<<No matter how you look at it, it seems like she was trying to stop master from handing over the food.>>



In other words, this means that she found out who I am, right?

And the fact that the branch which came falling was cleanly cut was proof of that.


<<It wouldn’t be weird for an instructor to know Rimuru-sama’s face. It’s kind of unreasonable to try and deceive people just by changing your hair and eye color. She will probably come making contact soon.>>


And when I heard that, I could also see why the instructors gave those 3 options.

In short, they probably wanted to find out what I was thinking about the situation and what was the correct option.

If so, then I guess I will reveal that tonight–I thought, while looking at Mondo-kun being carried  away.






After having lunch, it was time to announce policy decision.

Without consulting with everyone, we will be going forward with what Julius and his group decided.

Julius had completely become everyone’s leader, having the most authority.


“Well, what plan will we go with?”


To Magnus’ question, Julius just sneered and answered,


“That’s obvious. We will head for the island’s edge with just the battle elites. It’s fine if we can call for help there. And even if we can’t we will be able to collect points.”


He declared, as if it was obvious from the start.

Julius’ reasoning went like this:


There are some students who can also use ‘space storage’ so they will be setting up a base here.

The research, economics and politics students will engage in constructing a place to sleep. Food supply is also not stable so they will be gathering as much food as they can.

While doing that, they will take actions such that they gain the most points possible.

The fact that some students got points just for helping set up the tent was made public and so they wanted to find out if there were any other ways to get points, as well.


“The people staying behind, you guys also need to act such that you get as much point as possible. It won’t be a problem if we can blow away the mana storm but if we were to fail, we won’t have any other choice than to listen to those pirates. Being isolated to this island for labor work–we mustn’t accept that at any cost. The most important thing is to earn points and at least make it out of the island!”


Julius’ confidant gave a speech.

If I remember right, he is Julius’ escort knight and his name is Clad.

It seems like Clad has been entrusted with leading the students.

It also looks like making certain of battle types is also Clad’s job.

As soon as he was done with his speech, he looked at the students and started selecting the ones who seemed to be dependable in fights. And then, he made groups of 5.


“That plan is better than I expected. I was worried he would work us really hard…”


“Despite everything you say, you really do your job properly after all, Karma. While Julius does treat you like an idiot and what not, I am sure he can’t ignore your skills.”


On the side, I could hear Karma and Magnus having a conversation.

Maybe because of the mingling in the academy, they seemed to be closer than just normal acquaintances.

Although, it also doesn’t seem like both of them trust each other from the bottom of their hearts.

I secretly listened to their conversation.


“Well, I will cooperate. What’s important is everyone being saved and if he does it properly then I am willing.”


“I see, then I shall also see how it turns out.”


Putting the serious Karma aside, even Magnus didn’t seem like he would oppose Julius.

Well, it is true that having a dispute at this point wouldn’t be a wise thing to do but…

But it looks like Karma was even more surprised by Magnus’ words than me.


“That’s rare. For you to listen to Julius.”


“Not really. It is true that what he said makes sense. If we just earn the points, we won’t be left in this island. If we do that, we could look for opportunities to call for help while pretending to do as the kidnappers say.”


“I see. Then I guess we will be having a joint struggle for a while, huh?”


“Yea, I will be counting on you, Karma.”


“Same here, Magnus.”


While Karma was surprised, Magnus just replied shrugging his shoulders.

It seems even Karma was convinced by his logic.

Ultimately, it seems both of them aren’t actually content with Julius taking the lead but they have come to the conclusion that they will see how it goes for a while.

They are much more rational and it isn’t like they completely lack the spirit of cooperativeness like I had thought earlier.

My opinion of them has improved but still, we have a while to go.

There’s no need to hurry so I shall be watching closely.

Now then, it would be great if they go at it with this level of cooperativeness–while thinking that, I restrained from making an evaluation before the results.


The grouping had ended.

5 teams were made and 5 members were in each group.

As you can only register 5 people in the bracelet, the group members were now registered to each other.

And the members of Julius’ group were registering all of the 5 members of the other groups.

If they do this, they can be aware of each group’s location even when they are away so that’s quite a good plan.

Although that way Julius’ group can’t register each other but since his escort is never leaving his side, I guess it will be fine.

And Julius himself had registered the instructors so that he can communicate with the base.

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