304 Part 3

“That’s an excellent idea! Security personnel will need to adjust their schedules, but I think it’s a good chance to do something different.”


Garm and the three Dwarf brothers agreed as well.

“Yeah. I’ll prepare – whatchamacallit – gym clothes as well!”


“Brother Garm is absolutely right. Anything you need, just tell us!”



Myrd was as silent as ever, but he nodded in approval.


“I see. For the students of the Terakoya, a competition like what Lord Rimuru mentioned should be enough. If we act as the referees, we could avoid unwanted accidents as well.”


“In that case, I will do my best to help as well!”

Benimaru and Shuna also agreed. They were on the same page now and positively thought about what kind of competitions and features to create.

The meeting had finally been set in motion. Given the situation, it seemed to be all right for me to leave the rest of the planning to them.


“Hee hee, as expected of Lord Rimuru.”

Shion smirked while saying that.


That girl … Is she misunderstanding something again …?

“What do you mean?”


“I’m Lord Rimuru’s secretary, so I can see through everything. Lord Rimuru is trying to make people with different occupations understand each other’s work, right?”




With a self-satisfied look, Shion blurted out an interpretation that was in a completely unexpected direction.

What are you talking about? – I was going to say that but changed my mind, since what she said was certainly a valid point as well.

No, now that she said that, it was right on target. Shion could be sharp sometimes. It would be unwise to underestimate her.

With this event, she would have an opportunity to deepen her understanding of different jobs as well. She would undoubtedly earn respect from other people if she could accomplish that. Considering that, I felt that this event would “kill two birds with one stone”, or more like, three birds.


“Wow, you have improved your skills as my secretary to realize that.”


“Of course, Lord Rimuru! I’m not only improving my cooking skills!”



Well, I wouldn’t agree with that ….

I honestly thought her cooking was terrible. In the background, Benimaru shot a distant and melancholic look toward her comment as well.

Where Shion’s confidence might have come from would be an eternal mystery.


# # #


As such, the meeting progressed and various ideas began to take shape.

Haunted house was rejected since it would be meaningless for demons.

Concert was also rejected due to the fierce opposition from me and Benimaru.

Hundred-meter running competition was rejected as well because the different characteristics between demon races were too great, so a fair competition would be hard to achieve.

In the end, the features decided for the cultural festival were food stalls. Food stalls would be set up in a large venue, imitating nostalgic peddlers in the village.

As for the sports festival, the competition was something that everyone could participate in. Considering the gap in demon races, we decided to have an obstacle race and ball-toss game.


“Alrighty, we have gathered quite a bit of ideas, so let’s decide. Then —”


The meeting progressed very nicely; I thought it was time to finish up.



“I heard!”

Milim swung the door open and burst into the room.


“Milim!! Why are you here?!”


“Rimuru, I’m sad. As my best friend, you’re doing something so interesting and yet kept it a secret from me ….”


I wanted to explain myself to Milim who was pretending to cry.

In the first place, she mentioned she had work to do and left.

Besides, she decided to show up uninvited and participate in the last concert, as if it was only natural for her to perform!


“Didn’t you say you had work to do?”


“Well, that’s that, and this is a different story!”


This girl … she was definitely skipping work. I was convinced of it but decided to be the adult and kept quiet.

Besides, Milim would not listen to any reason once she was in that mode. Since I would not be able to persuade her otherwise, it would be better to allocate her some non-crucial tasks for the event.


“If so, would you help us with the event?”


“Of course! You can leave everything to me.”

Milim nodded happily. Now that she had seized the initiative, Milim’s participation would not be a problem.


“Lord Rimuru is amazing ….”


“Yes, Brother. He could tame Lady Milim so splendidly.”


“Hmm. I should learn from him, too.”


I thought I overheard such a conversation, but I dismissed it as my imagination.

Finally, Milim’s participation was confirmed.


# # #


Milim changed into a uniform and took a seat.

I did not know who prepared it, but it suited her.

Ah, Myrd was giving her his thumbs up.

Knowing he was the culprit, I felt relieved and returned to the topic at hand.


“I think it would be good for some executives to participate in the competition as well to lead examples for the students. I want you all to be the core and set a good example.”


Everyone acknowledged and nodded in agreement.

Milim was … sleeping.

Shion stood up and was about to warn her, but I rushed to stop her.


“Let her sleep. She was probably forcing herself to join us even though she was very busy.”


“Indeed. Lady Milim is a person who can support everyone by just being there. It may be better to ask her to help with the planning for the competition rather than have her participate in the game as a player.”

Shion commented with a gentle and cheerful expression.


I agreed to get support from Milim but disagreed to leave the planning of the competitions to her. As a matter of fact, I decided to choose the members who would participate in the competition as players.

Benimaru and Souei had too many abilities and too much difference in abilities from the students. The outcome of the competition would be directly linked to how they did. So choosing them as players was out of the question.

For the same reason, having Geld participate as a player would not be fair either. I would have them be in the support team. The only ones left were Gabiru and his group, as well as all the girls.


“Gabiru and his group will participate in the sports event since they usually seclude themselves in their research lab. I’d like to invite Vester to participate in the obstacle race as well.”




“Lord Gabiru will definitely win!”




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