I have translated a few chapters but I am seeing no comments. Do let me know if you read it. I intend to discontinue if there is no feedback  ...

Someone requested a teaser so here it is. This novel is easy to translate so I am seriously considering picking it up. Getting a chapter out every two days is quite doable



When Tang Zheng walked out of the doors of the examination center, almost everyone looked straight at him. He was the first one to come out, and so early as well.


Immediately, people started talking amongst themselves. Quite a few had already recognized that he was the star of the event from earlier. In just a few minutes’ work Tang Zheng had attracted even more stares.


Without question, he was the focal point of the group. He stood upright without any discomfort, trying to prove to everyone that the guy everyone else had thought was a loser and last place could do something awesome.


Liu Qingmei asked with concern: “Tang Zheng, how are you out so quickly?”

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