be honest, there isn’t anything more sad than not participating in the game even after I went through the trouble of setting up the numbers. There was a concern of what will happen if the students are apathetic and just wait for help.

In that case, I was also seriously considering having them forcibly work here for a whole year.

Of course, they would not be making a base.

It’s an unexplored island so I was thinking of making some health resorts and amusement facilities and make it into one large leisure island.

Well, it might be ‘leisure’ to us but it will probably be horror for the general public…

I was thinking of getting a new training institution as I was getting kinda bored of investing my wealth and time in the labyrinth.

Although there might be a need to get the semi-demon lord seeds and the lesser demon lord seed’s agreement for that.



Hedro Griffin living in the decaying swamp in the East side.

Sand Scorpion living in the hot desert in the West side.

Poison Tiger living in the poison jungle in the South side.

Ice Naga living in the glacier bay in the North side.

And Rock Elephant, reigning in the middle.



I have left the negotiations to Laplace such that he shows no disrespect to the absolute rulers of the island. Although I am concerned, there’s no worry in terms of strength.

Although the lesser demon lord seed is as strong as the former demon lords, it is just living by instinct. It doesn’t have the intelligence to command its subordinates.

And exactly because of that, if someone even stronger than it went for the negotiation, there will be no war.

It would be good if we could make this a lasting relationship…

Well, if they were absolutely against it then there’s no choice and we would have had to search for another island.

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