Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 274

Rimuru’s Elegant Escape Play – 18


Four days after Rimuru’s escape.

Diablo and Souei were preparing to leave the Kingdom of Ingracia.

They were in the middle of investigating all of the western countries, but as they would not be traveling through ‘teleportation,’ they decided to put it off for now.

Because of this, Souei made several ‘clones’ and sent them to each territory so that they could investigate more efficiently.

On top of that, he had also mobilized their subordinates.


“Normally, it would be better to take our time in the investigation…”

“Yes. However, we have an idea of who is behind all of this, don’t we?”

“Yes, I have an idea. I think that we would be wasting time by going to the west side. Besides, it will be troublesome, Souei.”

“I don’t agree. This is the information departments fault for being negligent and missing accurate information.”

“Hehehe. But we are not so familiar with financial issues, so I don’t think we can be blamed for not seeing how important that information was. However…”

“Well, maybe you’re right. Even if we missed it, he would have noticed it, I think.”
“Exactly. So there is no problem. If anything, there is reason to start moving now. That’s how we should look at it.”

“Yes, exactly.”


For Diablo and Souei, not being able to reach the person who was behind it all was not necessarily a problem.

This was because they were sure that as long as they identified the unnatural flow of money and figured out who or what organization was responsible, then they would eventually see who the mastermind was as well.

Rimuru’s command to them was that they remove the corruption from the academy.

So that meant they had to investigate to see which schools were corrupted and then remove any corruption they found.

Thankfully, they had not seen any sign of corruption in the Tempest Development of Human Resources Academy. And so they had concluded that they were receiving no illegal financial aid.

Of course.

Tempest was closely associated with Rimuru, and if they were known to have done something wrong, it would be a huge incident that could not be swept away as mere scandal.

As for the Ingracia Academy, only a few of the noble teachers were involved in corruption.

As it was very light, it was a level where they could deal with it themselves.

They had already made a list of these aristocrat teachers who were accepting funds, and so Souei’s clones had arrested them in order that they could trace where the money had come from.

They would use every method: power, authority, money, people, and things to push the enemy to the brink.

It was a direction that you might call a money game.



Diablo believed that the money was not coming from the western countries.

The empire to the east–from those loyal to the old emperor. That was where Diablo’s suspicions lay.

And they had received a report to support it.

That morning, Moss had contacted them and told them that the situation had suddenly changed.

All of the students were safe, but a group of them had formed a ‘Humanity Emancipation Alliance’ and left the others.

And they had attempted to kill any teachers and talented students that got in their way…

With the situation as it was, it was obvious what needed to be done.

Just in case, they decided to have Souei’s subordinates continues their investigation of the eastern countries.


They finished the procedures and had two airship tickets prepared for them.

And after that, Diablo and Souei headed for the Nasca Namrium Ulmeria Eastern Alliance Union Empire.





Six days after Rimuru’s escape.

Diablo had entered the NNU Magic and Science Investigation Academy alone.

Souei had sent out his clones into the immense territories of the empire, and it was from there that he gathered information.

He had gathered much information in the past two days, but this was the first time they had made contact with the NNU Magic and Science Investigation Academy, which was the most important thing to do.

Souei did not like that Diablo was to go alone, but ultimately, he accepted Diablo’s reasons for it.


“You won’t run wild over there?”

“Hehehehe. You’re really persistent, Souei…”


They had argued, but in the end, Diablo was able to get this most coveted role.



The sofa was simple but comfortable as he sat on it and brought the tea to his lips.

He had arrived on the first airship that morning, and so it was still about midday.


“Why, Lord Diablo. I have heard the rumors. You are most esteemed among Great Demon Lord Rimuru’s subordinates…It is a great honor.”

“Heheheh. Hello. It seems that I won’t have to introduce myself then. You must be the headmaster?”

“Yes! My name is Godama Silver. I am in charge of this academy.”


The person who appeared before the relaxing Diablo was a nicely plump and noble-looking man.

He looked like he might have been muscular at one time, but age had caught up with him, and his waist was starting to grow thick.

However, his eyes were very sharp, and he exuded energy from his whole body.

The staff he carried was not to aid him while he walked, but it was a high-quality magic rod used to control magic.

It looked rather plain, but upon appraising it, it proved to be most unique.

In other words, he was either rich or very capable. Perhaps he was both.


(Surely, he did not think I would not notice it…)


Diablo was a little confused, but he did not show it.

Diablo was wondering why anyone would come before him while carrying a weapon.

He could understand why someone might be cautious, but holding a weapon meant you were resolved to fight, and that suggested you actually believed that you could win.

He didn’t want to think that this man was so stupid as to think that this disguised weapon could fool him, but if that was the case, he had made a big mistake.

After all, it would mean that such fools were a part of the human resources operation within the three great academies that Rimuru cared so much about.

In any case, coming before Diablo with a weapon was outrageous in itself…

While Diablo rarely did so, this time he decided to hold back his impulses and discuss the subject at hand.


“Yes, you have done good here. Lord Rimuru is very excited to see the growth of the students.”

“It is an honor. By the way, on what business have you come here today?”

“Yes. Well, I happened to have heard that there is a trend of revering nobles within the school.”


Diablo smiled beautifully as he stared at Godama.


“I know of it. Indeed, there was a request from the Ingracia Academy. It was suggested that the students learn how to deal with nobles before being sent out into the world. And we thought that this opinion had enough merit to be taken seriously.”

“Oh? Was it accompanied by financial aid? Taking advantage of the equality of the three schools like that will result in their ideal losing all substance. Am I wrong?”


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