Bernaclad had measured my strength by the amount of energy alone, and that was his mistake.

But then again, he had used his strongest magic attack as his first move, so he hadn’t exactly been holding back, either.

Not that any of it mattered.


“What? It’s called ‘Teleportation.’ I gave you the first move and even gave you enough time to attack me just now. Satisfied?”


So saying, I used ‘Teleportation’ again to move right in front of his chest, and unleash an Imaginary Blow with minimum force.




Bernaclad collapsed in agony.

It was actually impressive that he was alive. Well, I had to save Magnus, and so I had adjusted it so that the physical damage would be at a zero…but it seemed that I had forgotten to erase the damage from the actual punch.

Still, Magnus deserved to be punished a little, so this was nothing to worry about.

In fact, my own right arm, which I had used to hit him, hurt quite a lot.

Human bodies broke very easily, and so I was using ‘Godspeed Regeneration.’

Thanks to it, my limbs had not been blown off, but it was clearly not a move I should be repeating.

I hadn’t felt such pain in a long time, and tears were welling up in my eyes.

In other words, it was time to stop toying with Bernaclad.


Alright then.


Much of Bernaclad’s energy had dissipated after the Imaginary Blow, and he was in a dazed stupor.

It wasn’t so much pain, but the diminishing of the power of his being that was shaking him.


“Wa-wait! Who are…”

“There’s no need for you to know. But if I was to tell you something, it is that this world’s order is maintained by the Octagram. Your power was just a little too strong, and so you’re in the way. Do I need any more reason to be rid of you?”

“Octagram? No, you cannot be–no, you…”


I smirked instead of giving him an answer.

Bernaclad’s confusion was turning into fear.

He was already falling into my trap.


“So, how about a deal?”


I said as I rubbed my right arm, which was still throbbing with pain.



“Yes. A simple deal.”


I continued my words of conviction, but said them in a soft, whispering voice.


“If you’ll agree to return that body, I will grant you one thousand years of doom. But it you insist on any futile resistance… Well, just you try.”


“Because if you do, you will experience what true fear in this world looks like.”



I could see his soul wavering.

As soon as I gave him a hint of Azathoth, Bernaclad realized that the power exceeded what he could imagine.

He understood now that I had a power that he could never even comprehend.

Tremendous fear.

It welled up from the core of his soul. It looked as if it was struggling against what reason remained within Bernaclad.

But it was no use.

Bernaclad had lost the moment he felt fear as he saw me in front of him.

He closed his eyes and hesitated for a second–


“Just as you say. One thousand years, I shall repent for the foolishness that caused me to go against you. That is how I shall spend my time…”


Shrunken, with drooping head, Bernaclad agreed as if requesting for forgiveness.


Now I wouldn’t have to feel anymore pain.

Things would be easy now.


“A wise decision. I will allow you to work for me after a thousand years. Now, go.”


Bernaclad’s Spiritual Body left Magnus, then turned into dust, leaving only the soul. I used a mysterious light to hide the fact that the demon’s body had vanished.

Any students who had been watching would assumed that I had won through the use of some unknown magic.

At least, I hoped they did…

No, it should work. I told myself, as I made sure that Magnus was alright.

He was.

He was unconscious, but his mind and body were intact.

The mind pollution had vanished along with Bernaclad.

That meant that Bernaclad had kept his word.


<<It seems like he was trying to possess and fuse with the soul. It would have been possible to annihilate Bernaclad alone. However, that would have led to damage to the body, so I think that this was the best solution– >>


As Master Ciel was in agreement, my method was clearly quite impressive.

Winning alone would be easy, it was getting Magnus back unharmed that was difficult.

This body could not stand ‘Nihility Collapse.’ It would have meant victory without a doubt, if I used it, but at the same time, I would have been forcefully sent back to Rimurun’s body, which should be with Shuna and Shion.

I was prepared for that worst case scenario, but thankfully, Bernaclad was smarter than I had thought.

It was all over now.

Magnus was unconscious and Berna and Clad were dead.

Irina and Rozari were fine, but it seemed like there was not much time left until the effects of the medicine would wear off.

According to Ciel’s ‘Appraisal,’ there were dangerous substances mixed inside, and they would not be able to move for quite some time as a side effect.

So essentially, none of the members of the Humanity Emancipation Alliance could move.

Irina and Rozari slumped, powerless.

The teachers moved to have them bound up.

The students had won.

Cheers echoed around us. I felt as if the many eyes that looked towards me were filled with passion.


“Did you see it? My special magic?”



The students all stood in a line and nodded.

Due to Moss’s efforts, the monsters of the island were also safe. And just like that, the matter finally came to a close.




Now I just had to bind them all and take them back for questioning–or so I thought, but it seemed like I was getting ahead of myself.

There was someone who was so insignificant that I had forgotten him until now. He came to me while laughing in a high-pitched voice.


“Waahahaha! That Magnus was nothing after all. It seems that he cannot do anything without me, Jujilas. To think he would lose to such children. Irina and Rozari, what are you doing? Where is Berna and Clad? Won’t you hurry up and kill the rest of these people?”


What was wrong with him…

He had appeared from a magic circle after I had defeated Bernaclad, so he understood pretty much nothing.

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