“Lord Ramiris, did you know about it?”

“Huh? Me? Oh, of-of course! Yes. That woman was suspicious from the start!”


Ramiris’s eyes shifted uncomfortably as she said this.

Zaza’s instincts told him that she was lying, but he was a nice grownup, and so he said nothing.

In any case, Ramiris was clearly of no help here.

While Veldora looked incredibly bored with the subject, he would have to get him to explain.


“Lord Veldora, sir. If you would, could you explain to me how you found out about the trap and why you came to suspect Jegyll…”


Zaza asked him directly.

As Veldora’s actions were dictated by his moods, he might just refuse, but there was nothing else Zaza could do.
They were currently trapped, and unless the heat around them died down, the Ether Ring Barrier would just stay up forever.

Surprisingly, Veldora answered Zaza’s question good-humoredly.


“Hmm, all right then. After all, it will take a little more time for my ‘Paradox’ to control this energy storm. So I will explain it to you as a way of killing time.”


Veldora said haughtily as he began.

Some of the words made no sense to Zaza, but it had always been that way. And so Zaza listened without interrupting him.




While Veldora was a moody person, he was currently in a very good one.

And so he answered Zaza rather cheerfully.

The thing that had roused his suspicion was Jegyll’s timing.

She had arrived right after them. It was almost like she was begging them to suspect her.

And according to her explanation, Michelle had been captured.

Veldora could not help but wonder at this as well.



“She said that General Michelle wasn’t able to use her whole power, for fear of doing damage to the city. Well, then. Why didn’t she escape? If Jegyll could escape, then surely Michelle would not have had a problem. “

“Well… I thought it was because of General Kristoph, the strongest of warriors. It was because General Michelle held him back that Jegyll was allowed to escape…”


Zaza protested, but Veldora shook his head.


“Look here. Michelle’s power is great. I think she may be stronger than Beretta. I was not able to replicate it in the battle bodies I gave you and Karman. That means there is some secret to her power reactor that even Ramiris was unable to analyze. But nevermind that. The point is, there is no way I would not have noticed that someone with so much power had entered a state of battle. I am sure of it. Within the last few days, I have not detected any such immense energy. In other words, no battle occurred.”


He said very smugly.

It was the truth.

Veldora was attempting to decipher the laws of this world, and so he would have immediately detected energy of that level. And so he felt that this was proof that Michelle had not engaged in any battle.

As someone who had noticed this, Veldora was hoping to earn the respect of Zaza and the others.

He felt very good about how things were playing out.

This was his biggest opportunity yet.


“Yes, I see it now. While they are still our best work to date, the power output was not what I expected. I think, maybe the diverted engine -the thermonuclear reactor- is at its limit.”

“Ramiris, we’re not talking about that now. The current issue is why Jegyll wanted us to think Michelle had been captured.”

“Why? What do you mean…?”


Veldora was also interested in the engine, but they could talk about that later.

Veldora continued to talk in order that Zaza and the others could understand his greatness.


“I don’t know how much of what Jegyll said is true, but what would be their reason for keeping Michelle alive?”

“Th-that is because General Michelle is the governor-general and rules over the city. Like a king. Who knows how her death would affect South City. Besides, she is a princess. While General Kristoph is a hero and most trusted by the Emperor, he would not kill General Michelle on his own.”


Even if he had clear evidence that she was connected to the resistance, it was not enough to have her executed—Zaza insisted.

I see. Veldora thought. But he pretended like he had known this all along.


“Of course! And considering all of those facts, is it not even more doubtful that Michelle and Kristoph fought?”

“But if there really was someone who thought Michelle was a bother, wouldn’t they try to kill her? It seems easier than capturing her.”


Ramiris was usually quite thoughtless, but this was a surprisingly sharp observation.

Veldora became inwardly frantic.


(What are you saying now, Ramiris! I had just concluded things in a very impressive way. Why are you asking more questions!?)


As Veldora wondered what to do, Zaza came to his rescue.


“No, Lord Ramiris. It’s just as Mister Veldora says.”


Zaza talked slowly, as if he were thinking hard.


(Oh? Zaza, you can do it!)


Veldora cheered him on.

Zaza continued obliviously.


“It’s true that it would seem easier to kill General Michelle if they thought she would get in the way. However, considering the reasons we have just discussed, there is not a good enough reason to harm her. But if you think about it…”


Zaza then said that this was the best evidence that Jegyll had been lying.

It would be one thing to present the evidence, arrest and have a military trial at Central. But an immediate execution by Kristoph? That was hard to believe.


“I had been quick to believe her myself, but now that I think about it, someone cautious like General Michelle would not have foolishly gone against the Empire in such a bold way. So she must have been caught in some trap…”


The leaders of the support troops nodded at Zaza’s words.

Michelle’s name was famous within the resistance, and knowing her position and achievements led them to believe Zaza’s theory.


“I know! Michelle didn’t think her most trusted adjutant would betray her! After all, I could never believe that Beretta would betray me!”


And like that, Ramiris’s guess turned out to be the truth.

Veldora nodded.


“So you understand then. I knew it all along. That is why I’ve worked so hard to protect you all!”


Kaaa-hahahaha! He laughed.

Then he saw the looks of respect he was attracting and felt a strong sense of satisfaction.

It went without saying, but it was all just a coincidence.

He hadn’t even been suspicious when talking with Jegyll.

He had only been able to deal with the Six Tyrant because he had created a barrier as a precaution once they had all gathered together.

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