He had grabbed the arm of a golem that rushed at him, and tore the arm off with his strength.

The golem’s punch came with overwhelming force, and yet Diablo’s fist easily shattered it.

Diablo’s hand didn’t even look like it had much force behind it, and yet whenever it came in contact with a golem, that part would cave in and then blow away.


It was devastating.

It was simple. The greater power had crushed the weaker. That was all.

Indeed, he had not used any magic, but it wasn’t because he couldn’t.

He could have used it if he wanted, but he had no need for magic.

Not only that, but Diablo was also careful about how he destroyed the golems.

He thought that Rimuru would be very happy if he could make a gift of the golems to him.

And so he was careful to destroy them in a way that at the end, he would be able to take the parts and reconstruct a few that were perfectly whole.

For Diablo, the Destroyers that Godama was so proud of had no more value than a toy.





“No…it can’t be…”


Diablo’s complete lack of conventionality was causing Godama to doubt everything that he had ever believed in.

Fearfully, he bent down and looked over the edge into the hole. There, as Diablo had said, was the broken Destroyers.

Finally, Godama started to regain his calm.

But that also meant fear.

Before he knew it, Diablo had sat down in his chair and was relaxing in a graceful pose.

Godama realized that Diablo was looking right at him, and his face turned pale.

It was at this point that Godama finally realized what kind of person he was up against.

One of Great Demon Lord Rimuru’s 12 Guardians.

They were demons with great power. And among them, Diablo was considered the head and the strongest of them all.

Someone that no one should ever touch–It was only now that Godama realized this.


(This is bad, bad-bad-bad-bad, bad!!)


His calm quickly left him again.

He was now ruled by fear and confusion.


(So that’s why those Accommodationist scum and the Moderates had said that the use of force was to be avoided at all cost…)


The Humanity Emancipation Alliance was an organization of people who were concerned about the future of humanity.

Not all of their members had the same ideas or principles, but they all believed that it was wrong for humans to be ruled by demons.

Among them, the Moderates were the great majority, and they had the largest voice.

Their argument was this, ‘direct hostilities towards the demon lords was to be forbidden and they would send their own people to various fields in order to widen their influence.’

As long as they were all human, it was only natural that their opinions would differ, but Godama could not forgive them.

He believed that the will of humans should be united, and that they should move to destroy the demon lords.

As for the Accommodationists who wanted coexistence with the demon lords, they weren’t even worth discussing. Both of these sides were nothing but groups of cowards to Godama.

And so Godama had always laughed in the shadows as the Accommodationists and the Moderates talked about the danger that the demons lords could pose…


(But it was I who was the fool…)


While Godama now knew the truth, it was too late.

Much too late.

The energy numbers that he had been so confident about meant nothing to the demon that was in front of him.

Because the person in front of him was so powerful that no numbers could be used to measure his strength.

The truth was that he had antagonised this incredibly dangerous person. And it was impossible to take it back.


“For-forgive me…”


He knelt before Diablo and begged as if praying.

Diablo’s smile did not move as he stared at Godama.


“I-I was a fool. Please, have mercy… Please spare my life…”


His eyes and nose were running as he pleaded with Diablo.

And then—


“Hehehe. Don’t worry. I don’t intend on taking your life.”


Diablo answered with a kind expression.

Godama shouted in his heart.


(Yes! He is not as cold as they say he is!)


“I-I am grateful…”


He was careful so that his expression did not show too much relief as he offered Diablo words of gratitude… However, he then realized that there was something strange about Diablo.


“Hehehehe. Yes, you will not be killed. Lord Rimuru does not like it when humans are harmed, and Souei scolded me about it. But more than anything, I still have some things I would like to hear from you.”


Diablo said. His expression suggested that he was truly enjoying this moment.


“Ah, right. So I cannot use magic in this room, was it? Then let me test it to see if that is true.”


He muttered, and then a chill ran up Godama’s back.

He had a bad feeling about this.

As this room was connected to the Absolute Magic Space, it was impossible to use magic behind the door. Or at least, that was supposed to be the case.

However, a magic circle now appeared in front of Diablo. The shadowy light was proof that magic was activating.


“Ho-how is this!? Magic within an Absolute Magic Space!?”


Godama had been shocked so many times today that his brain felt like it was about to explode.

This reality was not possible, and yet it was occurring right in front of him.

No–he realized that for this demon called Diablo, this was normal.


(So this is the kind of person I have provoked…)


Even considering it from his position as the first of the magic researchers, Diablo was completely abnormal.

And just as Godama became fully immersed in his regret, Diablo’s magic was completed.

And that magic was…



“Very basic magic. Demon Bug Summoning. I summoned the bugs that live in the demon world. Aren’t they cute?”


The bugs crawled on Diablo’s hand.

They had many legs and resembled centipedes as they began to cover Diablo’s right hand.

Godama felt his heart begin to beat wildly as he watched.

His breathing became rough and the sound of his heartbeat seemed like it would destroy his eardrums.


(He, Diablo, what is he going to do with those…)


“Wh-what are you…”

“By the way, have you ever heard of treants?”


Godama’s question was ignored.

Of course, Godama did know what treants were.

They were a type of monster that looked like trees and were intelligent.

Godama wondered what Diablo meant by talking about them. Diablo continued.


“It’s good that you know. This demon bug is called Majuju, you see, and it has the ability to turn its host into a plant. Of course, this includes animals, monsters, demons and even humans. It can deal with any living thing, so do not worry.”


Upon hearing this, Godama felt as if he had been thrown into a deep pit of despair.

He had figured out what Diablo intended to do.


“You-you can’t! You don’t mean to…!?”


The Majuju was a fearful demon bug.

It was a bug from the demon world that made monsters and even demons its food.

There was no way for a human like Godama to resist it.

Godama felt fear deep within his heart.

The drawing room was filled with a very unique odor.

The hot vapors that rose from his groin were accompanied by something more solid that dripped behind him. Godama let out a sob.


“Forgive me! No-no! Anything but that!!”


He begged with desperation, but Diablo’s smile remained the same.


“Now, here is your new host.”


And then he unleashed the demon bugs on Godama with a look of pleasure.



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