He was drunk on himself and drowning in his delusions.

Now that Veldora was happy, he continued to talk to Michelle.


“So, Michelle, was it? What do you want? As I am in a good mood, I will listen to whatever you have to say!”


He said.

Everyone who watched became pale by his attitude.

It was not known if Michelle would act like this for long. It would not be surprising if she suddenly became very hostile.

But there was no one who could react in time.

This was because no one would have ever believed that someone could act like his in front of a Mercenary Four.

No one could have imagined that anyone would try so hard to provoke and anger her.

Well, perhaps he was not provoking her that much. It wouldn’t have seemed like it if she were an ordinary person.

But she was the leader of the Empire.

They were not sure what reaction would be had from such insolence from a nobody like Veldora.

And so they could only watch it unfold.


“It is nothing really. I just thought I’d nip things in the bud before they turn into a disaster for the Empire.”

“Hehehe. In other words, you mean to kill me?”

“You can take it in whichever way you like.”


Michelle and Veldora took no notice of the spectators as they continued their conversation.

Neither seemed very eager. It was as if they were talking about the weather.

But Zaza watched with a feeling that reminded him of an upset stomach, even though he didn’t have one.

He was waiting for the right time where he could enter the conversation and change the subject.




It was just as Zaza tried to interrupt them, that Ramiris began poking him in the shoulder.

And then she whispered.


“Um, this is just my opinion. But we better let Master do something soon, or he’ll get angry, which will be very bad… Besides, I don’t think that person is serious. Why don’t we just let him handle things this once?”


Zaza reluctantly agreed.

He wasn’t persuaded by her argument, but he felt that it would do Veldora good to feel a little pain.

After all, Michelle suddenly looked very different.

There was something very overpowering about her now, and Zaza could not even open his mouth.




Ramiris was also surprised and wide-eyed.


“What is—!?”


Beretta quickly moved to protect Ramiris.

He felt that the air around Veldora had changed. The other adults also started to move the children away…

And when they were done…


“So, are you ready? Give it all you got. I will show you how outmatched you are!”


Veldora declared.




Michelle had come out herself for a certain purpose.

After hearing the report from Colonel Gratham, she had waited anxiously for the next report.

It just wasn’t possible for the resistance to create new weapons with their technology.

And so there were two possibilities.


The first was that survivors from the fallen city had secretly developed it.

The second was that one of the other cities had developed it and were ‘test-driving’ it.


There was no way that the resistance could create something that was as good as the Empire’s best.

The reason was clear. They did not have the personnel, facilities or materials.

And so the possibility of it being made by survivors of the fallen city was very unlikely to her.

In any case, she would only need to see the results of Karma’s battle to know for sure—that is what Michelle thought…


While Second Lieutenant Karman had issues with his temper, he was very strong. And so she had no doubt that he would succeed.

However, she received a most astonishing report.


‘Te-terrible news! Karman and his men have entered a battle with the enemy, but it seems that they have been defeated…’


First Lieutenant Hiragi’s report was relayed in a trembling voice last night.


And so Michelle talked with Jegyll, her adjutant.

First Lieutenant Hiragi was ordered to continue his monitoring. And Michelle and Jegyll discussed the report.


“I can’t believe it. Karman had the latest Powered Suits. They should be nearly as strong as Cyborg Soldiers…”

“Indeed. They are inferior in terms of catalog specs, but they are equal in terms of weaponry. Perhaps this means they were defeated before it became a match of firepower.”


Michelle agreed with Jegyll’s answer.

But then again, it seemed very odd that the five of them were together and yet they did not have a chance to use their weapons…


“In any case, we cannot ignore something that is strong enough to defeat Karman and his men.”

“Yes. We should send a special attack corps and have them deal with this mystery enemy. At the same time, I will contact the other cities and find out if they have been conducting experiments with secret weapons.”

“Yes, that is good. Thank you, Jegyll.”

“Aye! Leave it to me, Michelle.”


With that conclusion reached, preparations were made on the same night.

Jegyll contacted all of the other cities, but she could gather no information concerning the mystery enemy.

Which meant that it really was from the fallen city—or…

If it was the result of secret experiments, they were not likely to admit to it.

And so Jegyll requested permission to have the thing destroyed, and the three other cities agreed to it.

While there were official procedures for such emergencies, they just sent word that they would not make an issue of it in the future. And so it was settled.


(—So, did that mean that the other cities really weren’t involved…?)


While Michelle wasn’t certain, she decided it must be so.

If that was the case, then they could not avoid destroying the thing, as it was a possible threat.


“This thing defeated Karman and his men. Do not think about capturing it. Destroy it as quickly as possible. All restrictions will be—”


Just as Michelle was about to send out the special attack corps, First Lieutenant Hirgagi made an emergency call.


‘We have confirmed that Second Lieutenant Karman is alive! However…as unbelievable as it may seem, he appears to have betrayed us—’


He said.

First Lieutenant Hiragi had been monitoring the sound waves and had been able to hear them. That was his report.

Everyone that was present became speechless by this.

But then the rest of the report came.

They had been shocked by the word ‘betrayed,’ but it seemed that he had only said something sympathetic towards the resistance.

They were just exaggerating and making a fuss about it, saying it was a betrayal of the Empire.

First Lieutenant Hiragi was well known for swearing allegiance to the Empire, and judging how loyal he was, he would not allow his friendship with Karman to affect him.

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