While Magnus was surprised, there was something about him that seemed relieved as well.

Perhaps he had struggled with the decision.


“Yeah. Sorry to disappoint you. But I’m fine.”

“Me too. And not a single teacher died.”


“Is that true?!”


It was not Magnus who reacted to Karma, but the guard knight Clad and the research teacher, Irina.


“It is too bad for you, but yes, it is true.”


Said Old William as he stepped forward, proving that Karma was speaking the truth.

There was no point in hiding it.

Someone had suggested that the teachers could hide and then spring a surprise attack. But that idea had been rejected.

The students wanted to fight fairly and openly.

Aside from winning, this fight also had the purpose of finding out what Magnus’s true intention was.

This was the will of all of the students.

I want to know if they truly betrayed us, said Mondo.

Perhaps Magnus had an entirely different intent? Said George.

As students from NNU Magic and Science Investigation Academy, both Marsha and Aina wanted to believe in Magnus.

And it wasn’t just the NNU students, because Julius and Karma were the same.

Especially Karma. He had been friends with Magnus, and so he had an even stronger desire to believe him.

There must be a reason behind his actions! He declared.

They betrayed us.

Perhaps they were being naive.

Still, they had decided to believe them.

And all I would do is watch.

–Regardless of the outcome.


Irina was the first to regain herself.

She quickly took stock of the situation and decided on their direction.


“…It can’t be helped. And there is no turning back now. I will ask you all just in case, are there any of you who agree with the Humanity Emancipation Alliance?”


Irina said as if this was a final warning.

Though, unsurprisingly, there was no answer.


“I see. Well, that’s too bad…”


There was a chilling glimmer in Irina’s eyes.

The eyes of someone who knew what had to be done.


“I do not think that my way of thinking is wrong. And so the rest of you should have conviction and-”

“Enough of this. If they do not agree with us, we should kill them all!”


The person who had interrupted Irina was a figure in white robes who had been standing silently behind Magnus.

A combat teacher called…


“Berna! What the hell are you…”

“Exactly. We can’t act without foresight just because some people don’t understand our views…”


Yes, yes, it was Berna.

Incredibly competent as a combat teacher but with a forceful personality.

He was usually very quiet, and wasn’t very close to any of the teachers.

Though, I hadn’t heard of any problems until now…

Magnus and Irina tried to warn Berna, but he just snorted.


“The Demon Lord is our enemy. The very idea of humans and monsters helping each other makes me sick! Don’t the rest of you also have a hatred for Demon Lord Rimuru? Then you should hate anyone who sides with him!”


Apparently, Berna had a hatred for me.

And according to his words, so did Magnus and Irina.

Unfortunately, I had no idea why that was the case.

Berna continued.


“Julius. Even you should have a reason to hate Demon Lord Rimuru. Anyone from the Kingdom of Ingracia should understand how I feel! If you could only dauntlessly face the Demon King, none of the other students will suffer!”


He said to Julius.

It would not be odd for someone from the Kingdom of Ingracia to hate me?

After all, the place had once been a central pillar of politics, finance and culture. It had the proudest and most advanced city.

And Tempest had taken their place now, causing the decline of Ingracia. It was true.


I had my reasons as well.

I thought, but I continued to listen quietly.


“…I see. Your older brother is Reiner, wasn’t it? He plotted together with my brother, and then father died… But don’t you think it is too much to force the responsibility of the plot on the Great Demon King?”


Julius did not have the best impression of me, and yet his reasoning was surprisingly decent.

Instead of pushing the blame onto everyone else, he understood correctly the consequences of your actions.


“Bah, shut up! As long as you continue to act so cowardly, my allegiance will never be towards you!”


Unlike Julius, this Berna had a very narrow way of looking at things.

He was so sure that his way was the right way, and he had no intention of allowing his mentality to change.

He would only support thoughts that were advantageous to him. A most dangerous kind of person.


“Listen, Berna. It’s true that the Great Demon King Rimuru is unfair and does whatever he wants…”

What? Julius, it looks like you haven’t had enough training yet…


“…He’s selfish and erratic. And it goes without saying that it was his influence that caused our country to fall from the position of leader of the west countries. However…”


Yes, keep going.

But more importantly, I was interested in a certain student who kept looking at me.

It seemed like the words ‘selfish’ and ‘unfair’ triggered the glances towards me…

Could it be that this student was saying that I was those things?


“It is also an unarguable fact that the Great Demon Lord gave our country another chance!”


Hm? A chance?

What are you talking about, Julius? I wanted to ask, but now was not the time.

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